SWANICOCO x 50Gram | Beauty

I’m back! With yet another exciting news! One of Korea’s 2018 Hottest Brand – Swanicoco has brought to us something new last month. 😱 So so glad to be the first few to review it and it’s all thanks to 50Gram. Yes, one of the famous online florist in Malaysia. 🇲🇾 Curious about how the packaging and quality pay off? Scroll down your phone and mouse for the curiosity tsk tsk…


Their journey started off just by creating natural fermented soaps. Each soap were made with the best medical herbs which went through boiling and fermentation. From there on, they slowly expanded their product range and it is now one of Korea top cosmetics company that sells natural products. The company upholds their motto which is “Work hard to create natural cosmetics for everyone”.


Swanicoco Show The Velvet Lipstick Black Edition (Limited Edition), RM 88.85

So now, let me introduce to you Swanicoco Limited Edition, Juliet Red. 50Gram is the first to bring this product into Malaysia. Do take note that there are limited quantities, what makes it more special is that once it’s sold out on 50Gram, then it’s gone for good. So what makes it so special from the other lipsticks? 💄

Firstly would be the packaging, it’s matte finish packaging it’s really nice to carry around as I myself really like my things matte. Whereas the design point, I would say I give it a plus point for the twist lock cap. It gives me an assurance of bringing it overseas and never have to be afraid that the cap may come off. It happened twice with my other lipstick, which was really unfortunate as I have to discard them since it’s completely ruin.

Twist lock cap

Now, let’s talk a little about the texture of the product shall we? At first sight, I wasn’t expecting much from the usual lipstick. I swallowed back my words after I glide it on my hand for swatches. It’s texture is really creamy and does not feel dry. One of the reason is because the highlight of this lipstick is that it uses carnauba wax and natural oil which gives out moisture, long lasting and softening effects. The colour is really vibrant as well, really suitable for night events or performance. There’s a hint of orange in the firer red.

  • The colour looks more vibrant in real life than it is shown in the picture above

As a matter of fact, if you are not really into vibrant colour. You can actually glide it on your hand first, then slowly dab them on your lips. 👄 It gives a softer look and could instantly brighten up your face.

  • Just an everyday look with minimal makeup, the lipstick would goes well with any outfit. Red never goes wrong ❤️ (trying to fling my hair, but kinda fail 🙈)

All the ingredients contained in the lipstick are natural ingredients. As they maintain high standard quality products to serve their customers. Which of course includes ingredients such as Korean medical herbs 🌿, fruits 🍎, vegetables 🌽 and grains. Throughout the process, purified water was not used as they prefer fermented extract in 80% of their cosmetics.

Swanicoco only uses Korean natural herbs or ingredients that are certified from both United States and Australia. This explains why ingredients such as chemicals preservation, dyes and artificial fragrances are absent in any of their products.

  • The amount of product that you’ll be getting is as above. Considering the product is long lasting, the lipstick alone could last you for quite an amount of time

My Opinion

Overall this product is something I would buy. There are actually two more shades that 50Gram had not bring in, but I’m sure it’ll be at Malaysia’s doorstep in no time. Would I repurchase it? Yes I would. The twist lock cap and the texture is one of my favourite part about the lipstick. 💄 Somehow the finishing looks like matte but then when I’m wearing it on my lips, it still feels hydrated throughout the day. Another plus point is, I do not have to re-apply the lipstick as it’s quite long lasting. But it’s definitely not smudge proof, it does stain my cup or straw, but it’s very minimal compared to other lipsticks.

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5

For further details or purchases, you can visit the link below:

Website: http://www.50gram.com.my/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/50grammalaysia/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/50gram.com.my/?hl=en

Product link (Juliet Red): https://50gram.com.my/product/swnccstvljr/


ID.AZ DERMASTIC Clay Mask | Beauty

Back with another product that every girl will definitely use, MASK ! Some of you might have heard and use ID.AZ sheet mask, but they just recently launched their new Clay Mask. There are a total of 4 different functions of clay mask to choose from, continue reading to find out more about it.

About ID

ID Hospital also known as ID ABC. The meaning behind the rhyme letter is Asian Beauty Center. It is a global cosmetic plastic surgery center located in Korea. So what does their hospital focus on? There are many things you can undergo in ID Hospital as they provide services for Orthognathic Surgery, Facial Contouring, Eyes & Nose Surgery, Breast Surgery, Anti-aging Lifting as well as Anesthesiology Pain Management. They are not only experts in these fields but also have a team of professionals to work on cosmetics. After 18 years of studies and research, Idplacosmetics was born. It have learned and solved more than 60,000 concern of people regarding beauty.


ID.AZ why do they include AZ in the product name? There is always meaning behind every word. It means encompassing everything from the starting, like the letter A all the way till the end, like the letter Z. I guess I have explained everything about their company as of now, so it’s time to talk about their newly launch products.


*picture taken from google, credits to owner.

Sheet Mask

ID.AZ previously came out with their very own sheet mask which comes in three different packaging. It includes Gold-Fit Mask, Water-Fit Mask and Bright-Fit Mask. Gold Mask have the nutrition function because it contains 99% real gold which also give you a luxurious experience. (RM19.90 each) Next, their Water Mask is a skinny fit mask which contains hydrolyzed collagen that delivers deep moisture to the skin. (RM12.90 each) Lastly would be Bright Mask, the word bright already indicates it has brightening effect onto the skin after using. (RM12.90 each)

Clay Mask

Time for today’s highlight ✨ ID.AZ recently added four new products into their mask collection. This time instead of sheet mask, we’re looking at a more environmentally friendly product which is clay mask. It comes in four different functionality to suit different skin type, not to mention indifferent colours as well. 💛💕💚🖤


The yellow 💛 one belongs to BRIGHTENING. It helps to brighten up your skin and makes it feel more alive. (vitalizing & tone up) Usually, I apply it mostly on my forehead as I have uneven skin tone. Maybe it’s due to having a high forehead and I’m always outdoor which means exposing my forehead to the sun. ☀️ Out of all the four products, this is my least favourite. I don’t know how to describe the smell but you will get what I mean after trying it out. If you don’t mind the smell and only look at its function, then this will work well for you.

Key Ingredient > Amazonian White Clay + Calamine + Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Glucoside)


The pink 💕 helps in HYDRATING. It can keep your skin hydrated all day and energized. (moisturizing & soothing) This is one of my favourite among all as I have a really dry skin. I could apply it all over my face and let the magic works. Another plus point is because it has the best scent among the four. The vibrant pink gives it a nice colour for picture purposes too, especially when your having a sleepover party. One tube can share among all your friends and family.

Key Ingredient > Moroccan Lava Clay + Calamine + Calamine + Pomegranate


The picture does not looks like it but it’s actually green 💚 in colour, OIL CONTROL. This helps to balance the skin oil which will give you a fresher looking complexion. I tried this for a few time now and it does work for me. I only apply it on my nose area, it works well for me throughout the whole day as it isn’t as oily as it was previously. As for the smell, it’s neutral.

Key Ingredient > Canadian Glacier Clay + Calamine + Avocado


Here comes the grey 🖤 tube, it’s PORE CLEAN. I am sure most of us have pore issue, all the black heads and so. The benefits is it can provide soothing effects for both normal and sensitive skin while cleansing. Not only that, it also helps to exfoliate skin and tighten your pores. The scent is neutral so for people who does not like strong scent, it will work great for you. Use it before your makeup routine, it helps to tighten up the pore which means after applying foundation your skin would look flawless. Do take note to use it regularly or the result may vary.

Key Ingredient > Hawaiian Sea Silt Fermented Clay + AHA/BHA + Charcoal


Spread liberal amount on skin and let dry for 5 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water and remove all residue. Use once or twice per week.

*not more than 5 minutes! 🚨




  • One tube can have a longer period of usage compare to a sheet mask.
  • Apply only on necessary/desired area.
  • Convenient to bring around and share with friends and family. (Instead of bringing >1 packets of mask sheet)
  • It tightens up once it dries up, gives your skin a slight firmness.
  • Disadvantages
    • It’s not as hydrating as sheet mask.
      Takes time to apply and remove, I find the washing off part takes quite a bit of my time as compare to just peeling off a sheet mask.


    • Favourite combination, hydrating & oil control.
    • Combination of brightening & pore clean

    Overall I would recommend the hydrating clay mask and oil control mask as I find it works really well on me. Another plus point would be environmental friendly products so I would love to share them with my family.

    Thank you The Butterfly Project for giving me this opportunity to review this products.

    *Price may vary depending on the ongoing promotion by Watson’s. Product is exclusively distributed only by Watson’s.

    The Butterfly Project Turns 5 | Beauty

    In a magical world where everything that does not makes sense exists, there was a girl – that’s me who lives a usual life like everyone else in her town, known as The Butterfly Valley. During one peaceful evening, when creatures with unimaginable beauty filled the sky with glowing colours emerges from the wake of their sleep. There comes a floating mail from the distant horizon, closing in every second until it alters its direction to what seems a crystal-made glass door which then seeps through the small gap underneath it. The letter made its way through the house and comes to an end of its journey by landing into a bowl of cereal. My bowl of cereal…*cries*

    Image result for harry potter mail gif
    • Yeah, I was hoping that the letter was delivered by an owl in my world like in the Harry Potter series.

    She was stunned to find out about the invitation to a Magical Unicorn Party which was held once every year and only out of 0.00001% in the population had a chance of getting it. Guess who was the one who wrote to her, it was non other than the founder of this magical kingdom (The Butterfly Project), Tammy. She was really honoured to be able to get such an exclusive invitation. Inside the letter includes a few instructions on how and what should one do to prepare for the party. Firstly, is to transform oneself into a unicorn to be eligible in acquiring the teleportation skill to the magical party. With that in mind, she started seeking for unique magical dresses and clothes that could transform her, but after a week of searching, nothing seems to satisfy her yet. Instead, she made up her mind to make everything from scratch with her own materials.

    How did she turned into a unicorn?


    Before making her unicorn skirt, she has to find herself all the materials in order to begin crafting. What she needed is as listed below:

    • Tulle Fabric ( 4 different pastel colour )
    • Pick either one will do( crochet band, ribbon or elastic )
    • Sequins
    • UHU Glue

    Its really simple and does not require any sewing. So for starter or beginner or anyone who say you cannot not sew, this is something you can do. The only requirement to make this is your patience and time. As it can be really time consuming, I suggest you can watch a drama while doing it.


    Time to play with glue gun, but beware as to not to burn your fingers or even glue your floor. Materials are:

    • Hot Glue Gun
    • Gold Cloth ( I could not find it so I use a paper like cloth )
    • Cotton ( I use styrofoam instead )
    • Hairband
    • Fake Flowers

    The whole process is practically gluing. Nothing much, oh and not to forget shaping the Styrofoam into a horn like shape. That might take some time, or you can just use cotton but, you have to sew the bottom and include a button at the bottom to support the horn.


    Makeup is always my favourite part as I am so into makeup. Basically the product I use to create the unicorn pastel look are from Colourpop palatte. I do not own purple colour so I do a mixture of some pastel and glitter colour to come up with the look as you can see below. The rhine stone that you can see, you can easily get it from Mr.DIY shop.

    Magical Unicorn Party

    It is finally D-day! The purpose of this magical party is to celebrate the Magical Kingdom’s 5th year anniversary. After all her preparations, she walks confidently into the kingdom and met many other unicorns that was present that day. Each unicorn have to own a license in order to join the party. Unicorn bags were given to each of the unicorn and their license were taken on the spot along with the bag that were given to them.

    After getting the license taken, the unicorns were each asked to pick a magical sit at the table provided. Food were seen placed on one side of the magical kingdom. I guess she only have her eyes on the food as her stomach was growling for food. While she was busy checking out on the food, a magical unicorn with rainbow hair, Leonard pops out from the sky and started the party along with the magical purple unicorn, Tammy.

    Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor

    As the party started, instead of how usual party flows, in magical kingdom there are four different activities that each unicorn can visit. They were each filled with their own uniqueness and specialty. Unicorns are allowed to wonder around the castle to mingle with their new unicorn mates at the same time to enjoy the activities that were provided. Guess which booth did she visited first? Instead of going to any of the booth, she went straight to the food section to make her growling stomach happy.

    Unicorn Foods

    You know it is a party when you see foods lying around waiting for you to dive in. They are mostly finger food just to fill our tummy, because we are here to mingle and for all the exciting activities, not the food specifically. =3

    She than joins her fellow unicorn mates and head to their first booth by Everday Flowers.

    Each of them get to handpick their favourite flowers and make them into a mini bouquet.

    Each of us get to pick 2 of our favourite flowers. For me I picked another coloured rose instead of red. Something special because I rarely see other coloured roses besides red.

    I find it really interesting as this would be a perfect gift for your friends or girlfriend. She used quite some time to pick and choose to create her own very first customized bouquet because there is just to many flowers to choose from.


    Facebook: www.facebook.com/everydayflowersmy

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/everydayflowersmy/

    Contact: 014-663 4913

    Address: T2-07-07 The Square, One City, Subang Jaya 47650

    Next stop would be PICTURE session. There is no party that she or the other unicorns would leave without taking any pictures. Its just impossible. All thanks to GNG Studiobooth, the unicorns get to make their dreams come true and keep the photos with them.

    These pictures are really convenient just by sliding them into your purse. Each picture comes with 2 pieces, just bend it and you can share them with your friends. I like to collect pictures and hang them in my room.

    It is really convenient and fast way to deliver the photo for any event or party so that your guest would always remember about that special day. It is interesting as the photo would be delivered out in no time right after we took the picture. What makes it special is you can customize the design for your particular event or party and customize yourself as well. Here are some of the pictures taken, not to mention they have boomerang function as well!

    Boomerang PhotoBox is an unlimited photo printing service. They were one of the first to try out this new service. GNG Studiobooth uses waterproof and anti-fingerprint printout quality for all their pictures. Some of you might think what is the differences between normal Gif Photobox compare to Boomerang Photobox. The difference is gif uses multiple pictures and combine them altogether, whereas boomerang is a spot live action video recording.


    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gngstudiobooth

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gngstudiobooth/?hl=en

    Website: http://www.gngstudiobooth.com/

    Contact: 016-528 5810 (Hon Leong) / 017-870 7290 (Ling Ching)

    Address: 23, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 6, Sri Edaran Light Industrial Park, Batu 7 1/2, 52100 Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur.

    Next, she visited the third station when she heard adoption is available. An adoption activity by 50Gram. Unicorns are allowed to each adopt a baby unicorn and take great care of it. They have to first sign an adoption certificates before having the rights to adopt one as its own. Each unicorn have to even think of a name for their new baby.

    • Basically I was too excited and I messed up the name for my unicorn name. Oh well, let’s just say Chipmunk adopted me 😛

    The baby unicorn is actually a mug and its really suitable to put anything you like.

    • Isn’t it just adorable? It’s so chubby, imagine if it’s squishy, I would have just pinch it 🤤 – RM 39,90

    For example you can place your jewelry, flowers or even like what she did to her brushes. (picture below) It is really useful and could really makes one life happier by just looking at it.

    So what is 50Gram? It is actually a florist shop, but what makes them so special from the others is they do not only provide flower services but they also provide cakes, plush toys, juice and even this cute unicorn mug. It great to have a place where you can get everything all at a single place.

    They are currently having Mother’s Day special. 😍 *hint hint*


    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/50grammalaysia/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/50gram.com.my/

    Website: https://50gram.com.my/

    Contact: 018-2618 219

    Address: Level 18-03A & 18-06, Menara K1 Commerce One, Lorong 3/137C, Bedford Business Park, Old Klang Road, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.

    As you can see the party is filled with lots of unique and cool balloons. I personally love the marble balloon the most. You can get them at non other than Brrrloon. Their balloon can be see everywhere throughout the party and its makes the party look more fun and vibrant.

    They have a station prepared as well for us to DIY our own balloon. I find it really interesting as it reminded us about our days as a kid. I really love colouring those days, I even went for colouring contest when I was younger. The way the balloon inflates was really cool, never know this method existed. I find the activity would be suitable for all ages, as its something new to many people and I am positive that everyone would love it.

    • I personally did not try it myself as I was occupied by the other activities and the event was about to end. So instead I brought it home to work on it.

    Here’s a video about how the process is actually done.


    • Just Colour it, Hit it, Shake it and let the magic happen.

    This balloon 🎈 caught my attention while I was taking my food. It has a golden unicorn on it! 🦄


    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brrrloon/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brrrloon/

    Website: http://www.brrrloon.com/

    Contact: 018-2777130

    Address: Block Gurney, Unit G-1-2, Plaza Arkadia, No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Park City, 52200 KL.

    Best Dress Award

    So we have been told there will be 3 lucky winners for the Best Dress Award with a few conditions. (makeup, costume & horn) I am sure many of us have went all out for this particular event. So this year’s judges are non other than ourselves. We were each given a golden star to stick them onto whoever you admire and think they are dressed to kill. So the voting begins and…. surprise!

    Image may contain: 2 people

    • Surprise attack from the purple unicorn (Tammy)

    So after the voting ended, we have our winners! drum rolls…..

    Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing

    Congratulations to Syafiera, Rawlins and Bella for winning the best dress awards. They got them self new babies to play with which are sponsor by Trollbeads Malaysia.

    Unicorn Goodies Bag

    It’s finally time to review what is inside this cute little unicorn bag.

    Even though the bag looks small, but never judge a book by its cover as there might be lots of treasure in it. There are a total of 7 items which includes,

    1. Belif, Bestsellers On-The-Go Travel Kit
    2. Dear Beaute, Himawari Hair Care Samples
    3. Wanderlust Things,  Unicorn Necklace
    4. NYX, Vivid Bright Liquid Eyeliner
    5. NYX, Lip Of The Day Liquid Lip Liner
    6. Koji, Dolly Wink False Eyelashes
    7. Mamasan, Unicorn Brush

    Product Details

    1. Belif, Bestsellers On-The-Go Travel Kit – RM 89

    This set includes 5 of their best selling product in a travel kit size. It is suitable for all skin type including oily, combination, dry and normal.

    Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist 

    • Cleanser with vitamin C to gently and effectively remove makeup and impurities while hydrating look of skin.

    Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner

    • Helps to lock in moisture after cleansing, for a refreshed feeling.

    Hungarian Water Essence

    • Infused with Hungarian water to keep skin looking youthful and hydrated.

    The True Cream Aqua Bomb

    • It contains lady’s mantle for a soothed look and feel, can also help reduce appearance of pores.

    Moisturizing Eye Bomb

    • The silky eye cream that can floods fine lines with 26-hour moisture and boosts the elasticity and resilience for younger-looking eyes.

    This travel kit can only be purchase at Belif retailing stores in Malaysia.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/belifmalaysia

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/belifmalaysia/

    Website: http://belif.com.my/

    2. Dear Beaute, Himawari Hair Care Samples

    These are some of the sample from a Japan brand Dear Beaute. It is a series of hair care product which can use as a travel pack one time usage. There is both Rich & Repair and Volume & Repair. I personally prefer the Volume & Repair set.

    • Rich & Repair

    • Volume & Repair

    Purchase can be make here.

    Available at selected Watsons Sasa Malaysia.

    3. Wanderlust Things, Unicorn Necklace – RM 14.90

    It’s a place where you can get many different thing including stationary, beauty tools, house decor and even accessories like this cute unicorn bracelet that i got from Wanderlust Things. There is 2 colours to choose from, you can either pick silver and gold. You can purchase yours from here.

    Their items are really cute and adorable, remind me of all the tumblr post that i used to saw in twitter and in instagram. I guess I may be getting a few decor items to decorate my rooms to give it a nice vibe.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wanderlustthingsshop/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wanderlustthings/

    Website: http://wanderlustthings.com/

    4. NYX, Vivid Bright Liquid Eyeliner – RM 30

    I am sure if you’re a beauty enthusiast you would have heard of NYX cosmetics. The product that each of us got is really pretty and suits the unicorn theme.

    I got this product in the shade of Vivid Blossom. It is a light purple colour, something I can use during a daily basis as well because the colour is pastel and would not stand out too much.

    This item is available in NYX Malaysia or here.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nyxcosmeticsmalaysia/

    Website: https://www.nyxcosmetics.com/

    5. NYX, Lip Of The Day Liquid Lip Liner – RM 35

    Another NYX product into my collection. I do not own any lip liner, not a single one. So glad to be able to finally own one.

    The colour is in Cherished shade. It looks really pretty especially after applying on the lip. Since the colour isn’t that vibrant, I can wear them to my classes everyday to brightens up my face.

    This item is available in NYX Malaysia or here.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nyxcosmeticsmalaysia/

    Website: https://www.nyxcosmetics.com/

    6. Koji, Dolly Wink False Eyelashes – RM 58.90

    I do own a few pair of lashes, but none of them are from Koji. I did heard from one of my unicorn friend that the lashes are really pretty and lasting. I could not wait to try it on my trip to Thailand this coming week.

    The lashes I got have the natural feel, not too dramatic. Just what I’ve been looking for as I usually go for a more natural look.

    You can get yours from either Sasa, Watsons or here.

    My last gift is from purple unicorn, Tammy. Since its a unicorn event, so there must definitely be unicorn brush. Personally I have one set at home, but I always love to get more brushes especially eye brushes. That’s the brush that I use most often.

    About Tammy, she is someone really special in the Magical Kingdom as she is the founder of this community.  I joined the community last year and she welcomed me with big hands. The Butterfly Project is Malaysia’s biggest beauty community which connects us with one another. We build together and read different interesting post from one another. Not to mention the countless support I receive from the community. They often have different activities for us to participate and join. Show some love and support to The Butterfly Project.

    Lastly, here marks the end of my story about this magical party and I would like to thank The Butterfly Project for giving me this opportunity to attend such an amazing party.

    Unicorn Album 

    With Yana

    With Beelee

    With Bella

    With Bella, Angie, Tiffany, Beelee and Cheryl 💕

    *some of the pictures are taken by Eros. 🦄