Chez Lèoniel | Food


Ever thought of having French cuisine one day after feasting your eyes with delicious French food on television or even on reality show? Do not have the money to travel there to enjoy their mouth watering dishes. Guess what, you can try them now at a French Restaurant located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. They serve from main dishes to pastries that can guarantee you will fall in love with. And I have GREAT NEWSChez Lèoniel came out with an afternoon Hi Tea set that is really suitable for pastry lovers. You can have your Hi Tea at Chez Lèoniel every week without any worry as they changes their Hi Tea set weekly!

Curious of what they include? I got you covered, they have the following such as Croissant, Pain Au Chocolat, Fruit Panier, Croissant Sandwich, Tart Aux Fraises, Tart Au Citron, Tart Au Chocolat, Assorted flavored Macaroons, Fruit Cakes, Sandwiches, Madelines, Financiers and many more. Just reading about it makes you hungry right? Their Hi Tea set comes in 12 pieces of different pastry specially handpicked by their Chef. It will be serve with your choice of either coffee or tea for the price of RM75 for 2 paxs. Besides their High Tea set, guest could also try out their other French dishes such as:

Croque monsieur

  • A croque monsieur is a traditionally made boiled ham
    between slices of brioche-like pain de mie topped with grated cheese and slightly
    salted and peppered, which is baked in an oven or fried in a frying pan. The dish
    can also be made with normal butter bread,with a soft crust. A simple, cheap
    version uses square toast. Instead of the butter bread, the bread may optionally
    be browned by grilling before being dipped in beaten egg. Traditionally,
    Emmental or Gruyère is used, or sometimes Comté cheese as well. Some
    brasseries also add Béchamel sauce.

*Pictures taken from Google.

Gratin dauphinois 

  • Gratin dauphinois is a traditional regional French dish based on potatoes and crème fraîche, from the historic Dauphiné region in southeast France. There are many variants of the name for the dish, including pommes de terre dauphinoise, potatoes à la dauphinoise and gratin de pommes à la dauphinoise.

*Pictures taken from Google.

I was glad to be invited by Chef Leoniel DG to try out their Hi Tea set along with 3 of my friends. So here’s a picture of what we got for our set. Remember please do not expect the exact same pastries for your Hi Tea set when you visit as they changes their Hi Tea set weekly.

 First Tier

It consist of two pastries:

  • Fruit Panier
  • Apple Turnover

For the Fruit Panier, they serve in 4 different flavour. Not sure what flavour is it, but from my perspective there is Mango, Raspberry, Strawberry and I have no idea. Haha! But trust me, it is really delicious. They wrap the filing really well with croissant. Neither its too soft nor too hard, just perfect. As for the Apple Turnover, its equally tasty as well. The apple filling was wrap in croissant as well if I’m not mistaken.

Second Tier

It consist of three pastries:

  • Financier
  • Macaroons
  • Pain Au Chocolat

Out of this 3 pastries, my favourite would be Pain Au ChocolatThis pastry is basically croissant fill with chocolate on the inside. Not too much, but the right amount of chocolate which its just right for the pastry. Next, Macaroons which comes in 2 flavours. You can either share half with your partner to try out both flavours or each of you pick out your favourite flavour. Financier is a type of cake origin from France. There are 4 pieces which includes 2 original flavour and 2 almond flavour.

Third Tier 

It consist of three pastries:

  • Apple Pie
  • Quiche Chicken Ham and Cheese
  • Croissant

My favourite for this tier would be their Quiche Chicken Ham and Cheese. There is cheese on top and ham on the inside, something you would truly like I believe. Oh and the crust was just nice, not too thick or too thin. Next on the plate was Croissant, this time you will get the chance to try out their original croissant without any filling. Lastly would be their Apple Pie. They slice it in the shape of a pizza, really adorable and instagram worthy.

All in all it was a great experience. I forgot to mention that we had Red Fruit Tea, it goes perfectly well with the pastries. In my opinion you can actually have 2-3 pax for the high tea if its all girls. Please take note that their location is a bit complicated, but you be able to find it by having the correct address. You can find the place by either choosing the few address below in waze, ‘Alliance Francaise’ or ’15 Lorong Gurney’. Once again thank you Chef Leoniel DG for the invites.

Chef Leoniel

The company was founded in 2012, at the very beginning he started taking orders and making them at home while attending French language classes at Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur. The reason why he chooses to learn French it is simply because it makes it easier to translate those French recipes and by learning the language it makes life easier while wondering about the cities in France. Chef Leoniel has found his passion in the culinary world by travelling around the world. He was a flight attendant for almost 10 years. He enhances his skills at Le Cordon Bleu and continues his pursuit of excellence by attending workshops periodically. According to the chef he believes that “It is indeed the passion that makes a different to what you serve to your customer”.



Contact: +60176102420


Address: Café Chez Leoniel @ Alliance Française Kuala Lumpur
15 Lorong Gurney
54100 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: Monday (Closed)

Tuesday – Friday (9am-5pm)

Saturday (9am-6pm)

Sunday (Closed)

Public Holiday (Closed)

San Nae Deul | Food


Do you crave of having buffet for lunch or dinner but afraid the price may empty your wallet? Always have the hesitation of should I go today or another time, moreover that you might not be able to eat a lot but feel like trying out all this dishes from the menu. I think I might just have your back cover for ya! San Nae Deul Bangsar South is your next destination for korean buffet lunch or dinner.

They offer a variety of choices to choose from, whatever you can usually find in a korean restaurant, you will most probably find it here. Their choices comes from Pork, Chicken, Beef to even Seafood. If you are a fan of korean food lover, trust me, you will fall in love with the place.

There are 2 types of buffet to choose from, either Korean Buffet with BBQ or Korean Bufffet without BBQ.

Korean Buffet without BBQ


This options includes all you can eat foods from the food bar that you can see once you enter the restaurant. They will give you a bento plate like you can see from the picture above. You can fill your plates with all the delicious food that were provided as many time as you like, its buffet after all. Here are some of the foods that you can choose from.


Not to forget they have an ice cream machine for ice cream lovers. The machine can be found near the entrance of the restaurant.


As for drinks, they have few of Malaysia favourites which includes Lemonade, Orange and Green Tea.


What makes it special is you can fill the drinks in their special LED light bulb cup. It changes colour continuously which is really popular among teenagers as they love to take picture with it as well as videos and for their social media.


Korean Buffet with BBQ


This is what you can eat if you include BBQ, the meat choices includes chicken, pork and beef. There is just plainly meat available or you can choose the meat that are marinated as well. For me, I really like their marinated meat. Not to forget, the marinated meat with curry is delicious. Trust me. After eaten once, you would order a few more plate not knowing if you will get over it. All BBQ set comes with a free plate of cheese for you to dip in.


Feeling hungry yet?


So for the BBQ set, you will get to enjoy everything that I mention above. It includes the food bar from fried chicken, fried mushroom, korean pancakes, rice cake, kimchi fried rice, korean glass noodle and many more. You also get to enjoy an unlimited plate of different meats that you can pick from the menu. BBQ set meat have to be place order through their friendly staff as they want to keep the meat fresh, so when the customers order they will only take it out from the kitchen and serve it straight to your table.


Lunch ( 11:30am – 3:00pm )

Korean Buffet without BBQ

【MON- FRI】Adult : RM 19+ Child : RM 10+ 

【SAT- SUN & PUBLIC HOLIDAY】Adult : RM 25+ Child : RM 15+

  • comes with more than 30 food dishes to choose from

Korean Buffet with BBQ

【MON- FRI】Adult : RM 39+ Child : RM 20+

【SAT- SUN & PUBLIC HOLIDAY】Adult : RM 45+ Child : RM 25+

  • comes with more than 30 food dishes to choose from 
  • free 1 plate of cheese for each table (additional cheese is RM5 per plate)
  • 10 choices of meat to choose from for BBQ


Dinner ( 5:30pm – 11:00pm )

Korean Buffet without BBQ

【MON-SUN】Adult: RM 25+ Child: RM 15+

  • comes with more than 30 food dishes to choose from

Korean Buffet with BBQ

【MON-SUN】Adult: RM 45+ Child: RM 25+

  • comes with more than 30 food dishes to choose from 
  • free 1 plate of cheese for each table (additional cheese is RM5 per plate)
  • 14 choices of meat to choose from for BBQ


  • Please note that dining time is only 90 minutes 
  • Kids price are only applicable if the child is around 4 – 10 years old and height below 120cm
  • Kids who are below 3 years old can eat for FREE
  • There will be an additional 10% service charge of your total bill

Special Rewards

All dine in customers have a special chances to walk away with a trip to Jeju / Seoula brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Cash vouchers. At the end of your dining experience, customer will get a chance to fill up a form to join their lucky draw. Each month 13 lucky winner will stand a chance to walk away with dinning voucher worth up to RM1000. Every 3 months, there will be a draw for a lucky customer to walk away with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8. Lastly will be the grand prize which the winner would get a pair of ticket for 2 to travel to Korea for a 5 Day 4 Nights trip.


San Nae Deul Branches :



Oriental Kitchen Restaurant | Food

Not sure what to have for your lunch with colleagues, all questioning one another about where to head to? There is a Chinese restaurant around The Strand, Kota Damansara which you might be interested in. They serve a variety of food, including Prawn, Fish, Seafood, Pork, Chicken, Toufu & Egg and Vegetable. It is usually full house during lunch and dinner hour, so just to be safe, it is better to make a reservation so that you would not have to wait for your turn. I realize its quite popular among office workers who work around that area, as their price are reasonable for the portion that they provide. Want to know what is the highlight of their place? They do not charge GST as well as SERVICE CHARGE.

Here are some of their popular dishes along with a few new dishes.

Best Seller

  • Kapitan Seafood served in Sizzling Hot Plate

– Which consists of everything in one hot sizzling plate. It’s my favourite dish among all the others. The sauce goes well with the prawns and squids! 😋

  • Crispy Pumpkin

– It’s crispy on the outside and once you put it in you mouth, it melts naturally. Pumpkin cover with salted egg, who doesn’t loves it?

  • Thousand Island Pork Ribs

– A dish which has final touches of thousand island, thinking about it would make you drool straight out from your mouth. The meat is fresh and tender, one bite and you would wish to have another piece.

  • Thai Hot Plate

– Depending on each individual, some might say it’s spicy, some might say it’s not. For me, it’s just right. They used charcoal at the bottom of the plate to keep it warm instead of candles.

New Dishes

  • Yam Basket

– If you are not much a fan of meat, then this is the dish for you. All types of different vegetables along with meat. The chicken is juicy and goes well with the vegetables as well as the yam which is shaped like a bowl.

  • Hot & Sour Baby Shark

– Never taste or seen anything like that before in other restaurants. Finding for something unique that you might not find anywhere else. The fish meat sauce gives out the combination of both sourish and spicy at the same time.

  • Rice Wine Chicken

– Sick of the normal chicken with herbal soup and so on? Then this rice wine chicken should be your top priority on your food list. Don’t even worry about getting drunk as the wine contains little amount of alcohol. The soup is so tasty that I could gallop the whole bowl all to myself.

  • Dried Shrimp Stir Fried with Pig Intestines

– Imagine having a bite from a warm, tender and scrumptious pig’s intestine. You will definitely love it! Not to forget there are dried shrimps as well which compliments this dish.

The owner started this business having an intention to have a place for people who would come from different states or even overseas to refresh the memories of their parents home cooked food. As many people nowadays are busy with work and are held back by work related projects usually they won’t have enough time to make it back in time for dinner and so this restaurants main objective is to be there to serve home cooked food for the people to remind them that even here, they can provide the same love and concern that has been put into preparing all these dishes. After all, everyone would want to know who’s the chef behind all these dishes that has been made with love which is the owner’s mother. She wants to serve her homemade recipe so that everyone could have a taste of how home cooked food would taste like and to share the love through cooking.

Besides that, they also provide set lunch which is as low as RM8.90 and RM12.20 (includes soup and drink). There are more than 40 different meals to choose from the set lunch.

Thank you Jessy for inviting me over as well as the owner Tiffany for a great lunch. 🍴

Address: No23-G , Jalan PJU5/21 , The Strand Kota Damansara , 47810 Petaling Jaya , Selangor.

Contact: +603-6142 3882

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday (11am-3pm, 5pm-10pm)

Sunday (Closed)

Nam Heong Vintage, Pavilion Elite | Food


Ever thought of having your favourite aromatic Ipoh White Coffee or the Malaysian favourites Ipoh Hor Fun? But the biggest problem is having to travel back and fourth just to have your cravings satisfied. No worries, I got your back covered. Nam Heong Vintage might only be few minutes away from your home if you’re leaving around KL area. Nam Heong has recently opened their 4th outlet within Klang Valley area. Guess where did they opened their 4th outlet? It’s at one of KL’s most busiest place, Pavilion Elite. The grand opening for their 4th outlet was a blast. There were many VIP’s who attended the opening along with a ribbon cutting ceremony, and an exciting lion dance performance.


Nam Heong has been around for almost 60 years, they serve traditional and quality foods in all of their outlets. It was first started at Ipoh Soho (Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah), but has slowly expanded throughout West Malaysia which includes Da Men Mall (Subang USJ 1, LG Floor), Starling Mall (Damansara Uptown , Petaling Jaya SS21, Ground Floor), and Pavilion Elite Mall (Bukit Bintang, Jalan 166, Level 8).

They serve a variety of foods and drinks which taste exactly like what you can find in Ipoh. So why travel all the way to Ipoh just to look for the famous store and you even have to circle few rounds around the building to find a parking spot just to have your mouthwatering foods. Now you just have to drive to either of the store and find a parking in the shopping mall or use public transport to reach your destinations. Do you realize all the outlets that are open within Klang Valley are at places which are convenient to get to?



1. Dim Sum

Malai Kuih, Crystal Shrimp Dumpling King, Spare Ribs With Black Bean Sauce, Nam Heong Egg Tart (6pcs), Signature Chicken Sou (6pcs), Siew Mai, Supreme BBQ Pork Bun, Chicken Glutinous Rice


  • Nam Heong Egg Tart


  • Signature Chicken Sou 

2. Toast & Snacks 

Retro Duo (Fried Fritter With Kopi O), Steamed Kaya Margarine Bread, Fried Dumpling (6pcs), Egg On Toast


  • Egg On Toast

3. Noodles

Signature Wat Dan Hor, Traditional Pan Mee, Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun, Signature Dry Assam Curry Noodles, Penang Fried Kuay Teow, Nam Heong Chicken Hor Fun, Egg Noodle With BBQ Pork And Wanton, Supreme Prawn Noodles


  • Nam Heong Chicken Hor Fun


  • Penang Fried Kuay Teow

4. Rice

Sweet & Sour Rice (Chicken/Pork/Fish Slice), Marmite Rice (Chicken, Pork), Black Pepper Rice (Chicken, Pork, Fish Slice), Ginger Spring Onion Rice (Chicken, Pork, Fish Slice)


  • Sweet & Sour Rice (Chicken/Pork/Fish Slice)

5. Nam Heong Roasted (Chicken Rice)

Signature Chicken Rice, Twin Mixed Roasted Meat Rice, Signature Roasted Chicken Rice, Signature BBQ Pork Belly Rice


  • Twin Mixed Roasted Meat Rice



Barley, Red Bean Slush, Coca-cola, Nam Heong Ipoh White Coffee, Vintage Nan Yang Coffee C, Lo Han Guo, Fresh Orange Juice, Coffee Cincau


  • Red Bean Slush


  • Vintage Nan Yang Coffee C


  • Nam Heong Ipoh White Coffee



Ipoh Caramel Egg Custard, Ipoh Tau Fu Fah, Red Bean Dessert Soup, Cendol


  • Ipoh Tau Fu Fah

What are you waiting for, enjoy your favourite Ipoh delicacies today! For more information, refer below:



Instagram: @namheongipoh

Contact: +603-21106321

Address: L8.106.00 Pavilion Elite, 166, Bukit Bintang Street, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


*Pictures credits to Nam Heong Official Website & Wildbrains Company


A Pie Thing | Food

Pie lover or not, it’s a must to try this famous pie shop located at Uptown Damansara, PJ. Their pie comes in two versions, the savoury selection which is suitable for lunch/dinner, and the sweet selection which is suitable for dessert. For the meat version, one of their best seller is their lamb pie. Be sure to check out their different Pie which is only available for a certain period of time such as nachos pie and their green curry pie. Besides that, you can pick your own topping:

  1. PIE + MASH + GRAVY, RM15.90
  2. PIE + PEAS + GRAVY, RM15.90
  3. PIE + GRAVY, RM13.90
  4. MASHACRE 😋 ( PIE + MASH + PEAS + GRAVY ), RM17.90

  • Savoury Pie

  • Pulled Lamb Pie

  • The Kanlkaze ( Japanese Curry w/ Chicken + Mash + Cheese Gravy + Bonita Flakes )

They have their Mashacre Set as well which comes with either a bottle of water (RM18.90) or a cup of soda (RM20.90).
Now for their sweet pie, there are lots of choices to indulge in. Their best seller is Tiramisu and Dark Chocolate S’mores.

  • Tiramisu

If you’re thinking of a hot drink, they do serve lovely hot chocolate as well. It’s thick and delicious.

  • Chocolate w/ Marshmallows

  • Latte

All choices of drink goes well with their pie. So what are you waiting for, head over to A Pie Thing now for some PIE!

Address: 128G, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Contact: +6017-8812268

Operating hour:

Tuesday – Thursday (12pm-11pm)

Friday – Saturday (12pm-12am)

Sunday (12pm-11pm)

Monday (Closed)

  • Pork Free
  • Wifi

Harajucube | Food

Harajucube is a dessert cafe. Their signature food is honey toast (thick toast with ice cream), there might be lots of other shops which sells the same thing but what makes theirs stand out from others is that instead of serving the thick toast as a whole, they slice the whole toast into 8 pieces from the inside and toast each piece. What goes really well with their unique toast is the honey they used. Their honey? THE BOMB! 💥 Whereas the next best selling item would be their butterscotch milk. Every now and then they would have different and unique flavours to choose from which would only be available for a limited time period only. This weeks special flavour would be the Unicorn Berry 🦄.

• Unicorn Berry + Magic Potion

  • Unicorn Berry 🦄

  • Magic Potion

  • Ham – Cheese

  • Set B – Salmon with Cheese Hotdog

Besides their honey toast, they serve delicious slice toast, onigiri and milk as well. Do remember to bring your best buddies along to keep you company as the portions could be quite filing for a person or two. “Don’t bite off more than you could chew! HAHA”

Address: 103 Level 1, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, Jalan PJU 8/8, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact: +603-77335973

Operating Hours:

Tuesday – Thursday (11am-11pm)

Friday – Saturday (11am-12am)

Sunday (11am-11pm)

Monday (Closed)

  • Wifi
  • Pork Free

Fiskee Dough | Food

Are you a doughnut lover? If you are, would you rather think of having your scrumptious ring-shaped snack along with a few scooping of ice cream as topping? Hard to imagine how it would taste like? Head over to Fiskee Dough to try out their signature doughnuts with ice cream. There are a variety of flavors to choose from and indulge in.

  • Legend Choco

  • Matcha King

The team that opened Fiskee Dough is the same team who opened Fishee Coffee which is located at Bukit Jalil. The price are reasonable and the service is equally good.

Address: F-25 (Lot 125), First Floor Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact: +603-77326068

Operating Hours:

Tuesday – Thursday (2pm-10pm)

Friday – Saturday (1pm-11pm)

Sunday (1pm-10pm)

Monday (Closed)

  • Pork Free
  • Outdoor Seating Available
  • Cash Only