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I am back with another blog post, this time is to introduce to you one of my current favourite brand Jonlivia for their sport pants. Jonlivia was founded by 2 individual which is Jon and Olivia. They started by having the same passion which is living a healthier lifestyle, that is the day when Jonlivia is born. It is a Malaysian establish brand but all of their products are made in Taiwan. The pants that I will be sharing with you would be Jonlivia Compression Pants.


Its compression pants is suitable for many occasions, including workout, outing, dance classes and many more. Unlike usual sport pants, the design of the pants is unique and trendy which would match up as one of your ootd. I would definitely use it often as I have my ballet practice, the pants it stretchable and flexible which is what I have been looking for.

  • Suitable for dancing as I’m a dancer

What are the plus point for this pants? It have a zipper pocket which located behind of your pants. You can put your money or even keys in it, whereas you does not need to carry around a small purse or bag with you while your exercising. The compression pants can help reduce the muscle vibration of your leg which would helps hold up your leg muscle. The main material that were use to made this pants are 87% of Nylon and 13% Spandex. Not to mention its very breathable as well as the lining is flat seams which makes the material move smoothly against your skin without itching. The pants absorb your sweat rapidly and eventually transfer the water vapor to the outer layer of the pants.

  • There’s a zipper at the back 

Main highlight for this pants?

  • Efficient
  • Thorough
  • Long Lasting
  • High Performance

Jonlivia has other products as well beside sport products. They consist of 3 category which is ActivSeries, ShaperSeries and Phiro. The compression pants that I am wearing is under ActivSeries category.

  • Wear them with style 💕

Once again thank you Jonlivia for sending me this tight fitting Jonlivia Compression Pants. You can get yours from





Poppy Apparel | Fashion

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