A’BLOOM by Althea | Beauty

Althea Korea has done it again by surprising us with their newly launch skin care series, A’BLOOM ✨ Guess what? I was one of the lucky few who got invited to their exclusive launching where we were some of the first to try out these products 🥰 Glad to be apart of Althea Angels to be able to attend the launch. There are a total of SEVEN products to try out.

1. A’BLOOM, Moisturizing Watermelon Mask ( RM 2 )

Moisturizing Watermelon Mask, from the name itself Watermelon 🍉, you know it can keep your face hydrated. This mask contains watermelon extract so that your skin would feel moist throughout the day.


  • Retain moisture
  • Effectively quenching
  • Soothing for dry & chapped skin

Key Ingredients:

Citrullus Vulgaris (Watermelon) Fruit Extract, Laandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Extract.

2. A’BLOOM, Nourishing Avocado Mask ( RM 2 )

Nourishing Avocado Mask, this mask is rich in antioxidants to help nourish you skin. It contains avocado 🥑 extracts to protect your skin from harmful environmental factors and wrinkles. Each packet also contains vitamin E to improve skin elasticity, this add a touch of radiant dew to the skin.

Key Ingredients:

Adenosine, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Fruit Extract, Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract.

3. A’BLOOM, Brightening Lemon Lime Mask ( RM 2 )

Brightening Lemon Lime Mask, the mask that contains lemon 🍋 components that helps in brightening. Make your skin looks clear and transparent, your daily glow. ✨ The vitamin C from the lemon helps to banish your dark spots.

Key Ingredients:

Niacinamide, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Fruit Extract, Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Fruit Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

4. A’BLOOM, Anti Blemish Peach Mask ( RM 2 )

Anti Blemish Peach Mask, the peach extract in the package contains vitamin A to regulates the oil in your skin. While at the same time give your skin a moisture balance by soothing sensitive skin. It does purify your skin to make it smooth.

Key Ingredients:

Prunus Persica (Peach) Fruit Extract, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Extract

5. A’BLOOM, Giant Meringue Puff, 1 piece ( RM 8 )

Giant Meringue Puff, use as a beauty blender to blend out your foundation. It can be use either dry or wet. I would recommend to use it wet as it blends better and does not use too much of your products. It also looks really cute after soaking it in water, as it would get 1.5X bigger 🙈

Size: 48*46mm

6. A’BLOOM, Baby Meringue Puff, 3 pieces ( RM 11 )

Baby Meringue Puff, use as a beauty blender to blend out your foundation or concealer. It can use to blend areas around your eyes and nose. Small and easy to bring around during traveling. It can be use either dry or wet. I would recommend to use it wet as it blends better and does not use too much of your products. It also looks really cute after soaking it in water, as it would get 1.5X bigger 🙈

Size: 30*28mm

7. A’BLOOM, BHA Blackhead Blaster ( RM 16)

BHA Blackhead Blaster, not your typical blackhead remover. Painless blackhead and whitehead removal with just a few steps. Its work really gentle on your skin and does not irritate your skin. The formula in this blackhead blaster helps prevent new ones from forming.

P.s The picture of the product taken wasn’t new, because I’ve been using it for a week now.

Pictures from A’BLOOM Launch Party 🎊

Website: https://my.althea.kr

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/altheakorea/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/altheamalaysia/

Diamond Sapindus Soap | Beauty

An afternoon event for the launching of Diamond Sapindus Soap in Malaysia. The product originally founded in Taiwan. Now the product has been brought into Malaysia due to the fantastic result achieved by the founder of CM3 Premium Mall. His skin problem were cured after using this product.

About CM3 Premium Mall

CM3 Premium Mall is an online platform which combines both online and offline to deliver the best experience for consumers, businesses and employees. They have use mass entrepreneurship concept in mind to transform traditional business mindset into a platform for business alliances where economy can be share. CM3 Premium vows to make the the miracle in the business industry.

  • Founder of CM3 Premium, Carlos Yong

The founder of the company Carlos Yong has personally used this product and saw incredible improvement in his skin condition. He was once affected by a skin disease call Human Papillomavirus (HPV). He seek for doctor advice and medication but was told there was no cure to it. There comes the impossible made possible when a friend of his introduce him to Diamond Sapindus Soap. After using it in a daily basis, his skin disease was cured. It was like a miracle.

He then started to find the product that was introduce by the friend previously but it was no where that can be found in Malaysia. He then started his business by searching the ingredients to start up his company along with Diamond Sapindus Soap.

About Diamond Sapindus Soap

Diamond Sapindus Soap was founded by Dr. Chong. This soap works like a wonder and it’s like a magical product. Why do I say that? It’s because you only use this one product but can use from your head all the way to your toe. This product is made of Sapindus Genus which contain effect such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-inching.

  • Dr. Chong

The products contains all top quality natural ingredients. One of the many benefits is when women face their monthly menstrual cycle, it can helps to eliminate the odor, soothes and nourishes your skin. Overall this products can be use as the following, bathing, shampoo, cleansing, toothpaste and many more.

  • Sapindus

This is the main ingredient that can be found inside of Diamond Sapindus Soap. The kernel of a Sapindus is one of the highest graded rosary that has been pass down of centuries. In India, it is recognized as one of the oldest praying bead and is also known as Bodisu. Rich tea polyphenols is extracted out from Sapindus as it can acts as an astringent (helps to minimize pores), clear facial oils, sterilize and helps skin from aging.

Demo Session

Live demo were held to demonstrate the usage of their Diamond Spaindus Soap. During their demo session, they mention their soap can be use as a mask as well. You just have to scrub it and place foam on your face. It’s environment friendly as it does not require any sheet for the mask.

It was proven that many soap that are sold in the market these days are mainly chemicals. A live demo was shown shown and tested right in front of our eyes. Many different soap brands were tested with fire to see if it contains chemicals.

As you can see from the picture above. There are many black burn marks at the right side of the plastics. Those marks means the soap contains chemicals and it melts right through the plastic. As for the left side which isn’t burn and looks transparent is melted Diamond Sapindus Soap. It was proven that it contains all natural ingredients. The melted soap that were on the plastic can still be use after it has cool down.

Overall it is an interesting launch that caught my interest as I never know our daily soap was fill with chemicals. Thank you for having me over at the launch. 💕

Website: http://www.cm3premium.com/diamond-sapindus-soap

Facebook: https://facebook.com/cm3premium/

Dr Jou Facial Mask | Beauty

Have you heard of Dr. Morita facial mask? It was loved for its wide range of pharmaceuticals grade facial mask. If you know this well known mask, wait no more as a brand new mask has been created from the same laboratory. This time it’s a beauty mask called Dr. Jou. (brainchild behind Dr. Morita masks)

Dr. Jou provides you a more technologically advanced mask that is high in concentration of active ingredients that can be found in the mask which could provide effective result to specific skin conditions. This range is targeted for people who are looking out for a higher quality and advanced mask at a more professional setting.

So what makes it so special and different from other mask? Dr. Jou is the first in Malaysia market that came out with the combination of 6 different essences of Hyaluronic Acid in all Dr. Jou masks. The 6 synergistic essences are made up of Sodium Hyaluronate (Macromolecular), Hyaluronate Sodium Hyaluronate (Medium-sized molecules), Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid (Micromolecular), Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hyaluronate, C12-13 Alkyl Glyceryl Hydrolyzed Hyaluronate and Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate.


  • Dr. Jou and MC

We were welcome and greeted by the mc. He makes a few jokes here and there and introduce the person who brings in Dr. Jou facial masks into Malaysia.

Dr. Jou then explains the difference about his other creation Dr. Morita and his newly launched mask. The benefits of each individual mask will be stated below later. Live demo was presented on a pretty model.

  • Tips was given by Dr. Jou that masks should apply starting from the bottom part of your eyes. 👀

It was a really impressing result. Before the model apply the mask, her face hydration level was 36. After applying for a solid 10 minutes, her hydration level has increase to 55! It will continue to hydrate more or remain throughout the whole day to keep your face moisturize.

Venice Min was one of the special guest that was invited. She shared her experience with us about what are her thoughts and which is her favourite mask out of the 6 different range masks to choose from.


1. Dr. Jou Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Mask, 5s

All skin types, especially dry skin. Use before makeup to hydrate and moisturize skin.

2. Dr. Jou Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Whitening Mask, 5s

– All skin types, especially dull skin.

3. Dr. Jou Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Mask, 5s

– Dry and dull skin.

4. Dr. Jou Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Revitalizing Mask, 5s

– All skin types, especially dry and dehydrated skin.

5. Dr. Jou Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Soothing Mask, 5s

– All skin types especially oily skin, sensitive and acne skin. Good for sunburned skin.

6. Dr. Jou Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Luminous Mask, 5s

– All skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin.


Leave mask on for 15-20 minutes. Gently massage the remaining essence onto your skin and around your neck area, once the mask is removed. Do not rinse with water. Apply facial mask everyday to achieve the best result.


The mask is only available exclusively at Watsons store.

Original price is RM38.90. This month Watsons have 10% off for member > RM35.


  • Before and After picture after just using 1 sheet of Dr. Jou Hydro Mask.

As you can see from the picture, not much different after just 1 piece of mask. In the after picture, if you look carefully the smile line and dark circle seems to reduce by a bit compared to the previous picture. (Sry for the lighting different) It’s mask texture is really different compared to others. It felt really cooling and leaves that refreshing feeling after the mask was removed. I felt like my face instantly moisturized itself.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/DrMoritaMY/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr.moritamy

Hashtag: #drjoumy

Watsons: http://www.watsons.com.my/search?q=DR.JOU:mostRelevant:category:120400

Event and PR by EverQuest



Cre Arts Asia | Event

Are you a theater person? If yes, there is good and interesting news for you. One of Southeast Asia’s largest modern circus troupe Cre Arts Asia will be performing in Malaysia for the very first time. This amazing performance will be held at Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Centre (KLPAC) from the 29 September to 1 October 2017. That makes it a total of 3 days of performance for you to pick a date and mark it on your calendar.


Cre Arts Asia

Cre in old Irish word for Earth. They promised to display a gravity defying performance and extraordinary feats of the human body and perform with a beautiful backdrop that are mainstay of the contemporary performing arts.

The name of the show Cre is themed to showcase the beauty of our Mother Earth 🌏. The performance will be interpreted through the human body as a medium by performing the natural elements of air, water, earth and fire. So what can you expect throughout the performance? You will be taken back by their breathtaking aerial acrobatics, contortions, mesmerizing dance performances and more!

Cre Art Asia is a collaboration between 2 Malaysia’s leading home-grown performing arts studios which includes Viva Circus and Psycusix. Viva Circus is an award winning physical arts theatre company, whereas Psycusix is Malaysia’s leading modern and contemporary circus performing group. Can you imagine watching a combination from both leading performing arts studios which will put up a quality performance that comes with both the thrills and in depth story telling? The powerful performance that is being put together, Cre is indeed something you will not want to miss.


  • From left to right: Johnny Ong Jenn Uei – Breakout Creative and Operation, Director Chris Lo – Production & Event director ; Vibes Club Owner, Shan Nana Liew – Creative Director, Aifique Khaikal – Creative Director, Yiki Chan – Producer & Marketing Manager, Elvin Chua – Butchers Cafe Floor Manager

The event director of Creative Events Solution Sdn Bhd is the organizer of Cre, Chris Lo. He mentioned that the talents that you will be watching during the performance are world class standard, as some of the performers that are featured in Cre won several international accolades and have performed at renowned venue all across the world.


Cre Arts Asia will be donating part of the tickets sales earning to International Medical University Malaysia (IMU) Chariofare, the largest fundraising event at IMU.



Fire – RM98

Water – RM128

Earth – RM168


Kids below 12 years old:

Water & Earth – RM68

Fire Seats are free seating whereas Water and Earth are numbered seating.

* Early Bird Promo *

Water – RM108

Earth – RM148

  • From now until 14 September 2017.

* Special Package Promo *

Purchase of 5 Earth tickets will be entitled with 1 additional FREE Earth ticket.


Website: www.crearts.asia

Contact: +60176466469

Email: CREARTSASIA@gmail.com

Luxella.com | Beauty

Konichiwa! Sorry for being away for almost 2 weeks as I was on vacation at Japan. The weather there was really hot because Japan is currently having Summer season. Anyways back to the point, today I would like to introduce to you Luxella.com, a Japanese beauty brand.

Luxella.com was founded by a young entrepreneur name Kaylee Lim. The main purpose for her to start up this brand is to let the world to have access to high quality product that are made originally from Japan itself. They pick their formula and ingredients carefully by having to go through lots test on their product. They are certified by using organic ingredients and uses product from some of the best factories from Japan. Their product comes with the Ecocert icons which means organic certified, while unlike some products out there who claims to be natural but their ingredients contains a lot of chemicals. Luxella.com is a startup that was graduated from MaGIC’s ASEAN accelerator programme Cohort 3.

On August 1, Luxella.com has a private event for their official launch to introduce their Japanese Beauty Philosophy. In this event, the differences of Japan made products was highlighted. The event was held at QuadArt, it is an art gallery that comes with a rustic oriental setting. Luxella.com pampered their guests with a wide range of products to try and test on themselves, not only that, they even provide complimentary manicure service session by using their Ueba Esou Gofun nail polish. Luxella.com was honored to be able to invite media, brand partners as well as representatives from Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO).

Few of the main companies that Luxella.com is working with includes Ueba Esou, HerbEAU and Ecott Cosme. All these products can be purchase on Luxella.com. It was hand picked by the owner for their natural, high quality organic ingredients as well as their high manufacturing standards. It is a place where you can find Japanese drugstore brands at a more affordable price range with the latest and best selling brands in Japan’s cosmetic innovation.

There was a special guest which came all the way from Japan, Mika Tsuneyoshi. She is the representative of HerbEAU, a high quality organic skincare brand with cutting edge technology all the way from Nagasaki, Japan. She was invited to a panel session along with the founder of Luxella.com Kaylee Lim. Ms Tsuneyoshi shared her knowledge on the concept of organic clean beauty with all the invited guests, whereas Ms Kaylee gave an insight of her business and the Japanese beauty market platform.

  • Mika Tsuneyoshi

Do you know there are actually differences in both Japanese and Korean skincare products? Japanese skincare products focuses more on simple, natural and prefer in using organic ingredients to have a minimalistic approach. On the other hand, Korean skincare products focus on producing trendy product lines at a fast pace and include multi-step skincare routines by using a wide arsenal of products. Japanese believes that by using lesser steps in the daily routine with just a simple but powerful ingredients product will do.

Another special guest was Dr Bejit Ideas, PHD in BioChesmistry. He is also the Medical Director of MI Innovation Lab, Tokyo. We get to learn about his research on centenarian (which is more than 100 year old) skin of Japanese women. The ingredients that were use for the process of fermentation and extraction of anti-aging skincare is Biwa fruit. Biwa all in one gel from HerbEAU is in partnership with SSC Skin Clinic. It is the largest skin clinic that can be found in Nagasaki, Japan. They have an average of 300 patients a day as the product they uses are formulated to cater to the skin of their patients.

Why choose Luxella.com? They are the only platform that have access to some of the Japanese product from those companies that I mentioned above. Do you know there are a lot of Japanese product that you could not get your hands on them outside of Japan itself? Japanese business are very particular to who their product goes and sell to, it is because they want to ensure the same quality can be maintain before selling them and partnerships with sellers. It’s not a day or two to earn their trust, it could be a week, a month or even a year. So why not grab this opportunity to try out the Japanese products that can be purchase through Luxella.com?

In the official website, Luxella.com presented a well-made video that was produced in-house and everything that was shot. The video presentation featured the brand Ueba Esou at their headquarters located in Kyoto, Japan. With the visual aids provided, the brand’s philosophy and history was shown elaborately. A testing session was also prepared for the guests where they can tryout exclusive products for themselves which comes along a lucky draw and marked the end of the private launching.

Brand Details

Ueba Esou is the oldest paint company in Japan (from Kyoto). They use traditional ingredients and modern methods to make Gofun Nail Polish – a water based, natural nail polish that is free from odours and is water permeable. ‘Gofun’ is made from crushed scallop shells.

HerbEAU’s star product is an all-in-one Gel which is using a world first patented ingredient made from organic BIWA(Loquat). A product that is meant to replace toner, moisturiser or even serum. It is made from Biwa fruit in Nagasaki and has many healing properties. It was formulated by dermatologist & pharmacists from SSC (Shinohara Skincare Clinic) & French Biologist Dr Bejit Ideas(PHD in BioChemistry, Chemistry Nobel Prize 2003 nominee).

Ecott Cosme Organic has a wide range of products created with raw ingredients from 47 prefectures of Japan. Products are created with ingredients such as wasabi harvested from the Miyage prefecture to rose petals from Shimane. But the cleansing and foam products are the most unique – it gently cleanses and removes makeup in one step  – perfect for saving time. It is also safe to use this cleanser on lash extensions.

Website: https://luxella.com/

*Some of the picture are taken by their official photographer Cayden. All right reserved to their respectful owner.

Clio Club | Event

An event that I have eagerly dreamed to attend has finally came true. All thanks to The Butterfly Project for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be able to attend Club Clio party launching at Sunway Pyramid. I was so excited that I was one of the first few to arrive and registered. One thing good about being one of the earliest to arrive is to be able to get good photo of all the products before the crowd starts to come in. So what is the main purpose of the event? Club Clio is launching their new Limited Edition Perikiki Collection! Are you excited like I am? Not only that, they are also launching Clio 2017 Summer Collection which is Clio Tropical Hipster.

Clio Tropical Hipster Collection

Let's start with the Tropical Hipster. Their range of makeup can help you achieve a dreamy lash eye and a sun kissed lip makeup look. It has velvety textures along with seductive colours which makes your eyes look appealing.

Mad Matte Liquid Lip

First let me introduce one of my favorite product from their Tropical Hipster collection which is Mad Matte Liquid Lip. It comes in 6 different tone of red.

  • I got myself this which is the No.6 Toasty Peach. 🍑

Their formula contains a delicate but strong and high concentrated super fine pigmentation which let the lipstick penetrates into your lips within 2 seconds. So no worries of having to stain your cup while having a drink.

Kill Cover Founwear Long Wearing Cushion

Next, their Kill Cover Founwear Long Wearing Cushion which is limited edition. This cushion is a formula with super proof film which can make your skin look flawless and enabling your makeup to stay throughout the whole day without needing any touch up. There are 3 different colours to choose from, so that it could fit everyone's skin type. It helps prevent your skin from getting too oily or flaky as well as leaving your face in a smooth and matte finish without making your skin feeling sticky.

  • Kill Cover Founwear Long Wearing Cushion

Kill Cover Airwear Skin Smoother Pact

After using the cushion, you can apply Kill Cover Airwear Skin Smoother Pact. It has only one colour which is blue mint colour. This product can help to cover and correct uneven skin tone on your face that could be caused by the warm and humid weather. Whereas in Malaysia, it's very suitable as we have the exact weather all year round.

  • 3 shades of Kill Cover Founwear Long Wearing Cushion and Kill Cover Airwear Skin Smoother Pact on the right.

Color Coating Cara WP

With a beautiful coverage of your face, definitely there will be products for your eyes. The first product would be Color Coating Cara WP. You must be thinking huh? What product is that? It's one of the basic need which is MASCARA! Guess what, its waterproof as well. Love to go outdoor and play water sports activities? This might be your new all-time favorite. It comes in 3 colours which includes Metal Red, Black Pearl and Copper Bronze.

  • Would love to try their Copper Bronze, as I usually wear black mascara. Maybe it's time for a change? 🤔

Waterproof Pen Liner Kill

Okay time to move on, now for the second product for eye range would be Waterproof Pen Liner Kill. Two coloursto choose from which is Black and Brown. I am a person which prefers black eyeliner. 🙈 It's time for me to get my hands on one of these as they are waterproof eyeliner which would last from morning all the way till night. My eyeliner ends up in smudge often, so I guess I know where to get my next eyeliner, do you? If you're a beginner, this would be something you might want to try out as this eyeliner has a very thin and soft tip, so it makes applying much more easier and convinient! 💕

  • A picture of the Waterproof Pen Liner Kill along with their Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow Waterproof.

Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow Waterproof

So for the last item of Clio Tropical Hipster Collection, it would be for your eyebrows. Everyone always dreamed of having a perfect and on point eyebrows. Did you realize your brow itself can make a really big difference of how you look? Time for me to introduce you to Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow Waterproof. It comes in 3 colours and what's more? They are having a special set now which means if you purchase a Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow, you will get a free 55ml Pro Artist Fix Mist.

Opps… I'm too caught up with the products that I forget to talk about the event. So upon registration, I got to mingle around with the other bloggers and there's two muscular guys who walks around asking for kisses. You might be thinking, huh what? Kisses?! Want to know something crazier? I gave one of the guy a kiss on the neck with the Clio Mad Matte Liquid Lip. It is a fun and creative way for us to test out the colours and shades on.

After that, there was a makeup demonstration by Steven Sunny with Mia Chai. He uses all the products from the Tropical Hipster Collection on her.

  • Steven Sunny explains about each and every detail clearly and I really enjoy the session.


Peripera Perikiki Collection

Drumroll… time for me to introduce the new limited edition Perikiki Collection from Peripera. Have you heard of the brand? I guess you have heard of it because their brand are quite famous with their Ink Velvet Lipstick 💄. This limited edition collection is formulated for the hot and humid Asian weather. It is all waterproof formula, so if you are a person who can't go out even without the slightest makeup to gym or workout. This might be something you may want to consider.

Ink The Velvet

  • This is No.2 So Grapefruit.

The Ink The Velvet limited edition comes with a random figurine. I am lucky enough to get myself a penguin 🐧 as it is really adorable. The texture of this product is as soft as a whipped cream. It can instantly enhance your lip with vivid matte colours as well as on the same time hide your chapped lip. It is very long lasting and not to worry your lips would
get dry as it has a moisturizing effect.

Ink The Airy Velvet

For the airy velvet lipstick, it's has a creamy texture along with a lightweight coverage. If you love neon colour, there are 2 colours available in this collection. If you attend any event which have blue light, you will be the one who would stand out compare to others. 😉 Not to forget the limited edition Ink the Airy Velvet comes with the cute figurine.

Ink Lasting Pink Cushion

Do not want your face to be filled with heavy makeup? Use a light and simple one will do? Here is something that might interest you. Ink Lasting Pink Cushion provide adhering makeup to skin for natural skin radiance coverage. It gives you a pink base filter that has a lasting effect which could keep your makeup smooth and fresh all day. There are 3 shades available for different skin tone.

Ink Lasting Mint Cushion

The packaging is similar to the pink cushion. But… it's BLUE 🦋. Mint Cushion main purpose is to help you create a flawless skin effect. It has a soft blur effect which could help soften your skin as if your skin is layered with primer. Not only that, it can help you balance up your uneven skin tone and blemishes your skin perfectly. Ink Lasting Mint Cushion comes in 3 shades as well. Just apply it once, there is no need to touch up throughout the whole day.

No Sebum Milk Sun Cushion

Now as for the last Cushion would be the No Sebum Milk Sun Cushion which were infused with white and silk powder in it. What does it helps in 🤔 It helps mating your skin at the same time controling oil and sebum, conceals pores and even cover your uneven skin texture. You can already guess by the name "Sun", it definitely comes with SPF50++PA+++, it can helps to blow know the UVB rays and prevent your skin from aging.

Ink Cara (Special Set)

Special set, what do I mean by that? There are 2 speacial set to choose from, either "Ink Black Cara Volume Setting + Ink Color Cara Aqua Blue" or "Ink Black Cara Volume Setting + Ink Color Cara Black Espresso". Bored of the usual one tone mascara, now you can mix and match your new look with Perikiki Collection Mascara by using the Black Cara on your inner lash and Aqua Blue Cara on your outer lash. It will gives you a special effect as if you're wearing lenses. You can go swimming with it as it is smudge proof and have a powerful ink lasting effect.

Ink Brow Tattoo Gel

Woke up early in the morning, tired of your daily routine where drawing your brows may take about 5-10 minutes or more for beginners. Ink Brow Tattoo Gel is a strong ink which can keep your brows intact even after a whole day. Depends on each person, sometimes it can last up to 2 days or so as well. It has a little tattoo effect. It comes in 3 colours which is Light Brown, Brown and Gray Brown. For me I would choose Gray Brown as it suits my hair colour.

Ink Fitting Eyes

An eyeshadow palette which is small and cute that you can bring along in your bag. The colour would give you a Korean Ulzzang or a summer look. It's highly pigmented and it's soft texture makes blending easier. 4 unique colour which will be suitable for your everyday basic yet unique look.

So previously there was a demonstration for the Tropical Hipster Collection, same goes for the Perikiki Collection. This time Steven Sunny will be demonstrating on a special guest. She is the winner of Muse Search 2017, Hannah Wan. I really feel in love with the packaging as well as the product of Perikiki Collection. Here's a picture of Hannah Wan with the 2 neon colours from the Ink The Airy Velvet Collection.

Overall it is a fun event, if you asked me which collection I prefer. I would go with Perikiki Collection. Because it has its own unique styles and colours compared to the normal make up style. Why would I want to look the same when I can stand out in a different way. You can always play with the colours and mix and match them. Be unique, be different, be yourself.

Once again thank you The Butterfly Project and Club Clio for this opportunity for me to attend such a amazing event. Looking forward for the next event. 😍

Clio Tropical Hipster Collection available at:

PeriPera Perikiki Collection available at:

  • Club Clio Sunway Pyramid

*A few of the photos are taken from google. All right reserved to their respectful owners.

Focus Point | Event

Sometimes even your spectacles or sunglasses can reach its limits, maybe it doesn’t fits you anymore, or your power has changed in a certain way that has caused you to have trouble in seeing? Now, there comes another problem which is where should I get my glasses and most importantly how much will it cost? If you’re more to a budget committed shopper, an easygoing shopper or a luxurious shopper, Focus Point has got all these covered each in its own unique and different styles. Today is also the grand opening for Focus Point Concept Store at Melawati Mall.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-31 at 01.33.50.jpeg

  • Focus Point Concept Store at Melawati Mall.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-30 at 01.01.52


Moving on, there are 3 various concepts that are available according to your own needs. Firstly is the Whoosh concept, they have 2 series which is Sunniesseries and Trendy series. They are focused on packages where the fixed prices starts from RM165, RM195, RM215 and RM265.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-31 at 01.33.19

  • Sunnies series

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-31 at 01.33.17.jpeg

  • Trendy series


As for the next one, is Focus Point. This particular concept is mainly towards normal brand spectacles. So if you’re looking something not too low end or too expensive then this is for you! Brands such as Guess, Jaguar, Rayban, Coach, Oakley and more.

  • Focus Point


  • Me trying out Coach sunglasses, was deciding which one suits me most.


Now for this last concept, it is one of the high end glasses you can’t find elsewhere! They have exclusive brands such as Mont Blanc, Marc Jacobs, Porsche Design, Gucci, Tom Ford and many more to please your eyes with.

  • Eyefont concept

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-31 at 01.33.51.jpeg

There is one more section which I find it really really adorable which is the kid’s zone where spectacles and sunglasses are specially designed for children.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-31 at 01.34.15.jpeg

  • In addition, there is a promotion for PONEY frame and sunglasses for kids BUY 1 FREE 1 valid from 26th July to 31st August.


Besides that,  Focus Point is having a promotion that is only valid for Melawati Mall Focus Point Concept Store ONLY. This can grant you a RM1 frame voucher when you go to the counter and register which is available for selected spectacles. Hurry up now to Melawati Mall! As this promotion is valid from 26th July till 31st of August 2017 to grab your vouchers! Other than that, Focus Point does not only stops there. They are also having a 60% off for GUESS eyewear too! To top that up, there is RAYBAN RB3025 for RM399 ONLY (while stocks lasts), as well as 50% off for every second purchase of WHOOSH eyewear.


Address: Melawati Mall LG-19,UP2-01

Contact: +603 7728 6060

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday (10am-10pm)