Horien Eye Secret Lens | Beauty

I’m not sure if some of you, yes you, my audience have noticed or not. Whenever I attend any event or head out, I will always wear my contact lens. You would probably only see me wearing my glasses during normal occasions like attending classes or just chilling at home. To me, having a comfortable and trust worthy brand is important. I’m always out there finding a brand that would really suit me and make my eyes look brighter and a bit bigger. And so, I gave Horien Eye Secret a try.

Horien Eye Secret


Horien Optic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia based company which does primary business of importing and distributing all the contact lens and product of Eye Secret. Whereas, EyeSecret is a contact lens and lens care brand that is manufactured in Taiwan by Yung Sheng Optical Co. Ltd.

Yung Sheng Optical Co. Ltd. was found in 2011. Major business is manufacturing and sales of soft contact lens and lens care product. With its innovative R&D team, advanced manufacturing facilities and professional marketing and sales group, Yung Sheng has received the following: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications, Japan’s FMA (Foreign Manufacturer Accreditation), European CE and Taiwan GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) aiding expansion in our global market.


I was given the opportunity to review Horien Eye Secret 38% Moisture, 3 months contact lens. For this category, they are separated into 2 series which includes FantasySeries (3 Tone) and Sweet Heart Series (2 Tone). In Fantasy Series you have two choices to choose from and as for Sweet Heart Series, you have 4 colours to choose from which makes it a total of 6 colours.


Product Specifications

Material: Polymacon

Water Content: 38%

BC: 8.7mm

DIA: 14.2mm

Power: 0.00, -1.00 ~ -10.00 (-1.00 ~ -6.00, one power for every 0.25; -6.00 above, one power for every 0.50)

Package Size : 2 pieces in a box


38% Low Water Content Lens

Their lens uses 38% water content which could slow down the speed of water loss on your lens. This could prevent dryness to your eyes and can keep your eyes moisture through out the day. It also contains Sodium Hyaluronate and Trehalose which is the perfect formula to increase comfortability and moisture.

BMW 3D Wrap Colouring Method

Unlike the conventional contact lens, the Horien Eye Secret ensures that no colouring additives are to be leached out. This is because the colour additives are wrapped by HEMA and thus providing maximum comfort. Another which is the sophisticated pad printing machine that can produce high quality pattern in the female mold, allowing minimal contact between the colour and the eye directly and increases sharpness as well as visual accuracy. Besides, the colour lenses is produced through filling and thermal process. Compared with the traditional Sandwich method, Horien’s lenses have flat surfaces that will not crack easily.

BMW 3D Wrap Technology

UV Protection Function

Horien Eye Secret lenses all comes with UV protection. Their lens can block harmful UV lights as well as blocking UVA and UVB to slow down aging corner.

Artificial Intellectual

In order to optimize its lenses, Horien uses a dual aspheric design technology to reach high comfort wearing and high definition vision. In order to allow the lens to provide crisp clear visual in dark environment and at night, improvement of optical aberrations formed by traditional spherical lens is needed and that is what Horien Eye Secret achieved.

My Opinion

I was given 2 colours to try out which includes Vancouver Pink and Madrid Grey. Their packaging is cute and is very light to carry around.

1. Madrid Grey

I really love grey contact lenses as I find it really suits me. But for most grey lenses that I wear, doesn’t really stands out. Great thing is Horien Eye Secret contact lens does that for me. From the lens itself its mostly grey, but I like how it looks like a 2 in 1 colour as after wearing it, my eyes has a hint of light blue colour as well. It looks so special and I really love it.

2. Vancouver Pink


I’m not much of a pink fan, but this colour isn’t as vibrant as the previous lens. However, it is still good to have a change of colour once in while because even I would get bored of a certain colour if used frequently. So I might probably will wear this colour for my upcoming ballet performance as my costume are all red, so it should really go well with it.

Sometimes when I want to make things look a bit more fun and special, I would mix around the colours. Definitely not my first time doing this and definitely not my last time as well.

I wore Madrid Grey on my right side (left side from readers POV) and Vancouver Pink on my left side (right side from readers POV).

Overall its a great experience as this is my first time using contact lenses from Horien Eye Secret. Compare to others it really does not dry up my eyes as frequent as some of the other brands that I use before. Usually I use eye drops more or less 5 times a day, but after trying this brand, I only use as little as one drop per day. Really satisfied with the quality that this brand promises.

Before & After

  • Left picture is before wearing Horien Eye Secret contact lens. Right picture is after wearing Horien Eye Secret, Madrid Grey contact lens.

Once again thank you Horien Eye Secret for giving me an opportunity to review the 38% moisture, 3 months contact lenses.

Website: http://www.eyesecret.com.my/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HorienOpticMalaysia/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/horieneyesecret/

Beauty Lifeguard Unboxing from Althea | Review

I finally got a chance to do an unboxing review on one of Althea Beauty Box. Isn’t this exciting?! 🙈 Some of you might already heard about Althea Beauty Box, but as for the others, you might have not even heard about it. So why not I brief you through about Althea and their Beauty Boxes before showing you what I got my hands on in this box?


Althea is a website where you can find all the popular Korean products all in one place. They contains more than 150 Korean beauty brand just for you to browse through and shop them all just by a few clicks from your laptop/desktop. Althea was founded in 2015 by Frank Kang. He had the thinking of providing buyers from all around the world with one of the lowest price they could get from Althea website just as how Korean residents shop in their own country. Althea is like a representative of Korea to provide authentic K-beauty product just for YOU!

Althea Beauty Box

Althea Beauty Box contains of different cosmetic brands all in one box. Anything could be in that box, it depends on the theme Althea came out with. It all happened when there were many customers requesting Althea to come out with their own beauty box. So without disappointing their loyal and excited customers, they launched their first beauty box on October 2016. Each month they would come up 2-3 beauty box just for you. Each boxes would usually contains 6-12 pieces of size products depending on their theme. All of their beauty boxes usually comes up to RM300-RM600+, but they only sell them at barely RM100+!! So better get your hands on one of your favourite beauty boxes before they are fully sold out.

Beauty Lifeguard Box #26This box literally contains everything I need in my daily life. I am an active person and being outdoor is one of my favourite things. There was one obstacle that I would always face when I’m doing any sporty or sweaty activities. My makeup would easily get smudge. 🙁 Thanks to Althea, my problem is solved.

Beauty Lifeguard Box contains 5 full size products which includes:

  1. Tony Moly, BCDATION OiOi Waterproof Cushion (23 warm beige)
  2. Milky Dress, Mascara
  3. VDL, Eye Primer (serenity)
  4. Wangskin, Lip Tattoo Tint Pack (pink)
  5. Holika Holika, Face Conditioner Long Lasting Makeup Fixer

So why did they name the box Lifeguard Box? I guess because all the products in the boxes are either smudge proof or waterproof. For some people who could not leave house with a slight touch of makeup even though your going for swimming or sports, the products contained in the box would be just what you need.

1. Tony Moly, BCDATION OiOi Waterproof Cushion (23 warm beige)

My very first waterproof foundation. It’s packaging is very trendy and cute, cover itself with blue colour surrounded by bananas. 🍌 This foundation provide sun care as it is SPF50+ PA+++. Not only that, it helps really well in coverage and helps in anti aging as well as brightens up your skin.

  • You can see before applying, the pores are visible and after applying it looks smoother and the pore are almost invisible.

  • It’s texture is very smooth and after applying the foundation, you can see from the picture it’s totally waterproof. 💦


The size of the foundation is really slim and compact compare to the current one in using. It’s almost half the size of my current foundation and it can be easily slide into my purse. The packaging is really cute and it suits my age perfectly. Love how it does not have the stickiness effect after applying on the skin, instead it has a Matte feeling. One thing that I did not really like is the smell of it, it may be just me, but overall it’s a thumbs up 👍🏻 for this product.

Rating: 4.5/5

2. Milky Dress, Mascara
6174641936_img_1437-4Milky Dress is a 3 in 1 mascara. So what is the 3 function? Helps you to achieve Long Lash, give your lashes extra Volume and give your lash a Curling effect. It’s easy to use and apply as it does not clumps up your lashes if you use it in the right way. Heading for a movie session and worry that your makeup would smudge? Worry free as it’s smudge proof.


  • The mascara brush has a c-curl design which helps in improving the curl and volume of your lashes.

  • After using the mascara, it does have a slight curling effect as you can see in the picture above. I really like how it could make my lashes looks longer.


The packaging itself is really beautiful, it had a luxury and classy feel to it. It’s very light to carry around in my bag. I really like how it make my lash looks longer, but as for curling, it might have a slight help but nothing more. The c curl design make it very easy to apply. Not recommend for any sporty or water events as it easily comes out, but if you look on the bright side, it’s easy to wash off after using mascara without any worries.

Rating: 3/5

3. VDL, Eye Primer (serenity)
6174641936_img_1423-1To be honest, this is my first primer I ever had. I don’t usually own a primer as I would normally prefer light make up compare to dark makeup. After owning one I realize it helps to locks my eyeshadow in place through out the day. I don’t have to touch up my eyeshadow every few hours and it still looks great by the end of the day. This primer helps to correct any redness and transform it into a flawless canvas.

  • Even though you see it’s in a light blue colour, but it would slowly blend in with your skin tone.

  • As you can see from the picture, before I head for my concert practice and after the practice, the eyeshadow still stays perfectly fine.


The product is light but I don’t have to carry it all around with me as it is a one time usage that could last all day for me. Perfect for my upcoming concert performance. Easy to use and apply for beginners.

Rating: 4.5/5

4. Wangskin, Lip Tattoo Tint Pack (pink)
Lips tattoo is most women favourites. You just have to apply it once in the morning and it got you cover through out the day. You don’t have to worry your lips will look pale or even stain your straw or cups when your drinking. Suitable for every occasion including your daily work or university looks.

  • The pink colour is very beautiful pink. It instantly brightens up your whole look. After seeing the picture above, you might think the pink is too bright or neon. But don’t judge just by its look, read further down and you be surprise the colour is just perfect. 👌🏻

  • Before applying my lips looks pale and dry, after applying it looks stunningly beautiful,but…it’s not the end of it. You have to peel of that layer after 5-10 minutes depends on how thick you apply on. No.3 is the result I got.


The shade really suits me. After applying, it’s very easy to peel it off. It all comes off in one peel. One highlight I would like to make is, there is no need to worry if I would smudge or stain my teeth. It’s a tint after all. Yea! After using through out the day, it does feel dry but on my lips, but lip balm and flower is there to make your colour look more vibrant.

Rating: 3.5/5

5. Holika Holika, Face Conditioner Long Lasting Makeup Fixer

There is always a first for everything right? So here goes my first makeup fixer spray by Holika Holika. It keeps your makeup sets throughout the day without worrying it would smudge and in the same time, it keeps your face moisture. It uses a long lasting formula to sets your makeup in place.

  • Look at the difference what Holika Holika can make. Taking makeup to a whole new level by setting all your daily makeup to smudge proof.


Not really advisable to bring it everywhere, because it can be quite heavy, but here is a small tip. You can pour some into a smaller bottle to safe up your space during traveling. For me it works really well for my usual eyeliner. Usually it get smudge easily, but now I’m a happy kid not needing to get a waterproof eyeliner. 💕 One last thing, I really love the smell of the product.

Rating: 4/5

The Beauty Lifeguard Box just sold out. It was still available yesterday on their website. You can still feel free to purchase the product you really like individually on Althea website by clicking here.

As I mention above that they would come out with a few boxes every month. You can check out their latest Althea Beauty Box here. Thank you for reading my very first unboxingof Althea Beauty Box. 🎁

Website: https://my.althea.kr

Facebook: https://facebook.com/altheamalaysia/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/altheakorea/

*Please note that all opinions are based in my own individual opinion. Each person may have different opinion on that particular product. Some pictures are taken from Althea official website.

Luxury Beauty Lounge | Review

Have you had any slimming sessions before? If you have the chance to try it out, would you go for it? Definitely a yes from me! I would grab this opportunity, if you are afraid of trying new things, you might never know whether you like it. So why deny or refuse when you had the chance to?

I was lucky to get invited by Ashley personally to try out one of their signature treatment, a slimming session. The place is located at Desa Park City new shop outlets, Plaza Arkadia. Their design structure makes you feel like you’re in a western country.

Upon arrival, I had a consultation session with Violet. For slimming session, we can choose which part of body we would like to focus on. For example, the area we can choose from is tummy, thighs, arm and even the whole body. As for me, I pick tummy. It’s one of the important part that people would like to look slim and fit at. I can start wearing crop tops or dresses that reveals my stomach area without any worries.

Next, I was ushered to my room where I would get my slimming session. They have a very unique concept comparing to other places. Each of their room comes in different theme, not coloured theme, but country theme. There was wallpaper of Korea, Japan and other famous countries. For me, I picked Paris.

I was given something to change in. It’s very comfy and make me felt like home. The material is velvety. 😍

As for my session, it takes about roughly 40 minutes. Firstly, they’ll use a machine and massage your stomach while applying an appropriate amount of Latoja cream on my stomach. After a certain amount of time, they will proceed to hand massage. It depends on each individual body fats for them to divide the amount of time using the machine and by using hand massage. The more a person consists of stubborn fats, the longer they will use the machine on you.

  • Function of Latoja cream helps efficiently in burning fats especially with the correct way of massaging provided by LBL workers.

So what’s my thought after the slimming session? Firstly, I really didn’t expect it to be that painful, but in fact it hurts. No pain no gain right?! But I was impressed with the results. With just barely 40 minutes I loss 1cm, isn’t that impressive?

I would really recommend this treatment to people who have a busy schedule at work or class. Less than one hour a day could help you burn the fats you might need to spend a week in the gym. So why not give it a try?

Luxury Beauty Lounge does not only provide slimming session, they do also provide services such as facial, ovary treatment, semi permanent embroidery, bust enhancement and therapy. Not only that, they sometimes conduct workshop or lessons as well. All these will be conducted at the 2nd floor of LBL.

So, if you are interested and would love to try it out. Head over to LBL today! Make sure to make an appointment before heading over to secure your slots.



ood news to all my fellow readers and followers. You will be entitled to enjoy a BUY 1 FREE 1 session at the price of only RM88! Take these simple steps : You  have to screenshot a picture of my LBL blogpost and show it to them upon arrival and mention “Shannon reader” to enjoy this exclusive offer.

This could be a good deal for your family or friends birthday present. Moreover it can also be a pampering session for both you and your besties!

  • Thank you Violet for the wonderful service. 💕

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LBLLuxuryBeautyLounge/

Contact: +60 16-263 0402

Address: B-1-11 Plaza Arkadia no. 3, Jalan intisari Perdanan, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (10:30am-5pm)

* Operating hours may change depending on appointment made with client

Murad City Skin Duo| Beauty

Today’s generation, each of us will never leave behind one of our favourite item, our electronic devices. Do you know electric devices can harm our human body through many ways? Luckily, Murad has launched their new City Skin Duo which consist of City Skin Age Defense SPF 50 and City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer to help overcome these problems.

Murad was founded in 1989, it is a pioneering clinical skincare brand dedicated to encourage people to care for them self from the inside-out. They have a 30 years legacy of research and clinical testing as well as 19 unique patents. Murad provides a full range of product that suits for own personal use and for business services such as spa. Their products provides high performance which eventually got the trust of many household as well as business partners.

Do you know what is our largest organ? Our skin. It is also the one organ who would have the first contact with the world around us. By taking care of our skin with the right product, it can helps to keep our skin looking healthy and the organ can do it’s job longer and better.

Women these days aren’t the same as what they are like decades ago. People changes as time passes and so does their roles changes. Women these days work in different environments and eventually working and spending their time outdoor compare to the older generations. This will affect their skin from pollutions, radiations and other bacteria. These is where City Skin Duo comes in and take place in protecting the women skin.

City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA++++, RM298 (50ml)

We might not realize, but little by little in our everyday life, our skin has been damage by many different environmental aggressors that could cause our skin from aging. Few of the example would include the blue light from our digital devices, infrared radiation from our warming kitchen appliances such as stoves and microwaves, pollution from cars and factories and of course, UV rays from the sun.

Murad has develop their City Skin Age Defense SPF 50 to overcome and help to improve our skin by using multi-active 100% mineral sunscreen that offer a complete protection by shielding the skin from all the 5 factors that I mention above. In addition, the product contains formulas harnessing the power of antioxidant Vitamin C to help prevent and combat the effects of environmental aging.

  • There wasn’t any stickiness after applying and letting it dry for a few minutes.
  1. Shields against 89% of blue light from devices. (Tested)
  2. Protects from 96% of pollution. (Tested)
  3. Polymer Matrix acts like a breathable second skin.
  4. Lutein and Iron Oxide enhance broad spectrum protection, adding defense against blue light and infrared radiation.
  5. Safe for sensitive skin and fragrance free.

City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer, RM398 (50ml)

As I mention above, blue light from electronic devices and pollution could cause the speed of a person aging skin accelerate. This is where the City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer helps to breakthrough moisturizer that detoxifies the skin overnight from pollutants that have accumulated through out the day. The formula contains Marrunium Plant Stem-Cells to help neutralize pollutants and strengthen our skin barrier while you are asleep.

The Vitamin C that can be found in the moisturizer helps to tone and brighten up your skin to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The lightweight cream dissolved quickly into the skin leaving your skin hydrated and left with no greasy or oily stain behind. Not to forget, it also helps in combat and prevent the effects of environmental aging from your skin.

  • The packaging is easy to use as you would not have to worry of having excess cream by just pressing on the container once and a certain amount of cream would come out.

  • Speech were given by the Director of Deacon Medical Sdn. Bhd.


Murad City Skin Duo is now available at all Murad store nationwide. You can even get them from their website as well. ❤️

Enjoy 10% off City Skin Duo product by using this code “CITYSKIN” at their official website.

Website: https://www.murad.com.my

acebook: https://facebook.com/Murad.Malaysia/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/muradskincare/

Luxella.com | Beauty

Konichiwa! Sorry for being away for almost 2 weeks as I was on vacation at Japan. The weather there was really hot because Japan is currently having Summer season. Anyways back to the point, today I would like to introduce to you Luxella.com, a Japanese beauty brand.

Luxella.com was founded by a young entrepreneur name Kaylee Lim. The main purpose for her to start up this brand is to let the world to have access to high quality product that are made originally from Japan itself. They pick their formula and ingredients carefully by having to go through lots test on their product. They are certified by using organic ingredients and uses product from some of the best factories from Japan. Their product comes with the Ecocert icons which means organic certified, while unlike some products out there who claims to be natural but their ingredients contains a lot of chemicals. Luxella.com is a startup that was graduated from MaGIC’s ASEAN accelerator programme Cohort 3.

On August 1, Luxella.com has a private event for their official launch to introduce their Japanese Beauty Philosophy. In this event, the differences of Japan made products was highlighted. The event was held at QuadArt, it is an art gallery that comes with a rustic oriental setting. Luxella.com pampered their guests with a wide range of products to try and test on themselves, not only that, they even provide complimentary manicure service session by using their Ueba Esou Gofun nail polish. Luxella.com was honored to be able to invite media, brand partners as well as representatives from Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO).

Few of the main companies that Luxella.com is working with includes Ueba Esou, HerbEAU and Ecott Cosme. All these products can be purchase on Luxella.com. It was hand picked by the owner for their natural, high quality organic ingredients as well as their high manufacturing standards. It is a place where you can find Japanese drugstore brands at a more affordable price range with the latest and best selling brands in Japan’s cosmetic innovation.

There was a special guest which came all the way from Japan, Mika Tsuneyoshi. She is the representative of HerbEAU, a high quality organic skincare brand with cutting edge technology all the way from Nagasaki, Japan. She was invited to a panel session along with the founder of Luxella.com Kaylee Lim. Ms Tsuneyoshi shared her knowledge on the concept of organic clean beauty with all the invited guests, whereas Ms Kaylee gave an insight of her business and the Japanese beauty market platform.

  • Mika Tsuneyoshi

Do you know there are actually differences in both Japanese and Korean skincare products? Japanese skincare products focuses more on simple, natural and prefer in using organic ingredients to have a minimalistic approach. On the other hand, Korean skincare products focus on producing trendy product lines at a fast pace and include multi-step skincare routines by using a wide arsenal of products. Japanese believes that by using lesser steps in the daily routine with just a simple but powerful ingredients product will do.

Another special guest was Dr Bejit Ideas, PHD in BioChesmistry. He is also the Medical Director of MI Innovation Lab, Tokyo. We get to learn about his research on centenarian (which is more than 100 year old) skin of Japanese women. The ingredients that were use for the process of fermentation and extraction of anti-aging skincare is Biwa fruit. Biwa all in one gel from HerbEAU is in partnership with SSC Skin Clinic. It is the largest skin clinic that can be found in Nagasaki, Japan. They have an average of 300 patients a day as the product they uses are formulated to cater to the skin of their patients.

Why choose Luxella.com? They are the only platform that have access to some of the Japanese product from those companies that I mentioned above. Do you know there are a lot of Japanese product that you could not get your hands on them outside of Japan itself? Japanese business are very particular to who their product goes and sell to, it is because they want to ensure the same quality can be maintain before selling them and partnerships with sellers. It’s not a day or two to earn their trust, it could be a week, a month or even a year. So why not grab this opportunity to try out the Japanese products that can be purchase through Luxella.com?

In the official website, Luxella.com presented a well-made video that was produced in-house and everything that was shot. The video presentation featured the brand Ueba Esou at their headquarters located in Kyoto, Japan. With the visual aids provided, the brand’s philosophy and history was shown elaborately. A testing session was also prepared for the guests where they can tryout exclusive products for themselves which comes along a lucky draw and marked the end of the private launching.

Brand Details

Ueba Esou is the oldest paint company in Japan (from Kyoto). They use traditional ingredients and modern methods to make Gofun Nail Polish – a water based, natural nail polish that is free from odours and is water permeable. ‘Gofun’ is made from crushed scallop shells.

HerbEAU’s star product is an all-in-one Gel which is using a world first patented ingredient made from organic BIWA(Loquat). A product that is meant to replace toner, moisturiser or even serum. It is made from Biwa fruit in Nagasaki and has many healing properties. It was formulated by dermatologist & pharmacists from SSC (Shinohara Skincare Clinic) & French Biologist Dr Bejit Ideas(PHD in BioChemistry, Chemistry Nobel Prize 2003 nominee).

Ecott Cosme Organic has a wide range of products created with raw ingredients from 47 prefectures of Japan. Products are created with ingredients such as wasabi harvested from the Miyage prefecture to rose petals from Shimane. But the cleansing and foam products are the most unique – it gently cleanses and removes makeup in one step  – perfect for saving time. It is also safe to use this cleanser on lash extensions.

Website: https://luxella.com/

*Some of the picture are taken by their official photographer Cayden. All right reserved to their respectful owner.

Althea 2nd Birthday Products Review | Beauty

The long awaited unboxing is finally up! In my last Althea's 2nd birthday post, I mentioned that I would do a separate post for their activities as well as the products that I got from Althea. So, like most blog posts where usually both the activities during Althea Birthday last month along with the unboxing are included in one. I would prefer to do it separately. So without further a due, let me start showing you what I've got.

I got myself a total of 15 items 🙈. Aren't you curious what or how I can get 15 items with just RM150? Here are the items,

1. Witch Pouch Shadow For Eyes, RM10

I got myself SD-3 Venus Blue. Witch Pouch eye shadow comes in 5 different shades. Royal Golden Beam, Pink Of Moon, Venus Blue, Spring Connection and Glam Brown. Not what I expected, I was expecting the colour to be more vibrant, but after using twice. The colour is very light, suitable for beginners to start with. But this is my own opinion, for people who does not like dark colours, this might not be the best option for you.


  • Suitable for beginners as the price is reasonable.
  • The box provides step by step instructions on which colour to be used first at which area of your eyes.
  • The colour gives a hint of glitter on your eyes which makes your eyes sparkle.
  • Small and convenient to bring around in your purse/bag.
  • Inclusive shadow tip for users.
  • There are 5 different colours to choose from.


  • The colour is very light compared to what they have shown in the picture.

Overall Rating: 3/5

2. Apieu Sugar Melting Tint, RM18

I got myself OR01 Orange Cupcake. Apieu melting tint comes in 4 different colours. Apple Sorbet, Rose Macaron, Peach Pie and Orange Cupcake. One of my new favourite lip tint, it is something different from the usual tint. The colour is vibrant and it helps to moisturize your lips.


  • The colour is very vibrant.
  • It does not dry up your lips, instead it helps to moisturize your lips in secs!
  • Price is fairly reasonable.
  • Long lasting as the colour would stay on for few hours.


  • Does not have the twisting function. This product have to keep clicking for the lip tint to come out.
  • After clicking it out, unable to keep it in. (be sure not to click too much)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

3. Yet Clubpartra Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner, RM15

I got myself Real Black. It comes in either Real Black or Real Brown. My first time getting a gel liner which is in pencil type. I usually stick with the brush liner as it is simple and easy to use. But after trying it out a couple of time, it does have its own benefits compare to the brush, like you can slowly adjust at your eye areas without worrying you would mess it up. If it's Brush type, once the tip of the brush touches your skin, it will definitely leave a mark.


  • Very light compare to the previous brush liner I use.
  • Comes with a sharpener to sharpen your gel liner once it's bland.
  • Waterproof, which means say good bye to smudge eyeliner.
  • Can be used as eyeliner by blending it in right after applying.


  • If users doesn't close the cap properly, the creamy texture of the gel liner would fade and it will be rougher to draw.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

4. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack, RM3.50

I got myself Fruit Mix. All 5 different flavour has it's on benefits in improving different purpose. It comes in Fruit Mix, Herb, Honey, Milk and Peach. The packaging itself it's cute. For people like me who often having dry and crack lips, I was always told by my mum to apply lip balm 24/7. Luckily after I try out Pure Smile Fruit Mix. It really does helps in improving my lips condition. Extra bonus is I got to take funny pictures of me with the funny big lip. 👄


  • It moisturizes your lips instantly.
  • Convenient to bring around for traveling as we often get cracked lips when we travel around cold country.
  • It contains collagen, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil.


  • None for as far as I can think of.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

5. Secret Key Sweet Glam Two Tone Glow, RM27

I got myself 03. Juicy Orange. There are 3 colours to choose from Lollipop Pink, Chic Red and Juicy Orange. I love using 2 tone lipstick, it gives my lips a gradient effect. What I like about this product is you can use it for both a daily light make up look or a heavy dinner make up look just by playing with the colour. For a simple daily look, I just have to swipe once over my lips and poof, it's done. As for the dinner look, I just have to swipe it across my lip for 2-3 times, there you have a brighter and more vibrant colour.


  • A simple single lipstick that can give you a two tone gradient effect.
  • The shades would eventually moisturize your lips.
  • Can have different results depends on how many coating you use on your lips.
  • The price is fairly reasonable for a two tone lipstick compare to other brand.
  • It colour its very long lasting.


  • Even though it's long lasting but the colour would fades to a lighter colour after 4/5 hours depending on each individual.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

6. Yet Don't Worry Mask Sheet, RM2

I got myself 2 type this time, Oil Control and Wrinkles. 3 types to choose from which include Nutrition, Oil Control and Wrinkle. I am always on the hunt for masks from different brands, so I came across this and it's cheap! So I have to give it a try. To my surprise, this mask really helps to moisturize my face and gives me a better and brighter complexion the next day. So sometimes do not choose things based on the price but the quality. I try out the oil control mask and gave the wrinkles mask to let my mom and grandmother try, they really loved it too!


  • Really affordable price for everyone.
  • Cute packaging that is available to bring around for traveling.
  • Suitable for all ages.


  • I realize it always goes out of stock on Althea. 🙈

Overall Rating: 4/5

7. MisshaThe Style 4D Mascara, RM16

Got myself a new mascara because my previous one does not really suits me. After using a few times, I like how it give my lashes volume without any agglomeration (like a clump of black gelish liquid on your lashes). Most importantly it does not stick all your lashes together, it can helps to separate your lashes nicely. For a waterproof makeup, it's quite convenient as it is easy to remove with makeup remover.


  • Really affordable price for a mascara.
  • Does not clump your lashes.
  • It's waterproof, so it does not smudge easily.
  • After applying it gives off a natural look.


  • None

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

8. Pure SmileJuicy Point Pad, RM3.50

I got myself Lemon. For the Fruit selection there are five different fruit pack to choose from. Cucumber, Kiwi, Lemon, Orange and Strawberry. This point pad is like a mini mask that you can place it at a certain part of the area only. For example if you only want to apply it at some part of your face but do not want to waste the whole mask, this could be something you're looking for. Can be used on face, hand or even your leg. It contains 10 pieces per pack.


  • Easy to use and can apply at the specific areas.
  • Comes in a ziplock bag.
  • Comes in 10 pcs which you can use for a few times.


  • Does not smell like lemon, and it has an odour.

Overall Rating: 3/5

9. the SAEM Saemmul Real Tint, RM15

I got myself #1 Red. Few colours to choose from which includes Red, Orange and Pink. You must be thinking where is the real picture of the product. I apologize for the inconvenience, because while I was trying it out and bringing it along with me for about a week plus, some how I think it fell out from my bag somewhere. So.. 😭 I am so sorry, but I really love this product. It had a nice and sweet scent when you apply it on your lips. It lasts really long on my lips.


  • It has a sweet smell whenever you apply.
  • The colour is very vibrant.
  • Cute packaging with reasonable price.


  • For my lips, the result has a little uneven effect, my bottom lips looks more vibrant than the upper lips.

Overall Rating: 4/5

10. Tony MolyNew Delight Tony Tint, RM11

I got myself Cherry Pink. There are 3 colours to choose from which is Cherry Pink, Red and Orange Cha Cha. This would be another favourite of mine. It does have abit similarities with the previous tint in the sense of sweet smell and colour. What makes it special and different from others is you will not mess up the top of the lip tint. It comes with something that builds in inside the bottle which prevent excess liquid from the tint stick.


  • Vibrant colour that is long lasting.
  • Sweet scent when you apply on your lips.
  • Price is reasonable


  • For my lips, the result has a little uneven effect, my bottom lips looks more vibrant than the upper lips.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

11. Secret KeyTattoo Eye Brow Tint, RM20

I got myself 02. Cafe Mocha. The available colours are Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, Choco Frappuccino and Espresso. Love how the tint works as I only needed to apply twice a week on my brow. It can last up to 4-5 days for me. The colour would get lighter each day as I use makeup remover daily. This could really help to save lots of time by spending lesser time in drawing your brows everyday.


  • Tint can last up to 4/5 days depending on each individual.
  • Easy to use and save time in drawing your brows daily.
  • The colour looks natural on me.


  • None

Overall Rating: 4/5

Hope you enjoy reading this review. Please note that all the review are based on my own opinion, different individual might have different opinion on the item. Once again, thank you Tammy for giving me this opportunity to review the following items that I pick out myself. 💕

Althea Petal Velvet Powder | Review

I presume most of us owns a loose powder. Occasionally you might even have one in your purse or beg for touch up. I am also quite certain that if you are one of my frequent readers, you might already know Althea is famous for selling different brands of Korean beauty products. After the birth of Althea about 2 years back, they have finally decided to launch their very first product, Althea Petal Velvet Powder.

From the name itself, you might have a rough idea on how the packaging might looks like, what colour the packaging might be or even have a guess what is the main ingredient in it just by the name. Packaging? Hmm… most loose powder comes in either a big or small container, so it should be something similar as well. Unless it comes in a more creative way that you can spray your loose powder out of a spraying container. Haha gotcha! I am just kidding, let’s move on. Althea boxes are usually Pink, so most probably for their first ever product it will be pink as well. As for ingredients, most probably they have althea flower as one of their ingredients.


  • Tada! This is how the packaging really looks like.

Glad to be one of their pioneer to receive the product and use it. So why did they come out with Althea Petal Velvet Powder instead of any other cosmetics? In my own opinion, I think even though you’re a beginner or an expert in the makeup industry, your first impression and how you look is very important. You don’t want to turn up with flawless eyeliner, brow that is on point but your face looks oily and with make up that melts after a few hours. This is where Petal Velvet Powder comes in, this powder helps to sets your makeup as well as leaving your skin looking flawless. They infused Althea seeds oil to keep sebum production on bay without drying out your skin. This means a fresher, more radiant looking you!

  • What I received from Althea 💕 Their signature box along with tiny flowers and leaf, a slice of air dried orange and lime along with a cute plastic print out of @altheakorea Instagram account, how cute 🙈 Most importantly, Althea Petal Velvet Powder.

So do you know what the powder is made of? Powder + Pure Natural Ingredients = Non Chemical Product which is good for your skin 🌺 So WHY Petal Velvet Powder? Their Powder are made with micro-fine particles, which would make your pores visible 🎊 to invisible. (shrinks the pores) Let me summarize the benefits for you :

  • Makeup Setting & Long Wearing
  • Micro-fine Particles & Soft, Smooth Texture
  • Natural & Cruelty-Free Ingredients
  • Sebum Control & Pore Blurring

Do you know how does an Althea flower looks like?

  • Althea Flower

Why include Althea flower in the powder? You may be wondering why this flower apart from thousands of others, it is because the flower’s seeds consists full of antioxidants that can protect our human skin barrier from dehydration. What’s more? It invigorate the skin for a beautiful complexion.

How to apply?
Pick up product with a brush or puff provided and gently sweep onto skin


RM 16

My opinion ~
I really love the packaging, even though it only have their logo on, but it looks classy. Sometimes with too much design on it will looks quite messy. It is small and light, suitable to bring around as it can fits straight into your bag or purse. The scent of it, it has a light Althea flower smell. The smell wasn’t too heavy which I think it’s perfect. After using my the powder on my face I can really see the difference, my pores was minimize. Lastly would be their puff, it is so puffy and soft.

As for what I think they can improve would be the size of the packaging. Instead of only having one size, why not come out with a bigger size as well which is suitable to put at home. It will be easier to apply compare with the smaller size puff. Next, I think they should come out with a skin colour puff. After using just once, my puff from white turns brown. =( It was cause by the layer of foundation on my face before applying the powder. I think if there is skin colour, user wouldn’t realize it and will feel much more happier when using.

Thank you Althea for the product. Really love it. 💕 My final rating for this product would be 4/5. 🌟 You can purchase it from the link below.

Althea Website: http://my.althea.kr/petal-velvet-powder