AR Beauty by Divine | Beauty

Today I’ll be reviewing about AR Beauty premium skincare products. And here is the unboxing of a skin care set along with a revitalizing serum. The first impression for the packaging looks really luxurious and pretty.

About AR Beauty

AR Beauty is a homegrown brand that is born and bred in Malaysia. It was founded in 15 January 2018. It’s business is currently blooming in Indonesia and they are now expanding into Malaysia as well.


This premium skin care set consists of 4 products:

  1. Gentle Facial Cleanser by AR Beauty by Divine
  2. Gentle Facial Activator by AR Beauty by Divine
  3. Day Cream by AR Beauty by Divine
  4. Night Cream by AR Beauty by Divine

1. Gentle Facial Cleanser by AR Beauty by Divine

The packaging is small and easy to bring around especially during traveling. It’s very convenient and easy to use as you can just squeeze the the amount of your preference and use them.

Usage: Squeeze out a certain amount of facial cleanser and wash your face with lukewarm water. Warm water helps to clear the dirt out from your skin. After washing, use your towel and dab gently on your face, avoid rubbing as it may stretch your skin and lead to wrinkles.

Overall Ratings: 3.5 / 5

2. Gentle Facial Activator by AR Beauty by Divine

This is my very first facial activator that I own. Never had any in my skin care routine before. I was really excited to try it out! It’s very easy to use and felt very refreshing after usage.

Usage: Hold the product five to six inches away from your face and spritz. IMPORTANT! Let it sit for around a minute and blot off the excess with a tissue.

Overall Ratings: 4 / 5

3. Day Cream by AR Beauty by Divine

Nourish your skin with AR Beauty day cream. Keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Even though the colour formula may not look appealing, but it does the work.

Usage: Take pea size amount (recommend) or the amount to your liking. Rub it between your both hand and apply it on your face by massaging in circular motion. Remember to apply it on your neck in upward direction.


Overall Ratings: 3 / 5

4. Night Cream by AR Beauty by Divine

Before going to bed, your skin care routine definitely could not miss out night cream. It’s very smooth and easy to apply on.

Usage: Apply the night cream in gentle upwards strokes and circular motion by using your fingers. Avoid applying near your eye area. Remember to apply the night cream throughly around your neck as well. It is recommended to apply the night cream only 30 minutes before you go to bed.


Overall Ratings: 3.5 / 5

Last product that is separated from the set would be AR Beauty revitalizing serum. The product that I fell in love and highly recommend to my readers.

Revitalizing Serum by AR Beauty by Divine


The packaging looks equivalent with the products above but it looks totally different. The revitalizing serum is packed in a glass bottle. The products looks really luxurious and special as you can see below.

The product texture is really smooth and fine. The smell is really nice and pleasant. After using on my face, it does not feel sticky, instead it felt light and hydrated. This serum was also known to help reduce your acne just by dripping the serum on the acne spot and result can be seen after 3 days.

Usage: Apply tiny dots of serum all over your face. You can then blend it lightly all over your face. Remember to use short light but form strokes to apply the serum on your face.

Overall Ratings: 5 / 5

Here is a Before and After picture of me after using AR Beauty for just 3 days.

Thank you AR Beauty for giving me this opportunity to explore and review a new product that is originally from Malaysia. 🇲🇾 💕



Contact: or

Tokuya | Lifestyle

Have you every heard of the 100 yen shop? Yup, this is one of the Japanese famous shop that people would love to shop in. They basically provide a wide range of products which ranges from kitchen utensils, stationeries, gardening, basic daily products and many more. You just have to name it and you might find it there. A place where everyone could shop in.


TOKUYA was previously known as the 100 yen shop. It might sounds familiar to you as it has been there for quite a number of years. It was previously located right next door from Plaza Mont Kiara. It is known to be famous because of the reasonable pricing that were price as low as RM5.80. They price of the items depends on the product and it’s quality. You can find both normal and premium quality products at TOKUYA.

Product Range

You can see the shop arranges product according to its genre. For example, the items that are made by wood would all be place at a section of rack. It can be easily observe and view as customers can find their items easily as well.

Japanese kitchen ware can be found near the entrance. It’s available in both plastic and ceramic products can be found placing side by side of each rack.

Kitchen utensil can also be find at the next section of the shops. They have many cute utensils that are so adorable that you might not bare to use it even after buying. It’s a good way to do a collection as well.

Next, there are many cleaning tools for toilet as well. It would be simple and easy to get one for your bathroom and replace them anytime when it’s warn out because of their reasonable pricing.

One of women favourite section would definitely be beauty section. They have everything you need from eyeshadow, mascara, brushes, eyelashes and many more.

  • Checking out their blusher as it looks really elegant with a flower shape deco.

Another highlight in the shop would definitely be boxes. I find many people would get at least one box of this multi size box that are available for customers to pick from.

Design of the Shop


  • Really spacious and wouldn’t have to afraid that it would be really pack and squishy during peak hours.


What I Got?

I basically spend almost 2 hours choosing and picking from all the choices that TOKUYA provides. The items that I purchase include boxes, kitchen utensils, toiletries and many more. All items that are bought are below RM10. There are practically more than 20,000 range of products to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Head there today and prepare to shop till you drop. 🙈

Thank you Jonathan for the invitation. It was really a day well spend at TOKUYA. What more could a girl ask besides shopping?

Address: LG1-06 & 07, Arcoris Plaza Mont’ Kiara, Jalan Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (10am-10pm)

Contact: 03-6411 2082




Harriston Chocolate | Food

Valentines is around the corner. The famous gift that couple uses to gift and receive from one another is CHOCOLATE! 🍫 I was glad to have the opportunity to visit Harriston Chocolate at Taman Shamelin Perkasa. What’s more interesting is that I got to make my own chocolate at their DIY Workshop. The place is very easy to be spotted. If you found yourself looking at a building cover with beautiful art of cocoa tree, you know you’re at the right place.

About Harriston Harriston is a brand that is born and breed in Malaysia. It was established by a group of talented and dedicated chocolate makers who owns Harriston Artisan, Harriston Boutique and Harriston Signature. Harriston is founded in 2005 by S.C. Teng, a man who spend his childhood till now loving chocolate and envisaged a world famous chocolate emporium in Malaysia. Do you know? Now Harriston is one of the largest homegrown chocolate makers who have served over more then 4 million customers from over 80 different countries around the world. What’s more? It also own 5 flagship store around Malaysia which include KualaLumpur, Penang and Pahang.

Store TourUpon arrival we were brought and told about the history and achievements of Harriston. Here are the achievements achieved by them.

2016Best Choice Recognition 2016 by Malaysian Inbound Tourism Association (MITA) 2017

  • Gold Award Tourism Boutique Outlet 2017 by Malaysia Tourism Council
  • Sin Chew Business Excellences Award 2017 by Sin Chew Daily

We were then told and explain how chocolate was made. It was interesting to me, looking at the pictures and knowing how it was made, which is something new to me. Since young I’ve been in love with chocolate and eating them but never did I know the process of how it was made step by step.

There are basically 3 types of chocolate which usually come across. That would be Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. There were also many fun facts that were shown to us by Mr Shahrel. He is one of the friendly staff that show us around throughout our whole visit.

The chocolate that Harriston uses to produce their chocolate is none other than 100% pure cocoa butter and ingredients that have gone through special selections in adherence to ISO 9001, HALAL certificate requirements. In addition, rigorous quality control and international hygiene standards have been follow to ensure the freshness, quality and variety can be found in all of their outlets.

As many of you know, one of Malaysia most popular fruit which is Durian, can be found in store. It is because Harriston provide more than 300 variety of choices to choose from. There are mixture of dark and white chocolate, to one of the classic flavour tiramisu to exotic fruits and herb flavour which you might not be able to find elsewhere. Such as Tongkat Ali chocolate and like I mention above, Durian chocolate. In order to serve all of their customers, they even have sugar-free chocolate for health conscious people.

You can visit Harriston anytime. There are many testers to taste all their unique flavours. Just walk to each section and their friendly staff would walk up to you with their sample. I am quite sure you have never tried curry or even chili 🌶 chocolate. I was really surprise when I heard and tried out those flavours. You can feel the curry taste in your mouth or even that hint of spicyness after swallowing the chili chocolate.

  • Valentines Chocolate Packaging 💕

  • Chinese New Year Chocolate Packaging 🍊

After having so many chocolate to taste, we couldn’t forget about beverages! They serve really tasty chocolate drink that would make you crave for more after having just one cup. You can taste the richeness of the chocolate all in one cup.

DIY WorkshopHarriston provides diy workshop for anyone who is interested in making their own personalized chocolate. They provided each of us certain materials and mold. Demo and instructions will be given by one of the friendly staff. The directions are very straight forward and clear. It’s really fun as it was my first time making my own chocolate.

The workshop is open to public for ages above 3 years old. The diy session would be hands on work which would also depends on your own creativity. Each session would be around an hour long and would cost only RM35. It would be something meaningful to bring home with. A memory that you can keep and bring along the art that you created.

  • This are the materials given

  • In the process of making my own hands on chocolate.

  • My masterpiece 😂 I tried, it’s not as easy as the demo, needs a lot of controlling and patience.

Overall it was a really great experience and I really had fun during the diy workshop along with exploring lots of new flavours of chocolate. Here’s a groupie!



10 & 12, Jalan 13/91,

Taman Shamelin Perkasa,

Jalan Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur,


Phone: +603 9281 5122 / +603 9282 5122


Pusat Perlancongan Malaysia (MATIC)

139 Jalan Ampang,

50450 Kuala Lumpur,


Tel: +603 2162 2008 / +603 2162 4008


Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highland

1 & 2, Jalan Jati 1,

Bandar Gohtong Jaya,

69000 Genting Highland,


Tel: +603-6100 2010


68, Jalan Kelawei, 10250,

Georgetown, Penang,


Tel: +604 226 1626 / +604 226 2306


20-D, Jalan Bagan Jermal,

10250 Penang,


Tel: +604 226 7010

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (9am-6pm)

Monday – Sunday (9am-8pm) [Harriston Boutique, Jalan Ampang]

Gold Sparkling Box (Althea) | Beauty

Last December, I was lucky to be chosen to review one of Althea’s beauty box. Althea is a platform where you can purchase korean beauty products. There are many items which are only sold in Korea and can not be found here in Malaysia. Good news is Althea is where you can purchase your favourite korean beauty products.

Althea Box

This is the second Althea box that I’ll be reviewing. You can look back at my previous Althea box review here. Althea Beauty Box contains different cosmetic brands all in one box. Each month they will come up 2-3 beauty box just for you. Each boxes usually contains 6-12 pieces of products depending on their theme. All of their beauty boxes usually comes up to RM300-RM600+, but they only sell them at barely RM100+!! So better get your hands on one of your favourite beauty boxes before they are fully sold out.

Golden Sparkling Box #38

During the Christmas season, Althea decided to launch 3 holiday edition beauty boxes. The 3 boxes are none other than Gold Sparkling Box, Red Sparkling Box and Black Sparkling Box. I was really excited when I received the products, it was mind blowing as I’m a beauty lover which makes me excited every time I explore a beauty box. Not to mention, especially makeup products.

The Gold Sparkling Box consist of 6 products which include:

  1. Chica-Y-Chico, One Shot Eye Palette (Day Drink & Wine Burgundy)
  2. Leaguertox, Gold Foil Seethrough Illumination Mask (1 sheet)
  3. Petitfee, Gold & EGF Eye Spot Patch
  4. Onsaemeein, Lumiere Gold Daily Cream (50ml)
  5. Nakeup Face, C-cup Lip Tox-tick (#03 Stealer)
  6. Missha, Gold Snow Line Skincare Sample Kit

So now I’ll introduce the products one by one and give each of the products my own opinion. Some of the swatches and colour may vary depending on different skin tone.

1. CHICA-Y-CHICO, One Shot Eye Palette (Day Drink & Wine Burgundy) RM47 each

Day Drink

This palette consists of 6 different shade which is suitable for daily makeup look. The colour have a mixture of both matte and shimmer which makes it a great palette to work with.


I did two looks with Day Drink palette. The first look is a really simple look which can suits any casual wear your wearing. As for the second look is a more intense look for night events or even dinner.

  • #look 1, basic look

• #look 2, event / dinner look

Wine Burgundy

Same as the previous palette, it consists of 6 different shadows. This palette would be suitable for people who likes to step out of usual nude colours and try out a hint of reddish look.


This palette can create quite a number of different look depends on how you mix and match it. I did a sample of 2 looks, a look which can be use as everyday look if you like to be different and stand out from others and another look which is suitable for party, events, functions and many more.

  • #look 1, basic look

look 2, a darker and brighter shade

My Opinion

Overall the product is great as it’s very light and thin which could easily slide into my purse and handbag. I love both the palette as each palette contains different colours for different occasions. I prefer the shimmer colours compare to the matte finish as I find that the shimmer shadows are more pigmented. The matte shadows has a powder finish which can be quite chunky at some point. I would recommend for beginners that doesn’t own a palette to try it out as it is something suitable to start of with and create many looks with both the palette.

Overall Rating: 4 / 5

2. LEAGUERTOX, Gold Foil Seethrough Illumination Mask (1 Sheet) RM4

Leaguertox, Gold Foil Seethrough Illumination Mask contains 2 items in per sheet. Each mask sheet contains Korean medical aesthetic ingredients to enhance your skin to become brighter, clearer and moisturized. Besides that, dropped cells can be found in each sheet of mask to reduce wrinkles of each individual. The 2 items that can be found in each packets are internsive spot care (Tox Spot) and clear & transparent skin care (Gold Foil Mask).


1. After cleansing your face, apply your toner. You can peel of the packet which label step 1 and attach the water spot on your desired area. Recommended on apple zone, c zone and smile line. It helps in to keep your skin clean and clear.

  • I use it on my apple zone and smile line. (I just realize I should have put the opposite side of the patch for smile line. Opps…)

2. Remove the mask from the packet which label step 2 and apply it evenly onto your face. You can remove the mask after 15-20 minutes and softly dab the remaining contents on your face for further absorption. The mask contains thermal reflection which helps in improving blood circulation.

The next day after usage, my skin felt more soft and moisture. The mask has a great scent as well. Would love to repurchase this mask in the future.

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5

3. PETITFEE, Gold & EGF Eye Spot Patch RM25

Petitfee, Gold & EGF Eye Spot Patch is a hydrogel patch to apply on you face around your eye area. Why the name Gold and EGF? The first main ingredient is gold, it was proven to helps in anti-inflammatory and rejuvenate your skin. Not only that, Gold is also an anti-aging ingredient. As for EGF, it is a age prevention ingredient that would repair wound and support in cell renewal.

The texture of the patches are very starchy and gel like. Each piece is very shiny as it contains tiny bits of gold in it. As you can see from the picture below.

You can apply under your eye, smile line or any other spots of your preference.

It felt a beat warm after applying on my face. But after a few moment the warmness slowly fades away.

My Opinion

I have tried many different patches previously and I find this is by far the best I have tried. It does not feel uncomfortable during application. I can do my own works while applying it. It’s really convenient and easy to use.

Overall Rating: 4 / 5

4. ONSAEMEEIN, Lumiere Gold Daily Cream (50ml) RM40

Inside every product of Onsaemeein, Lumiere Gold Daily Cream, it contains propolis extracts and 24k pure gold to helps in brightening up the skin and anti-aging. The 2 main ingredient in the product is propolis extract and gold. Propolis extract is honey made by the bee. It contains a mixture of sap, pollen and wax. This ingredient helps to clean this toxic substances and protect as well as soothe the skin.

As you can see from the image above, gold can be found in the Lumiere Gold Daily Cream. It helps to extract waste from the body. The gold in protecting the skin and soothe them.

  • A before and after picture after applying Lumiere Gold Daily Cream.


My Opinion

I was pretty excited to test this product as it was my first product that contains gold. Sounds nice yea? It texture is thick and smells really good. Just the right amount of scent, not too strong neither was it too light. It’s perfect for my skin condition as I have dry skin. I just dislike the after application process as the product felt sticky on my face.

Overall Rating: 3.5 / 5

5. NAKEUP FACE, C-Cup Lip Tox-tick (#03 Stealer) RM58

If your looking for a luxurious looking lipstick, this is it. A coral shade that would suits every occasion, isn’t it a must? It’s pigmented and have a shiny velvet finishing. It claims to last up to 27 hours which is really suitable for people who have a really busy schedule daily. This is all you need as it has all 5 function in 1 lipstick which includes lip balm, lip plumper, lipstick, liptint and lip treatment.


Cacao seeds butter, rose oil and other nourishing ingredients is in Nakeup Face, C-cup Lip Tox-tick for a smooth and moisturizing finish.

My Opinion

First of all, the packaging caught my attention. I love anything’s that is sparkly, be it the packaging or a product. Besides that, the colour is really pretty and could suits my everyday look. It’s very pigmented and moisturize. After wearing a whole day, it does not feel dry as well.

Overall Rating: 5 / 5

6. MISSHA, Gold Snow Line Skincare Sample Kit

A sample pack to try out Missha, Gold Snow Line Skincare. This product helps to fills in the strong gold energy to inner skin. The sample kit comes with 4 products which includes toner, emulsion, essence and cream.

  • Gold Snow Toner

A moisture gel toner that can penetrate deep into the layers of your skin.

  • Gold Snow Emulsion

Helps to hydrate and hydrated plumps the skin.

  • Gold Snow Essence

A nourishing enriched essence for firmer skin.

  • Gold Snow Cream

A luxurious cream to seal and moisturized your skin for all day long.

  • A before and after picture after applying Missha, Gold Snow Line Skincare.

My Opinion

It feels really refreshing after apply on. It does not feel sticky at all. It felt really light as if I did not apply anything on. I would recommend this to my readers. 💕

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5

Finally, this ends my review for Althea Gold Sparkling Box. It’s always fun and interesting to explore new products. Even though the Gold Sparkling Box is already sold out, you can still purchase them individually. I have already insert the link for the products on each title. Thank you Althea and The Butterfly Project for giving me this opportunity to review this breath taking box.

Althea Website:

lden Sparkling Box:

*All comments above are based on my own individual opinion. Different people might have different point of view to them.

A:Concept – Make Your Concept Black Set | Beauty

I am excited to share with you my review of A:Concept, Make Your Concept Black Set. This product comes in a beautiful packaging (as you can see above) which would be really suitable to give it as a birthday or special occasion gift. This Make Your Concept Black Set contains 4 items: All in One Brightening A:Cushion, All in One Brightening A:Cushion Refill, Everything in A:Coral Lip & Cheek and A:Red Orange Lipstick.

Just this box alone could give a person an easy way to have a simple and basic daily makeup look. Incase your handbag only have a space for one makeup product, this would be all you need. Continue reading and you would find out why.

A : Concept

A:Concept is a Korean cosmetic brand which was established since 2013. The product that the brand produce are in a way which make the product looks trendy, stylish, unique and has an all in one cosmetic concept which makes it easier for user to carry it with them everywhere. The name has a meaning behind it, which means the one and only cosmetic concept just for YOU!

1. All in One Brightening A:Cushion

All in One Brightening A:Cushion comes in 2 shades which includes shade #21 Light Beige and shade #23 Natural Beige. The foundation can be found in a chic black casing along with the brand unique logo printed on the front of the casing.

It’s foundation has a brightening effect which makes your skin looks brighter and fairer. One of the many benefits of this cushion includes UV protection (SPF35, PA++). Not only that, it also has good coverage to cover up wrinkles for all ages. The coverage can be built up layer by later as the formula that was use in the cushion is light and thin.

What makes it stands out from other brand is this foundation allows you to slide in a lip product from A:Concept. I find it really convenient as you can have both your foundation and lipstick all in a casing. You would not have to worry of having a hard time finding and going to toilet just to apply your lipstick as it comes with a built-in mirror.

My Opinion


  • Really convenient as I could work with this product to make a simple and easy daily look.
  • Classic black which suits all occasion.
  • Really suits me as I find it helps to cover up some of my veins on my face as you can observe from the picture below. (FYI I have really thin skin which makes my vein look visible)
  • Helps brighten up my skin which makes my skin looks more hydrated and alive.


  • I find it a bit bulky compare to the compact foundation that I have which is much slimmer.
  • It is quite risky to push the lipstick in and out. As I brought it overseas, the lipstick broke and got stuck inside. 🙁 ( I am partly at fault as well as I put my makeup pouch in the luggage )

Overall Rating: 4 / 5

2. All in One Brightening A:Cushion Refill

A:Concept Make Your Concept Black Set comes with a cushion refill. The packaging of the Refill is just like any other refill which comes in a plastic wrap around it as shown on the picture above. It is really light and you could fit it anywhere in your bag, backpack and luggage when you know your current foundation is about to finish.

Overall Packaging Look Rating: 3 / 5

3. Everything in A:Coral Lip & Cheek

Everything in A:Coral Lip & Cheek is a 2 in 1 product. What do I mean by 2 in 1? It can be use as both lipstick as well as a blush on your cheek. Coral colour is a steady and suitable colour for most Asian women. As I mention above, this product can be use either as a individual like a usual lipstick or you can take of the front cap and insert the product into the All in One Brightening A:Cushion.


Lip – You can either apply using your finger or lip brush. To give it a more silky and smooth look, you can apply with your finger tip by tapping on the lip and blend it.

Cheek – Apply on your finger and lightly dap on your cheek and blend it throughly.

  • Using Everything in A:Coral Lip & Cheek on my lip and cheek. ❤️

My Opinion


  • It is really moist and does not feel dry after apply on the lips.
  • Really easy to apply on the cheek as well.
  • Small and slim.
  • Light and convenient.


  • None

If you’re someone adventurous like I am. I did try it out as an eyeshadow and try blending it on my eyelids. It’s very easy and moist, I find it goes really well as well. Feel free to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

  • Trying out Everything in A:Coral Lip & Cheek on my eyelid.

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5

5. A:Red Orange Lipstick

A:Red Orange Lipstick is one of my favourite among this Make Your Concept Black Set. I love colour that is bright and stands out. Even though if you are using nude colour around your whole face, just a single touch of A:Red Orange Lipstick, your whole face would instantly glow and brightens up. This lipstick comes with a velvet matte finishing. Same as the above lip product, this can also be insert into All in One Brightening A:Cushion.


Lip – Can apply either straight on the lips, use a lip brush or finger.

  • Using A:Red Orange Lipstick on lip. ( I tried to apply it on my cheek as well, but it has a matte finishing so it’s really hard to blend. Do not recommend to use it on your cheek as it is originally for lip only. )

My Opinion


  • The colour really stands out.
  • Feels really light as if your not applying anything on the lips.
  • Light and convenient to bring around.


  • Really dry and hard to apply on, especially for me as I often have dry lips.

Overall Rating: 3 / 5

Swatches Thank you The Butterfly Project and Althea for giving me this opportunity to review A:Concept, Make Your Concept Black Set. It is always fun to discover new products and brands. 💕

Althea Website:

A:Concept Products:

A:Concept, Make Your Concept Black Set:

Hornbill Restaurant & Cafe | Food

Planning to have lunch at somewhere unique this weekend? This is not your usual restaurant where you just have your meal and head out when you are done. This is Hornbill Restaurant located at Kuala Lumpur. What makes it stand out from the other places is you get to enjoy your meal along with beautiful birds such as the Hornbill. It is a rare experience to have lunch or dinner with birds chilling right beside of you.

  • Be sure to watch out for your food, because they might steal your food 😂

The restaurant serves a variety of mouth watering foods. All of them are sold at affordable prices and it tastes ‘wildly’ amazing! They provide both outdoor (suitable for bird watching and environment lover) and indoor (people who prefer a cooler place to dine in) atmospheres.

Here are some of their Asian Delights that are very popular from this restaurant. If you are an explorer or a tourist planning to visit Malaysia, be sure to drop by and have a bite of Malaysia’s favorite dishes.

Asian Delight

  • Malaysia Chicken Curry, RM19.10

Spicy Chicken Curry served with a plate of steam white rice and papadam.

  • Fried Mee Mamak Style, RM17.90

Stirred fried yellow mee with beancurd, eggs, chickens, seafood and potatoes in tomato & dark soy sauce.

  • Penang Char Kuey Teow, RM16.90

Stirred fried kuey teow with chickens, prawns, eggs, bean sprouts and chives.

  • Sarawak Laksa, RM19.90

Rice vermicelli served in coconut curry broth with shredded chickens, prawns, fresh coriander, beansprout, lime and homemade belachan chili on the side.

  • Nasi Dagang, RM19.90

Glutinous reddish brown speckled rice served with tuna fish curry and sliced vegetables.

International Favorites

  • Chicken Chop, RM29.90

Grilled chicken chip served with black pepper sauce, sautéed vegetables and wedges.

Pasta Special

  • Aglio Olio, RM25.90

Classic spaghetti cooked in aglio olio style. You can choose from seafood RM25.90, beef bacon / chicken RM23.90 or vegetarian RM20.90.

Side Order

  • Pisang Goreng, RM5.90

It can either be eaten with or without honey. I personally prefer with the honey.

  • Keropok Lekor, RM5.90

One of my favorite! It goes really well with the chili. ❤️

Overall the food was really delicious. All the pictures as seen above are original as well as the portion served. Not to mention they also have a wide array of drink selections to sip in.

  • Got myself a cup of fresh watermelon juice.

If you are an Instagrammer and always looking for places to take a beautiful greenery picture filled with ‘flora and fauna’ then this can be one of the places to add into your list. There might be monkeys there which, of course, are curious to visit you.

Once again, thank you FoodiLIFEcious for the invitation. I really enjoyed myself especially the tasty food served and comfortable environment! 😋

Address: 920, Jalan Cenderawasih,

Perdana Botanical Gardens,

50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (9am-8pm)

Contact: 03-26938086

Beauté Library | Beauty

To most people, facial treatment is their weekly or even monthly routine. As for me, it was my very first experience at Beauté Library. There is a total of 7 branches around Malaysia, I visited one of their flagship store which is located in Desa ParkCity. I tried out their Beauté Floral Essential Collagen Facial Treatment, RM880.

Beauté Library

A premium beauty brand which was first introduced to Malaysia on the year 2011. In here, Beauté Library provides services for holistic lifestyle and beauty lovers. Customers who comes to use these services are served by passionate people who aims to embrace their customers personal beauty along with wellness goals. But here’s the catch, Beauté Library has their own range of products that has been formulated and manufactured in France specifically, for Asian skins. Other than professional beauty treatments and weight-loss programs, premium services and products offered are specially customized to suit each customer needs and it is available for both men and women. Currently, there are 7 lifestyle outlets which are in Klang Valley in Midvalley City, Desa Park City, USJ Taipan, Puchong, Kota Damansara, Cheras Mahkota and MyTOWN.

My Experience

Upon arrival, I found the place looking really luxurious and clean, and I was glad to have my first facial experience with Beauté Library. The staff there were really friendly and I was assisted in a consultation room to fill in my personal details and my daily skincare routine steps. I was told to have dry skin especially on my T zone.

Next, I was led to a private room where I changed my clothes and have my facial done. The place is small and cozy, beside the bed is a button for customers incase of the need of assistance.

The steps of the facial is like as stated below,

  1. Double Cleansing
  2. Pineapple Scrub
  3. Extraction
  4. Antiseptic Mint Hydromask
  5. Lavender Shoulder Massage
  6. Rose Collagen Essence
  7. Face Massage
  8. Floral Mask

I really enjoyed myself and I practically dozed off half way through the facial, it smells really good and it felt completely comfortable.

  • Here is a picture of me after going through the facial treatment. My face feels more softer and hydrated compared to when I first walked in.

Overall it was a great experience. I really loved their environment as it makes me feel like home.

Beauté Library also provides other services such as body treatments, hair removal, bust enhancement, reshaping as well as premium spa experience. All their services are provided using industry leading technology so that customers could enjoy the best out of it.

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Contact: +60-327120448

Address: G-G-3a, Plaza Arcadia, Jalan Intisari, Desa ParkCity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur