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I’m back! With yet another exciting news! One of Korea’s 2018 Hottest Brand – Swanicoco has brought to us something new last month. 😱 So so glad to be the first few to review it and it’s all thanks to 50Gram. Yes, one of the famous online florist in Malaysia. 🇲🇾 Curious about how the packaging and quality pay off? Scroll down your phone and mouse for the curiosity tsk tsk…


Their journey started off just by creating natural fermented soaps. Each soap were made with the best medical herbs which went through boiling and fermentation. From there on, they slowly expanded their product range and it is now one of Korea top cosmetics company that sells natural products. The company upholds their motto which is “Work hard to create natural cosmetics for everyone”.


Swanicoco Show The Velvet Lipstick Black Edition (Limited Edition), RM 88.85

So now, let me introduce to you Swanicoco Limited Edition, Juliet Red. 50Gram is the first to bring this product into Malaysia. Do take note that there are limited quantities, what makes it more special is that once it’s sold out on 50Gram, then it’s gone for good. So what makes it so special from the other lipsticks? 💄

Firstly would be the packaging, it’s matte finish packaging it’s really nice to carry around as I myself really like my things matte. Whereas the design point, I would say I give it a plus point for the twist lock cap. It gives me an assurance of bringing it overseas and never have to be afraid that the cap may come off. It happened twice with my other lipstick, which was really unfortunate as I have to discard them since it’s completely ruin.

Twist lock cap

Now, let’s talk a little about the texture of the product shall we? At first sight, I wasn’t expecting much from the usual lipstick. I swallowed back my words after I glide it on my hand for swatches. It’s texture is really creamy and does not feel dry. One of the reason is because the highlight of this lipstick is that it uses carnauba wax and natural oil which gives out moisture, long lasting and softening effects. The colour is really vibrant as well, really suitable for night events or performance. There’s a hint of orange in the firer red.

  • The colour looks more vibrant in real life than it is shown in the picture above

As a matter of fact, if you are not really into vibrant colour. You can actually glide it on your hand first, then slowly dab them on your lips. 👄 It gives a softer look and could instantly brighten up your face.

  • Just an everyday look with minimal makeup, the lipstick would goes well with any outfit. Red never goes wrong ❤️ (trying to fling my hair, but kinda fail 🙈)

All the ingredients contained in the lipstick are natural ingredients. As they maintain high standard quality products to serve their customers. Which of course includes ingredients such as Korean medical herbs 🌿, fruits 🍎, vegetables 🌽 and grains. Throughout the process, purified water was not used as they prefer fermented extract in 80% of their cosmetics.

Swanicoco only uses Korean natural herbs or ingredients that are certified from both United States and Australia. This explains why ingredients such as chemicals preservation, dyes and artificial fragrances are absent in any of their products.

  • The amount of product that you’ll be getting is as above. Considering the product is long lasting, the lipstick alone could last you for quite an amount of time

My Opinion

Overall this product is something I would buy. There are actually two more shades that 50Gram had not bring in, but I’m sure it’ll be at Malaysia’s doorstep in no time. Would I repurchase it? Yes I would. The twist lock cap and the texture is one of my favourite part about the lipstick. 💄 Somehow the finishing looks like matte but then when I’m wearing it on my lips, it still feels hydrated throughout the day. Another plus point is, I do not have to re-apply the lipstick as it’s quite long lasting. But it’s definitely not smudge proof, it does stain my cup or straw, but it’s very minimal compared to other lipsticks.

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5

For further details or purchases, you can visit the link below:

Website: http://www.50gram.com.my/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/50grammalaysia/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/50gram.com.my/?hl=en

Product link (Juliet Red): https://50gram.com.my/product/swnccstvljr/


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