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Back with another product that every girl will definitely use, MASK ! Some of you might have heard and use ID.AZ sheet mask, but they just recently launched their new Clay Mask. There are a total of 4 different functions of clay mask to choose from, continue reading to find out more about it.

About ID

ID Hospital also known as ID ABC. The meaning behind the rhyme letter is Asian Beauty Center. It is a global cosmetic plastic surgery center located in Korea. So what does their hospital focus on? There are many things you can undergo in ID Hospital as they provide services for Orthognathic Surgery, Facial Contouring, Eyes & Nose Surgery, Breast Surgery, Anti-aging Lifting as well as Anesthesiology Pain Management. They are not only experts in these fields but also have a team of professionals to work on cosmetics. After 18 years of studies and research, Idplacosmetics was born. It have learned and solved more than 60,000 concern of people regarding beauty.


ID.AZ why do they include AZ in the product name? There is always meaning behind every word. It means encompassing everything from the starting, like the letter A all the way till the end, like the letter Z. I guess I have explained everything about their company as of now, so it’s time to talk about their newly launch products.


*picture taken from google, credits to owner.

Sheet Mask

ID.AZ previously came out with their very own sheet mask which comes in three different packaging. It includes Gold-Fit Mask, Water-Fit Mask and Bright-Fit Mask. Gold Mask have the nutrition function because it contains 99% real gold which also give you a luxurious experience. (RM19.90 each) Next, their Water Mask is a skinny fit mask which contains hydrolyzed collagen that delivers deep moisture to the skin. (RM12.90 each) Lastly would be Bright Mask, the word bright already indicates it has brightening effect onto the skin after using. (RM12.90 each)

Clay Mask

Time for today’s highlight ✨ ID.AZ recently added four new products into their mask collection. This time instead of sheet mask, we’re looking at a more environmentally friendly product which is clay mask. It comes in four different functionality to suit different skin type, not to mention indifferent colours as well. 💛💕💚🖤


The yellow 💛 one belongs to BRIGHTENING. It helps to brighten up your skin and makes it feel more alive. (vitalizing & tone up) Usually, I apply it mostly on my forehead as I have uneven skin tone. Maybe it’s due to having a high forehead and I’m always outdoor which means exposing my forehead to the sun. ☀️ Out of all the four products, this is my least favourite. I don’t know how to describe the smell but you will get what I mean after trying it out. If you don’t mind the smell and only look at its function, then this will work well for you.

Key Ingredient > Amazonian White Clay + Calamine + Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Glucoside)


The pink 💕 helps in HYDRATING. It can keep your skin hydrated all day and energized. (moisturizing & soothing) This is one of my favourite among all as I have a really dry skin. I could apply it all over my face and let the magic works. Another plus point is because it has the best scent among the four. The vibrant pink gives it a nice colour for picture purposes too, especially when your having a sleepover party. One tube can share among all your friends and family.

Key Ingredient > Moroccan Lava Clay + Calamine + Calamine + Pomegranate


The picture does not looks like it but it’s actually green 💚 in colour, OIL CONTROL. This helps to balance the skin oil which will give you a fresher looking complexion. I tried this for a few time now and it does work for me. I only apply it on my nose area, it works well for me throughout the whole day as it isn’t as oily as it was previously. As for the smell, it’s neutral.

Key Ingredient > Canadian Glacier Clay + Calamine + Avocado


Here comes the grey 🖤 tube, it’s PORE CLEAN. I am sure most of us have pore issue, all the black heads and so. The benefits is it can provide soothing effects for both normal and sensitive skin while cleansing. Not only that, it also helps to exfoliate skin and tighten your pores. The scent is neutral so for people who does not like strong scent, it will work great for you. Use it before your makeup routine, it helps to tighten up the pore which means after applying foundation your skin would look flawless. Do take note to use it regularly or the result may vary.

Key Ingredient > Hawaiian Sea Silt Fermented Clay + AHA/BHA + Charcoal


Spread liberal amount on skin and let dry for 5 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water and remove all residue. Use once or twice per week.

*not more than 5 minutes! 🚨




  • One tube can have a longer period of usage compare to a sheet mask.
  • Apply only on necessary/desired area.
  • Convenient to bring around and share with friends and family. (Instead of bringing >1 packets of mask sheet)
  • It tightens up once it dries up, gives your skin a slight firmness.
  • Disadvantages
    • It’s not as hydrating as sheet mask.
      Takes time to apply and remove, I find the washing off part takes quite a bit of my time as compare to just peeling off a sheet mask.


    • Favourite combination, hydrating & oil control.
    • Combination of brightening & pore clean

    Overall I would recommend the hydrating clay mask and oil control mask as I find it works really well on me. Another plus point would be environmental friendly products so I would love to share them with my family.

    Thank you The Butterfly Project for giving me this opportunity to review this products.

    *Price may vary depending on the ongoing promotion by Watson’s. Product is exclusively distributed only by Watson’s.

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