Bare Essentials by Althea | Beauty

Rumours has been spreading around for a few weeks that a new product is launching that comes familiar to many. Remember I was one of the lucky one to review Althea’s first ever product? If you have not read it, be sure to check it out here after this.

Althea has done it again and surprised us with a new line of product, skin care. I believe if you are into beauty products, finding a suitable skin care products that fits you is something really important. So why not check their new range of skin care products?

Before that, continue reading to find out more about it. There are a total of 3 items and each item that were launched are all important for everyday skincare routine. Have you guessed what are these products? Wait no further, its about time to discover the secret.

The three products are,

  1. ALTHEA, Contour Cleanser
  2. ALTHEA, Primer Water
  3. ALTHEA, Fixer Cream


Opps, forgot to mention. You do know about Althea, right? If yes, yeah “kaki lang”, but if no. No worries, here’s a brief explanation. Althea is a website where you can find all the popular Korean products all in one place. They contain more than 150 Korean beauty brand just for you to browse through and shop them all just by a few clicks from your laptop/desktop. Althea was founded in 2015 by Frank Kang. He had the thinking of providing buyers from all around the world with one of the lowest price they could get from Althea website just as how Korean residents shop in their own country. Althea is like a representative of Korea to provide authentic K-beauty product just for YOU!


1. ALTHEA, Contour Cleanser – RM 23

Who does not want to obtain flawless skin? Then you should start by trying out Contour Cleanser, clear your pores from all the dirt and leaving you with a squeaky clean face. With that you need not to worry about applying thick base makeup or conceal your face with concealer. You can achieve all that just by using Althea Bare Essentials. Their contour cleanser comes with nourishing ingredients such as ice plant and lemon verbena leaf.

  • Just a small amount would do (in the picture above I squeeze out a bit more than it is needed)

After applying it on your face you will feel that there is tiny tiny things on your face. Not to worry as they are actually micro bubbleshots. It will eventually pops when it get in contact with water. Micro capsules is there to gently but effectively exfoliate and improve the impurities from you skin. Whats more? It also claims to detoxify your skin to transform your face into a more defined and slim face shape.


Dampen the skin, then squeeze out a small amount (I would suggest just a tiny dot would do) and lather onto the face, massaging in circular motions. Rinse off with water after.


When I was using it for the first time, I squeeze a large amount onto my palm and later realize that its really creamy and thick. Only during the second time I know that just a tiny squeeze from the tube is already able to wash of the dirt from our face. Compare to other cleanser that I have previously used, I think this cleanser can last me two or three time longer than my usual time period as the quality is really thick. The cooling effect that I receive after applying them off really caught me off guard. It surprise me but I like how it felt after a tiring day. As for packaging wise, its really simple and free from designs. Tbh,I sometime prefer it that way, as I find some products with too many design a bit distracting. Lastly I would say I did not really like the smell of it. Maybe there wasn’t any scent that was added so the smell are from all of their natural ingredients.


Overall Rating: 4 / 5

2. ALTHEA, Primer Water – RM 43

Here comes the second steps where you get to hydrate your skin after cleansing. Unlike other toner, this primer water helps to hydrates and smooth your skin, leaving it to a flawless finishing. Say goodbye to uneven skin. The magic comes right after the primer touches your skin and penetrates deep into the layer of your skin. Your skin will instantly plump up and your ready for the last steps. 2 main ingredients that were just are as stated below.

Snow lotus – Help to brightens and smooth out your skin.

It can only be found in remotes areas in Asia, that what makes it one of the rarest herbs in the world. Brightening energy, fixing dark spot and anti aging effect are some of the benefits that is still trusted for women in Chinese Imperial Court for centuries, even up until today.

Patented “dewdrop” formulation – Instantly moisturize and revitalizes you skin.

Do you know clear dewdrops helps to soften the skin and improve suppleness by gently filling up the gaps between both skin and pores. (can be use for the 2nd time for a more smoother and velvety soft skin texture.)


Pour out a small amount of primer water onto your palm/a cotton and apply evenly onto the face. By gently patting it, a better absorption can be seen.


I would first talk about the packaging, it really nice and simple. My worry is that its a bit too bulky to be brought along to traveling. If they could come out with another smaller version for traveling kit, that will be great and convenient. On the other hand, if you seldom travel, I think this would just be perfect as it is now. The texture is really unique compare to other toner that I have ever tried. Unlike the usual watery toner, this Althea primer water is much more thick, but it does not feel heavy nor slimy after applying. Instead my face felt really moisturize. After it had dried, my skin felt really smooth and not a single hint of stickiness. As for the smell, I’ll give it a 💯 as it smells really great. A hint of flower smell, something fresh and light. Not too strong to give your a headache. By far the best scent compare between all tree products. 💕


Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5

3. ALTHEA, Fixer Cream RM 50

Last step of your routine! 🙈 Never stop your skin care routine before putting on some moisturizer. Out of all 3 products, I love this packaging the most as I have always been in love with matte materials. The texture is really thick but can be penetrates easily into your skin. Besides that, your skin will stay hydrated for the next 24 hours. Keeps your skin moisturize without feeling any stickiness after it was fully absorbed. Something you would not want to miss out to be part of your skin care collection. Few of the key ingredients will be listed below along with their functions.

Image result for blooming cactus in desert

Trehalose – Powerful humectant that retains moisture on the skin

Trehalose is a natural sugar that can only found in certain plant. Its function is to helps survive either freezing or dehydrating condition. You can just observe how a cactus can turn green again even after it being cracked and dried out. (because there is TREHALOSE!) It’s powerful enough to retain moisture on you skin to keep it moisturize all day.

Related image

Wild Green Tea – Hydrating, skin soothing and pack with antioxidants

This ingredient can helps user to fight against aging because it contains large amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants that can be found in green tea help in healing cells and he prevent free radical damage. In addition, age spots, wrinkles and sun damage can be reduce. Besides that, tannins can also be found in green tea which helps to act as an astringent to shrink pores.

Baobab Tree Extract – Non-greasy moisturizing agent that helps promote collagen production

This tree can be found in Africa, barren land. A nickname was given, “bottle tree” because of the water retention properties it can preserve. Life force and moisturizing is two of the it’s known ability. Research has said that Baobab has the highest antioxidants content compare to any other fruits. Collagen can be form by using both vitamin c and antioxidants that can be found in it. With this, you can achieve a glowing and radiant skin.

Usage: Apply evenly onto the face and gently pat in till absorbed.

Opinion: The cream texture is really thick and creamy. When I first saw I thought it’s going to be like any other brands that will feel sticky and creamy after applying. I was wrong, it’s the first time I ever use a moisturizer that felt smooth after it dried up. It does not take long for it to fully absorbed. The smell is okay, has a fade flower smell. Overall I give it a thumbs up. 👍🏻


Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5

To sums up the whole post, I would say this whole set works really well together. If your young and have never use skin care before. This 3 product is all you need and your all good. As for people who owns many skin care products, this would be something interesting to be added into your collection. As I realize I’ve only been using this 3 products for 2 weeks now and my skin looks glowing. I would definitely repurchase it in the future. 💕


Thank you Althea for sending me this pr set to review. 💝


Althea Exclusive:


All the products link has been link at the title of the item. Just one click you and you will find the product. 😍

Ps, All above content are based on my own personal experience. Different people might have different opinions on it. Some of the pictures (ingredients pic) are taken from google.

Mon Chaang Thai Tea | Food

Thailand has always been in my annual bucket list. A place I would love to visit for not only their fashion and food but also their drinks. One of their must try things in Thailand is the Thai Tea.

Thailand famous Thai Tea has been brought into Malaysia! 🇲🇾 If youyou a frequent Thailand traveler, I am sure you have heard of Chapayom. Instead of using Chapayom in Malaysia, they name it Min Chaang. So what makes them stands out from other shops that sells Thai tea as well? Many shops that can be found in Malaysia uses powder to make their Thai tea. As for Mon Chaang, it uses natural tea leaf to make every single cup. This way you will be able to taste the origin flavour straight from the tea leaf instead of artificial flavouring.


A total of 16 different flavours to choose from.

  • No. 5 is Thai Cocoa & Tea

Few of their best sellers can be seen from the menu as they are stated with the leaf icon. 🍃 For me I think I love their Thai Milk Green Tea, as I am always a fan of green tea flavour.

  • Top 5 best sellers (from the left to right) Thai Milk Red Tea, Thai Milk Green Tea, Thai Milk Rose Tea, Thai Milk Tea & Coffee, Thai Lime Red Tea.


Thinking of trying it out but scared it’s expensive? Worry no more as Mon Chaang provides all their drinks at an affordable price which is as low as RM4.90! Their prices ranges from RM4.90 (Hot Beverages, 236ml), RM5.90 (Cold Beverages, 650ml), RM6.90 (Blended Beverages, 650ml). Combo are available as well, prices can be seen from the picture below.

There are many different Thai snack to choose from. Those snack you missed out from your previous trip and having a hard time finding them in Malaysia. You can find it right here at Mon Chaang, Sunway Pyramid.

Process of Making

  • In my opinion I think she’s making my Thai Milk Red Tea. 🤔

Please don’t forget to share this good news with your family and friends. It’s always better to share them with your friends and get to try every flavours than having them alone. The more the merrier. 👫👭👬

Cheers to sharing my Thai Tea experience with my fellow university mates. Now it’s time for you to share them with your friends. 💕

Address: LG2, AEON mall, Sunway Pyramid

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (10am-10pm)



Dr. Schwarz by THE FACE SHOP | Beauty

Do you have any hair problems? Problems such as hair loss, damaged hair or other problems and are always seeking for a good hair product that suits you. Dr. Schwarz is the one for you!

THE FACE SHOP has finally launched their new range of hair products. They come up with 4 hair loss care line as there is a raising popularity that are facing this problem these days. The products contains healthy and safe ingredients with ultra nourishing formula to restore your hair back to its original heathy hair.

So how does the name Dr. Schwarz came about. The word Dr refers to professional, safe and reliable which match with their line of product that they are launching. As for Schwarz, it’s a German word which refers to black, voluminous and healthy hair.

There are currently 3 different products in the market, as one of the product is not available in Malaysia. I was given the opportunity to review 2 of the products.

1. Scalp Serum, 100ml

  • Helps to relieve various scalp concerns
  • Suitable for people who want concentrated scalp care


• Dispense serum on scalp and massage evenly (no need to rinse off)

• Can be used more than once in a day

• Avoid shampooing right away (wait 3~5 hours for serum to nourish scalp)

Overall I find the product really useful as I usually use it twice a day. Once in the morning and one at night. It does have the scent of an organic smell. That is a good thing in my point of view as it means they did not add any artificial scent to make the serum smells good.

  • How the product looks like after it was spray out from the bottle.

  • I apply it after shower. When my hair is towel dry.

Overall Rating: 4 / 5

2. Shampoo for Damage Hair, 380ml

  • It provides intensive nourishment for dry, frizzy damaged hair
  • Suitable for people who dye their hair often


• Dispense shampoo on wet hair and gently massage into scalp and hair

• Rise thoroughly with water

Overall Rating: –

*Unable to provide overall rating for products that I have not personally use.

3. Shampoo for Thinning Hair, 380ml

  • Helps to strengthen your hair and adds volume to them starting from the roots
  • Suitable for people who face hair loss and thinning hair problems. And also would love to add volume to their hair.


• Dispense shampoo on wet hair and gently massage into scalp and hair

• Rise thoroughly with water

Overall I find this shampoo gives me a nice and refreshing finish after washing my hair. The scent is not bad compared to the serum. I would recommend this product to people who have the same problem as me, that is facing hair loss problem.

  • When I was trying out their Shampoo for Thinning Hair

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5

All of the products above contains 5 healthy natural ingredients that could improve the sculp. (will explain below) The products are all formulated without using silicone, parabens and sulfate surfactants. All products have gone through dermatologically tested.

Main Ingredient

1. Polygonum

  • Helps nourishes and cares for thinning hair

• Traditional medicinal herb used on skin diseases like scabies and eczema

• Named after a person called Ha-Soo- Oh who brewed and ate this herb resulting in his white hair becoming black and living up to 160 years

2. Phelliuns Linteus

  • Cares for hair loss and damge

•Type of mushroom used for traditional medicine

•Excellent antioxidant effects and rich in NMF (amino acids)

3. Houttuynia Cordata

  • Helps to strengthen hair roots

• Rich with minerals that promote hair growth

• Useful in improving blood circulation

4. Dark Vinegar

  • Helps to protect the scalp and keep the hair healthy

• Also known as brown rice vinegar, is used in Asian culture as a health tonic

• Rich in amino acids and nutrients that

promote blood circulation, detoxifies body, balances pH levels, boost energy levels,

5. Mint

  • Helps in hair growth

• Neutralize excessive oil production in hair, reducing hair greasiness

• Stimulates hair follicles and increases circulation in the scalp, promoting hair growth

• Hydrates hair follicles to leave hair smooth, shiny, and soft

Overall I recommend this products for users who prefer products that are made with natural ingredients and are facing the problems that I stated above. Please note that the above article are based on my own opinion.