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An afternoon event for the launching of Diamond Sapindus Soap in Malaysia. The product originally founded in Taiwan. Now the product has been brought into Malaysia due to the fantastic result achieved by the founder of CM3 Premium Mall. His skin problem were cured after using this product.

About CM3 Premium Mall

CM3 Premium Mall is an online platform which combines both online and offline to deliver the best experience for consumers, businesses and employees. They have use mass entrepreneurship concept in mind to transform traditional business mindset into a platform for business alliances where economy can be share. CM3 Premium vows to make the the miracle in the business industry.

  • Founder of CM3 Premium, Carlos Yong

The founder of the company Carlos Yong has personally used this product and saw incredible improvement in his skin condition. He was once affected by a skin disease call Human Papillomavirus (HPV). He seek for doctor advice and medication but was told there was no cure to it. There comes the impossible made possible when a friend of his introduce him to Diamond Sapindus Soap. After using it in a daily basis, his skin disease was cured. It was like a miracle.

He then started to find the product that was introduce by the friend previously but it was no where that can be found in Malaysia. He then started his business by searching the ingredients to start up his company along with Diamond Sapindus Soap.

About Diamond Sapindus Soap

Diamond Sapindus Soap was founded by Dr. Chong. This soap works like a wonder and it’s like a magical product. Why do I say that? It’s because you only use this one product but can use from your head all the way to your toe. This product is made of Sapindus Genus which contain effect such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-inching.

  • Dr. Chong

The products contains all top quality natural ingredients. One of the many benefits is when women face their monthly menstrual cycle, it can helps to eliminate the odor, soothes and nourishes your skin. Overall this products can be use as the following, bathing, shampoo, cleansing, toothpaste and many more.

  • Sapindus

This is the main ingredient that can be found inside of Diamond Sapindus Soap. The kernel of a Sapindus is one of the highest graded rosary that has been pass down of centuries. In India, it is recognized as one of the oldest praying bead and is also known as Bodisu. Rich tea polyphenols is extracted out from Sapindus as it can acts as an astringent (helps to minimize pores), clear facial oils, sterilize and helps skin from aging.

Demo Session

Live demo were held to demonstrate the usage of their Diamond Spaindus Soap. During their demo session, they mention their soap can be use as a mask as well. You just have to scrub it and place foam on your face. It’s environment friendly as it does not require any sheet for the mask.

It was proven that many soap that are sold in the market these days are mainly chemicals. A live demo was shown shown and tested right in front of our eyes. Many different soap brands were tested with fire to see if it contains chemicals.

As you can see from the picture above. There are many black burn marks at the right side of the plastics. Those marks means the soap contains chemicals and it melts right through the plastic. As for the left side which isn’t burn and looks transparent is melted Diamond Sapindus Soap. It was proven that it contains all natural ingredients. The melted soap that were on the plastic can still be use after it has cool down.

Overall it is an interesting launch that caught my interest as I never know our daily soap was fill with chemicals. Thank you for having me over at the launch. 💕

Website: http://www.cm3premium.com/diamond-sapindus-soap

Facebook: https://facebook.com/cm3premium/

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