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Ever thought of doing eyelash extension? Or you have noticed many influencers with lashes that are on point or look up to other people that had their eyelashes done so well that it makes you want to try it out as well? Yup, that’s ME!

Always thought they look really pretty with those lashes on. So I was thinking, why not I just give it a try. Seems cool and makes your eye looks bigger as well. So here is how my story goes.

Before I did my appointment, I did googled many things, look them up if it’s a good or bad thing, whether there will be any side effects or nah, and a great amount of researching.

The process

It’s best to go without any makeup or eyeshadow near your eye area. If you’re asking if contact lenses are allowed in the process, it is your free will to decide. I wore mine on, it also depends on the person who’s going to apply the eyelash extension on. If you’re nervous because it’s your first time, I suggest you to remove your contact lens as you might feel a sense of insecurity with it on. It takes about an hour and half or two hours for it to be done depending on the lashes you want to have.

What are my thoughts after having my eyelashes done?

There are many benefits and there are some disadvantages as well. It just depends how your perspective is. You might always hear people mention that after doing eyelash extensions, your natural lashes would fall off as well. In my own perspective, after having it done, there wasn’t any drop out of my natural lashes. Everything is at it is. Here are some of my own opinions on the advantages and disadvantages.


  • I could wake up later and get my daily makeup done within 5-10 minutes. It was shorten as I do not have to draw eyeliner or even curl my lashes hence put on any mascara. After having your lashes done you feel like the moment you wake up, you already have 50% makeup on.
  • Going to university is even easier as I usually do not put any makeup on, but now, I’ll just have to pop my lenses in and I’m good to go.
  • Your eye would look bigger and brighter.


  • For a person who wear glasses 🤓 like me, will find trouble wearing them as the lashes are too long and it will keep touching the glasses. I’ll have to wear them uncomfortably and wear them lower so that it does not touches it. Most of the time I would have to keep my contact lens on until I’m ready to go to bed.

*only applies to people who wears glasses*

  • When you remove makeup, and wash your face, you have to be careful of your lashes as you might rub onto it and it will fall of quicker.
  • Putting eyeliner is not really recommended anymore as I tried once, and when I use the remover, quite a number of fake eyelashes fall off. (Recommend not to draw liner if possible, I had no choice because I have to go for a shooting)
  • When your lashes starts to slowly fall off after a month, you find your eyelashes looks really irregular and weird, because holes will start popping out from the part that the lashes falls out.

Pictures of my BEFORE & AFTER

  • Before

  • After

Overall I find it an interesting experience. The only weird part is after you remove or let all your fake lashes fall off, you will feel as if you have no more lashes. You have that feeling that, why are my lashes sooooooo short even though that’s how it’s original length is. It was just due to the fact that you got too used to seeing the extensions length.

I did my lashes at Luminous Beauty Parlour. Stephy was really nice and gentle, I did not feel any pain at all throughout the whole process. I was practically lying down for 2 hours that made my neck ache a little. I would reckon they should get a softer pillow or towel to support the neck.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/luminousbeautyparlour/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/luminousbeautyparlour

Address: G-1-7, Plaza Arcadia NO.3 Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Park City

Contact: +6017-2603180

*Some pictures and gifs are taken from google. All rights reserved to their respectful owner. The above article are based on my own opinion.

38 thoughts on “Eyelash Extension Experience | Beauty

  1. A friend of mine had hers done too and it totally transformed her. People are startingto realise that she has beautiful eyes and she is loving it. And she also told me about the advantages – especially waking up in the morning – she loves to rub her eyes. Haha


  2. wow great info! I always would love to know how it’s like to have eyelash extensions – the pros and cons from the ones whom had done it, thanks great sharing! it really looks lovely with those long and more volume eyelashes! 😍


  3. wait, they literally make a hole and insert the extension ?? I am confused right now. If so, might feel painful to make the “hole”. Beauty is pain i guess. hahaha

    Longer eyelashes indeed will make the person beautifuller (if that’s even a word).


    1. Make a hole? Oh no no 😂 they will apply the glue on your natural lashes and apply a longer lashes bit by bit throughout your lashes. It doesn’t hurt at all 😅


  4. I’d love to have longer lashes but the irregular gaps situation is making me think twice about extension. Perhaps doing something to the lashes to promote natural growth is more viable. What do you think?


  5. This is a good news especially for women.. I’ve seen one of my friend did the eyelash extention and from her opinion, it is really easy for her to prepare herself to work everyday without spending so much time on makeup as before. I think this one of important things to do for any women who really care about their appearence. Nice sharing 🙂


  6. Oh my god. Looks so gorgeous. Feel like getting myself eyelash extension too. Wondering how much does it cost… No need to apply mascara anymore with that kind of eyelashes


  7. Your new lashes look great on you! Gorgeous 🙂
    I never tried having eyelash extension, nor planning to have one because i know how clumsy i am and always in a hurry. And those mascara I’ve been using are so great i give me the effect i want.


  8. I love eyelashes extension it makes my eyes looks bigger and more alert. Well this salon did a good job i can see the before and after is so much different, definitely your eyes looks bigger.


  9. I guess i am the few lucky ones that keeps getting asked if i did my eyelashes or not…even now it feels like i have a roof over my eyes…if i added on more..i would probably just become even more sleepier than usual. Hahaha…But gosh….I am loving the before and after pic…that difference! and also…i had an aiya reaction when i saw the disadvantages part…I am too much of a coward to face the possibility of losing eyelashes…hahahhah


  10. Eyelash Extension memang cantik dan tahan lama. Tapi nak menjaga tu kena Hati-hati. Sebab nak touch up pun kena bayar. Hahaha. Kalau jaga baik-baik 1 bulan boleh bertahan. Cantik natural tanpa perlu pakai bulu mata palsu dan gam kan.


  11. Never had eyelashes extension done before. I think it’s a good experience to try but when it starts falling off, it looks weird.


  12. Look so kawaii after apply eyelash extension. I long time did not go for eyelash extension. Love the process but dun like when the fake eyelash start to drop.


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