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I am quite sure many instagrammers or social media users have at least stumbled across posts by influencers that are using and promoting a product from CHARIS. Sometimes, you might even think twice or feel hesitant to buy products by influencers that promote many products for their sponsors. With that, I’ll be giving you more details about “what is CHARIS?” and my honest opinions for my top 5 favourite products so far after collaborating with CHARIS since July 2017.


Charis is also known as Madsquare in Korea. Charis is a platform where influencer could try the product and sell the product to gain a slight commission in the process. Whereas the buyers (influencer followers) would get to purchase those products at a discounted rate compared to if you buy them from their original store. So in that case it is a WIN – WIN situation for both the influencer and their followers (customers).

Charis is born and breed in Korea. It is formed by a team of young and enthusiastic people. Madsquare was founded in 2015 and Charis program started in 2016. (This is based on my own research, please correct me if I am wrong)

Top 5 favourite CHARIS products

1. CelabFace, 10SEC 1STEP CLEANSER$24.00

If you’re someone that has a hectic schedule or just really really busy. I totally recommend this product. Applying makeup on may be fun and easy, but removing it is another thing. At the wrong times, you might run out of cotton or cleansing water (makeup remover), which is essential to cleanse the remaining makeup and dirt on the face.

10SEC 1STEP CLEANSER is a product that removes your makeup while cleansing your face simultaneously. It’s basically a 2 in 1 product which helps save your money and provide convenience. What makes it so special? The main ingredient is sparkling water. 💦 Besides that, this product is developed by EI in Hollywood. (best school of professional makeup)


To be honest, I am a person where if there is an easy and simpler way to achieve the same result. Without hesitation, I’ll go for it. I find 10SEC 1STEP CLEANSER really handy for home use as well as travel use. I usually have natural light make up on so it really helps to remove them easily. As for thick and heavy eyeshadow, it is easily removable as well. I tried about a week of thick makeup because of my ballet performance and it still works like a wonder. For the downside, I find it’s harder to remove waterproof mascara, eyeliner and matte lipstick. If you know how to work and scrub it at the exact spot and let it rest and bubble up for 10SEC, it should work efficiently. Currently using my 2nd bottle, and the 3rd bottle is stored in my makeup box. 🙆🏻

Product can be purchased here.

2. Superface, Soft Blur Lip Mousse – $18

Every girl may at least own one lipstick in their entire life (I guess 🤔). When I was young the only makeup product that I dislike the most is lipstick, but when I grow older, my dislike for lipstick stopped. Ever since, I’ve been having my own collection of lipsticks ever since I was 15. For me personally, lipsticks can instantly brighten up my face even when I don’t feel like applying much makeup or dressing up on that particular day.

So far one of my favourite lipstick in my collection is Soft Blur Lip Mousse. I am not really a matte lipstick person, I would prefer glossy or velvety. It’s texture is liquid but after applying, it dries up and it’s not a matte finishing but velvety. It does not feel dry after applying. My favourite colour is Flamingo because it is very vibrant and stands out.


Something I would use regularly. The colour works really well. The only thing I could wish for, is for the product to be kiss proof.


Product can be purchased here.

3. Romand, Perfect Styling Eye Palette – $29.99

The feeling of owning your very first palette is how it felt when I got my hands on both Glam Day and Temptation Night. Both palette comes in a really pretty packaging as it have marble design on the casing and easy to open and close as it’s magnetic seal. Which is also small and convenient to bring around.

I recommend Glam Day if you’re a person like me. More of a natural look, like how the Korean’s like it. Their colour are easy to play with and is suitable for both beginners and professionals. It contains both matte and shimmer colour which is all you need in a palette. As for Temptation Night, I would recommend it for people who prefer darker shades. Really suitable for night events or dinner functions.


It is one of my go to palette whenever I’m heading to an event or outing. Light and natural colour, not too dramatic. Downside would be, the colour is really light. As I mention, for me it’s great, I love light shade to make it look more natural. If it’s for users who love it at a more vibrant and darker shades, you might not want to get Glam Day. Colour is buildable, so you can apply layer after layer to make the colours POP! 🙈💕


  • Glam Day

  • Temptation Night

Product can be purchased here.

4. Dano, Brown Rice Cereal – $15

Cereal 🥣 Cereal 🥣 Cereal 🥣 My childhood favourite breakfast even until today. The easiest and nutritious breakfast that tastes delicious. The colouring on the cereal is just natural colouring and not artificial. Oddly, the more colour the cereal contains, the more I want to try it out.

Brown Rice Cereal is something I tried and fell in love instantly. This days many people pick food that are abundant in nutrition and healthy. If you are one of them, then this is something you would love to try out. Just a small packet can fill your tummy from hungry ➡️ filling. Since it’s healthy based, it does not have any sweet taste in it, like your cereal without any sugaring added.

Personally, instead of having it with milk, I have mine with milo so at least there is a bit sweetness to it. It is small and convenient to bring around in your bag. When you’re hungry just pop open and eat it just like it is. Don’t worry about using your hands, Dano has got you covered as each packet contains a spoon for you to eat with.


Healthy cereal that can be consumed by everyone. It is really worth a try! My personal favourite is Kabocha Squash. Again, it looks colourful which what’s attract me to pick that flavour and it’s delicious. 😋


Product can be purchased here.

5. La Palette, Softly Moisture One Step Cleansing Water – $12.99

If you’re a person who is more into cleansing water (makeup remover) and not interested in the first product I recommended. Then tadaaaaaa, this is the product for you. A price that is reasonable and something that you can give a try.

Softly Moisture One Step Cleansing Water is something I find different from all the other cleansing water that I have used. Usually all the makeup remover that I use always claims that it’s oil free, but I find after removing my makeup, my face feels even more oily and uncomfortable. Finally I get to try out Softly Moisture One Step Cleansing Water and there you go. They have just got themselves a loyal customer.

The scent is really nice and after removing your makeup, my face does not feel oily at all. You let it dry about a minute and feel your face. It’s really smooth as if you never apply any makeup on. Use it anywhere and anytime without worrying of having an oily face and feeling the need to wash your face.


Just one word, wonderful! The only downside is the product is huge and not travel friendly. Solution: just buy a small container and fill it in and you’re all set.

Product can be purchased here.

Charis product:

* All pictures are taken from google. All rights reserved to their respectful owners. The above article are all based on my personal experience.

14 thoughts on “Top 5 Favourite CHARIS Products | Beauty

  1. To be honest this is my first time heard about Charis. Love their packaging, and their product does look great! That eye pallete are so tempting! Good to know all these! 😃


  2. Sorry, I have not heard of Charis before. Oh my! Now that you have narrowed down a list of your favourites, I will look out for them when I next go shopping!


  3. I am loving all the hues on the Temptation Night…and of course the Flame lip colour…honestly, I feel really left out as i didn’t know influencers were promoting this brand…sucks to be living under a rock…lol…but hey at least i got to know about it from you…thanks babe!


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