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Enchanted Siblings just turns two last month. You must be thinking, oh a new bakery shop in town just by looking at the picture above. Opps, unfortunately your mistaken it for a bakery shop as Enchanted Siblings is actually a beauty shop which provide Nail Services, Korea Eyebrow Embroidery, Nail Courses, PinkuBizu (Swarovski Crystal Bracelet) and others. They are well known for their nail services with pastel theme and adorable designs. What’s more? They are the first and only nail shop in Malaysia which provides authentic Swarovski Crystals design for your nails.

Enchanted Siblings

It was founded in 2015 by 3 siblings from the CHAN family. The 3 siblings are also the 3 elder sister of the Chan family which includes Celeste, Munny and Ylinn. They have a little brother which is also the youngest in the Chan family name KW Chan.You must be curious how their shop name comes about? As it is founded by the siblings of a Chan family, they decided to go with enCHANted siblings. It does makes sense and really suits their shop name as well.

Their very first shop is located in Sri Petaling, Cheras. They were also popular among all ages for their No.1 nail services in Malaysia in just a short period of 6 months after operating. Not only that, they were the fastest growing beauty salon in Malaysia which eventually lead them in opening a 2nd branch in Publika just after a year. Enchanted Siblings is certified by Swarovski which proved that they only uses authentic Swarovski Crystal supply from them. If you ever visited any of their branch, you will realize its either really pink or the colour of the shop is fills with pastel colours, there is a reason behind it as they are the 1st themed beauty prestige in Malaysia for each of their branches. For Sri Petaling branch its theme is Erelise (Pastel Home Theme) and as for Publika branch, from the outside it looks like a little pink palace as its theme is Lunaria Palace (Pink Heaven Palace Theme).

2nd Birthday Celebration

It was my very first time visiting their branch, before that i have only heard about them and never know they have theme outlets. I was taken aback by their unique designs and really have a bit of princess feelings. Upon registration we were given each person a goodie bag. The whole place is literally decorate with pastel colours. What’s make them unique is everything are their own creative ideas that bring Enchanted Siblings really enchanted. For example since its their birthday, they came out with various promotion for all their services. The best part is not your regular type which you just pay and register and that’s it, their way is you pick your services and they fill them with marshmallow for you to eat as well.


  • Pick your promotion services along with some marshmallows. Aren’t it adorable?

They showcase all of their nail arts design for us to look through. It was literally breath taking, the design rages from classy, cute, animation, luxurious and many more. If you were there, you would not even know which design to start with as there were just too many to choose from. All the design are originally from them, all were design and created from the siblings creativity. Here are some of the Swarovski designs.

There were many other design as well but it will be quite inappropriate to show case them publicly online as we might not know who or where people would use it as their own design. I find it will be heart breaking when a person have to think and create the design them self but in the end credits were just taken away by others just like that. If you really would like to check out their design you could always drop by their branch to have a look. Colours plays an important role as well, they provide a wide range of colours to choose from. If you know which colours suits you or what is your favourite colour, then that would be great. For some people like me who often has no idea what colour to use as the base, I would always pick the design first and ask for their suggestion on which colours would go well.


Special activities were arranged on that day, one of my favourite activity would be customize our own PinkuBizu bracelets. There were sample of ready made bracelets as well, if you like it, you can purchase them on the spot, but if your someone as adventurous like me, then I take on the challenge to make my own instate. To me, making my own limited bracelet would be so meaningful. You will not find anyone wearing the same design as you, makes me has a limited edition bracelets. We get to pick our favourite beads and turn them into a unique bracelet along with a piece of Swarovski crystal on them.

  • The first picture was me in progress of making my very own PinkuBizu bracelet. Where on the next picture is my final look of my finish bracelet. Isn’t it pretty? Suitable for every occasion, doesn’t leave your hand empty and just the right accessories to make you look gorgeous.  Last picture are some of their ready made PinkuBizu bracelets. All of their bracelet comes with a authentic Swarovski Crystal dangling from the middle.

After having my own customized bracelet, I saw another eye catching hands on products that we were given to try out which is Dream Catcher!

There were many unique colours which are already pre package in a tiny bag. Curious which colour I gotten? We were given by random colours so it’s a bit of surprise as well. I got… drumrolls*……..

Green colour dream catcher with a hint of blue feathers for it to dangle around. I spend quite an amount of time just to cover up the silver ring with the green string. I always admire those beautiful dream catcher when shops sells them. Now I know the feeling of actually making it could be really difficult and takes up a lot of time, but imagine having a self made dream catcher dangling in your room, all the hard work is worth it. 🙈

Overall it’s a really enchanted event, I love their decorations and they were really friendly and patient. I got my nail done at their Publika branch about one week after the celebration. Curious how my nails looks like and which design I pick? I decided to try out their famous Swarovski nail design at one on each hand. Really blown away by the designs as I get to pick which design I would like on each fingers.

I was really satisfied with the result as none of the Swarovski Crystals fell of or so. Some nail parlour I went previously, the gem stone would fall off when I wash my hair or so, glad their quality was as promised. My friends and family often gave compliments about my nails. Thank you Enchanted Siblings for the wonderful service and invites to their 2nd Anniversary Celebration. 🎊

Facebook: https://facebook.com/enchantedsiblings/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/enchantedsiblings/ Address: Block A1- G2-08 , SOLARIS DUTAMAS 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Publika Branch)

11, Jalan Radin Bagus 9, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (Sri Petaling Brach)

Contact: 012-668 8717

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (11am-7:30pm)

15 thoughts on “Enchanted Siblings | Beauty

  1. This enchanted siblings store looks so interesting. and your nail art is so beautiful and it can last longer. I want to try them too!!


  2. when i show my sister your article, she loves it very much and immediately she recommend her friends to check out this place. And also she loves your picture very much. Thank you for your sharing.


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