Beauty Lifeguard Unboxing from Althea | Review

I finally got a chance to do an unboxing review on one of Althea Beauty Box. Isn’t this exciting?! 🙈 Some of you might already heard about Althea Beauty Box, but as for the others, you might have not even heard about it. So why not I brief you through about Althea and their Beauty Boxes before showing you what I got my hands on in this box?


Althea is a website where you can find all the popular Korean products all in one place. They contains more than 150 Korean beauty brand just for you to browse through and shop them all just by a few clicks from your laptop/desktop. Althea was founded in 2015 by Frank Kang. He had the thinking of providing buyers from all around the world with one of the lowest price they could get from Althea website just as how Korean residents shop in their own country. Althea is like a representative of Korea to provide authentic K-beauty product just for YOU!

Althea Beauty Box

Althea Beauty Box contains of different cosmetic brands all in one box. Anything could be in that box, it depends on the theme Althea came out with. It all happened when there were many customers requesting Althea to come out with their own beauty box. So without disappointing their loyal and excited customers, they launched their first beauty box on October 2016. Each month they would come up 2-3 beauty box just for you. Each boxes would usually contains 6-12 pieces of size products depending on their theme. All of their beauty boxes usually comes up to RM300-RM600+, but they only sell them at barely RM100+!! So better get your hands on one of your favourite beauty boxes before they are fully sold out.

Beauty Lifeguard Box #26This box literally contains everything I need in my daily life. I am an active person and being outdoor is one of my favourite things. There was one obstacle that I would always face when I’m doing any sporty or sweaty activities. My makeup would easily get smudge. 🙁 Thanks to Althea, my problem is solved.

Beauty Lifeguard Box contains 5 full size products which includes:

  1. Tony Moly, BCDATION OiOi Waterproof Cushion (23 warm beige)
  2. Milky Dress, Mascara
  3. VDL, Eye Primer (serenity)
  4. Wangskin, Lip Tattoo Tint Pack (pink)
  5. Holika Holika, Face Conditioner Long Lasting Makeup Fixer

So why did they name the box Lifeguard Box? I guess because all the products in the boxes are either smudge proof or waterproof. For some people who could not leave house with a slight touch of makeup even though your going for swimming or sports, the products contained in the box would be just what you need.

1. Tony Moly, BCDATION OiOi Waterproof Cushion (23 warm beige)

My very first waterproof foundation. It’s packaging is very trendy and cute, cover itself with blue colour surrounded by bananas. 🍌 This foundation provide sun care as it is SPF50+ PA+++. Not only that, it helps really well in coverage and helps in anti aging as well as brightens up your skin.

  • You can see before applying, the pores are visible and after applying it looks smoother and the pore are almost invisible.

  • It’s texture is very smooth and after applying the foundation, you can see from the picture it’s totally waterproof. 💦


The size of the foundation is really slim and compact compare to the current one in using. It’s almost half the size of my current foundation and it can be easily slide into my purse. The packaging is really cute and it suits my age perfectly. Love how it does not have the stickiness effect after applying on the skin, instead it has a Matte feeling. One thing that I did not really like is the smell of it, it may be just me, but overall it’s a thumbs up 👍🏻 for this product.

Rating: 4.5/5

2. Milky Dress, Mascara
6174641936_img_1437-4Milky Dress is a 3 in 1 mascara. So what is the 3 function? Helps you to achieve Long Lash, give your lashes extra Volume and give your lash a Curling effect. It’s easy to use and apply as it does not clumps up your lashes if you use it in the right way. Heading for a movie session and worry that your makeup would smudge? Worry free as it’s smudge proof.


  • The mascara brush has a c-curl design which helps in improving the curl and volume of your lashes.

  • After using the mascara, it does have a slight curling effect as you can see in the picture above. I really like how it could make my lashes looks longer.


The packaging itself is really beautiful, it had a luxury and classy feel to it. It’s very light to carry around in my bag. I really like how it make my lash looks longer, but as for curling, it might have a slight help but nothing more. The c curl design make it very easy to apply. Not recommend for any sporty or water events as it easily comes out, but if you look on the bright side, it’s easy to wash off after using mascara without any worries.

Rating: 3/5

3. VDL, Eye Primer (serenity)
6174641936_img_1423-1To be honest, this is my first primer I ever had. I don’t usually own a primer as I would normally prefer light make up compare to dark makeup. After owning one I realize it helps to locks my eyeshadow in place through out the day. I don’t have to touch up my eyeshadow every few hours and it still looks great by the end of the day. This primer helps to correct any redness and transform it into a flawless canvas.

  • Even though you see it’s in a light blue colour, but it would slowly blend in with your skin tone.

  • As you can see from the picture, before I head for my concert practice and after the practice, the eyeshadow still stays perfectly fine.


The product is light but I don’t have to carry it all around with me as it is a one time usage that could last all day for me. Perfect for my upcoming concert performance. Easy to use and apply for beginners.

Rating: 4.5/5

4. Wangskin, Lip Tattoo Tint Pack (pink)
Lips tattoo is most women favourites. You just have to apply it once in the morning and it got you cover through out the day. You don’t have to worry your lips will look pale or even stain your straw or cups when your drinking. Suitable for every occasion including your daily work or university looks.

  • The pink colour is very beautiful pink. It instantly brightens up your whole look. After seeing the picture above, you might think the pink is too bright or neon. But don’t judge just by its look, read further down and you be surprise the colour is just perfect. 👌🏻

  • Before applying my lips looks pale and dry, after applying it looks stunningly beautiful,but…it’s not the end of it. You have to peel of that layer after 5-10 minutes depends on how thick you apply on. No.3 is the result I got.


The shade really suits me. After applying, it’s very easy to peel it off. It all comes off in one peel. One highlight I would like to make is, there is no need to worry if I would smudge or stain my teeth. It’s a tint after all. Yea! After using through out the day, it does feel dry but on my lips, but lip balm and flower is there to make your colour look more vibrant.

Rating: 3.5/5

5. Holika Holika, Face Conditioner Long Lasting Makeup Fixer

There is always a first for everything right? So here goes my first makeup fixer spray by Holika Holika. It keeps your makeup sets throughout the day without worrying it would smudge and in the same time, it keeps your face moisture. It uses a long lasting formula to sets your makeup in place.

  • Look at the difference what Holika Holika can make. Taking makeup to a whole new level by setting all your daily makeup to smudge proof.


Not really advisable to bring it everywhere, because it can be quite heavy, but here is a small tip. You can pour some into a smaller bottle to safe up your space during traveling. For me it works really well for my usual eyeliner. Usually it get smudge easily, but now I’m a happy kid not needing to get a waterproof eyeliner. 💕 One last thing, I really love the smell of the product.

Rating: 4/5

The Beauty Lifeguard Box just sold out. It was still available yesterday on their website. You can still feel free to purchase the product you really like individually on Althea website by clicking here.

As I mention above that they would come out with a few boxes every month. You can check out their latest Althea Beauty Box here. Thank you for reading my very first unboxingof Althea Beauty Box. 🎁




*Please note that all opinions are based in my own individual opinion. Each person may have different opinion on that particular product. Some pictures are taken from Althea official website.

19 thoughts on “Beauty Lifeguard Unboxing from Althea | Review

  1. This is such a beautiful and generous beauty box. And just right for the season, too! The lips tattoo shade is gorgeous. This is my first time hearing about lip tattoos. Can’t wait to try.


  2. That Tony Moly Cushion looks so cuuuuuuuuuutteee! XD

    By the way, I’m kinda jealous because we can’t get our packages from Althea like we used to in Indonesia. The custom has made a new regulation and Althea can’t deliver their items to us anymore until further notice T.T


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