Luxury Beauty Lounge | Review

Have you had any slimming sessions before? If you have the chance to try it out, would you go for it? Definitely a yes from me! I would grab this opportunity, if you are afraid of trying new things, you might never know whether you like it. So why deny or refuse when you had the chance to?

I was lucky to get invited by Ashley personally to try out one of their signature treatment, a slimming session. The place is located at Desa Park City new shop outlets, Plaza Arkadia. Their design structure makes you feel like you’re in a western country.

Upon arrival, I had a consultation session with Violet. For slimming session, we can choose which part of body we would like to focus on. For example, the area we can choose from is tummy, thighs, arm and even the whole body. As for me, I pick tummy. It’s one of the important part that people would like to look slim and fit at. I can start wearing crop tops or dresses that reveals my stomach area without any worries.

Next, I was ushered to my room where I would get my slimming session. They have a very unique concept comparing to other places. Each of their room comes in different theme, not coloured theme, but country theme. There was wallpaper of Korea, Japan and other famous countries. For me, I picked Paris.

I was given something to change in. It’s very comfy and make me felt like home. The material is velvety. 😍

As for my session, it takes about roughly 40 minutes. Firstly, they’ll use a machine and massage your stomach while applying an appropriate amount of Latoja cream on my stomach. After a certain amount of time, they will proceed to hand massage. It depends on each individual body fats for them to divide the amount of time using the machine and by using hand massage. The more a person consists of stubborn fats, the longer they will use the machine on you.

  • Function of Latoja cream helps efficiently in burning fats especially with the correct way of massaging provided by LBL workers.

So what’s my thought after the slimming session? Firstly, I really didn’t expect it to be that painful, but in fact it hurts. No pain no gain right?! But I was impressed with the results. With just barely 40 minutes I loss 1cm, isn’t that impressive?

I would really recommend this treatment to people who have a busy schedule at work or class. Less than one hour a day could help you burn the fats you might need to spend a week in the gym. So why not give it a try?

Luxury Beauty Lounge does not only provide slimming session, they do also provide services such as facial, ovary treatment, semi permanent embroidery, bust enhancement and therapy. Not only that, they sometimes conduct workshop or lessons as well. All these will be conducted at the 2nd floor of LBL.

So, if you are interested and would love to try it out. Head over to LBL today! Make sure to make an appointment before heading over to secure your slots.



ood news to all my fellow readers and followers. You will be entitled to enjoy a BUY 1 FREE 1 session at the price of only RM88! Take these simple steps : You  have to screenshot a picture of my LBL blogpost and show it to them upon arrival and mention “Shannon reader” to enjoy this exclusive offer.

This could be a good deal for your family or friends birthday present. Moreover it can also be a pampering session for both you and your besties!

  • Thank you Violet for the wonderful service. 💕


Contact: +60 16-263 0402

Address: B-1-11 Plaza Arkadia no. 3, Jalan intisari Perdanan, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (10:30am-5pm)

* Operating hours may change depending on appointment made with client

16 thoughts on “Luxury Beauty Lounge | Review

  1. This looks great. I tried a similar procedure from another company but instead of losing, I gained 2 cm. So I guess it was not effective. Good thing your procedure is effective and I agree, no pain no gain


    1. There is always a first for everything 😊 I should at least experience once in my life 🙈 On the other hand, you can try out their buy 1 free 2 session with your friend 💕


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