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Craving for seafood but you have no idea where to head to, if you are an adventurous person and don’t mind traveling a bit far, Puchong has fresh and delicious seafood restaurant that will make you drool. When you slowly start to flip through the menu, you might not even know what to eat as everything looks equally scrumptious.

The place is located at a busy area so you might want to make a reservation before having your lunch or dinner there. Oh, I forgot to mention, remember to pay your parking ticket too!

So here is what I got to try:

  • XO海鲜粉煲 XO Seafood Noodle Pot, RM19.90

It contains crab meat, squid, prawn, clams and other treasure that is hidden underneath. ❤️

  • 一支骨 Pork Ribs, RM32

It’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. You can eat it with or without rice and it still taste delicious.

  • 瓦煲翁菜Claypot Kangkung, RM12

If you’re planning to order a whole table of seafood, remember to balance up your meal by ordering a plate of vegetables.

  • 姜皇菜园鸡Steam Kampung Chicken with Crispy Garlic & Ginger, RM32

Have you ever tried garlic chicken? Chicken is a usual dish but it’s not everywhere that you can find them with crispy fried garlic to go along with.

  • 香辣奶皇肉蟹(L) Buttermilk Crab (Large), RM55

The buttermilk crab is delicious, but there’s a bit of spiciness. If you don’t like spicy food, I think you can let them know beforehand. There is “Man Tao” (bun) for you to dip in the sauce as well.

  • 咸湿膏蟹 (XL) Salted Egg Butermilk Crab (Extra Large), RM100

Don’t be scared away by the price, because when you see the portion, the crab is really big, fresh and meaty. I like salted egg dishes all the while, so I basically eat almost one whole crab on my own. If there is a lot of sauce, you can pour some on top of your rice, it taste equally good. Just my own suggestion.

  • 铁板泰叁巴三鲜 Seafood Hot Plate with Thai Sambal Sauce, RM25

It’s a bit spicy for me, but I have the urge to eat more. There’s like the taste that makes you want to eat it even though it’s spicy. In Cantonese they call “yao kek”, I guess that’s how it’s spell. Anyway there’s prawn, squid and definitely chilis in it.

  • 佛钵 (虾膏) Yam Basket with Dry Chili Mantis Prawn, RM30

Oh this is one of my favourite. I really love how they cook the mantis prawn. The flavour is just perfect, I think I took quite a lot for myself because it’s just too tasty! 😍

  • 金瓜豆腐 Toufu with Pumpkin Sauce, RM15

A healthy food that is suitable for your whole family. As this restaurant has food for different range of ages.

This restaurant provide lunch set as well. So during weekday, workers would come over for their lunch set as they have a variety of food choices to choose from at a reasonable price range. Here is a picture of the lunch menu:

For every lunch set that you purchase, you are given a chop on a special card. Once you eat there for 10 times, you will be rewarded with a free lunch set of your choice.

Not to forget, they recently came out with additional dishes to be added in to their menu.

So be sure to drop by whenever your free or you’re craving to have something cheap, fresh and delicious seafood at a reasonable price.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/oceanseafoodrestaurant/

Address: 21, Jalan Puteri 2/3, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong.

Contact: +6011-61618981

Operating Hours:

Monday – Friday (11:30am-10:30pm)

Saturday – Sunday (11am-10:30pm)

17 thoughts on “Ocean Seafood Restaurant | Food

  1. oh no..i saw someone said before they served pork…T.T why no keep it like that..I want to eat here too..hhuuhuhu..hope they will open another outlet that doesn’t sell pork..


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