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Konichiwa! Sorry for being away for almost 2 weeks as I was on vacation at Japan. The weather there was really hot because Japan is currently having Summer season. Anyways back to the point, today I would like to introduce to you, a Japanese beauty brand. was founded by a young entrepreneur name Kaylee Lim. The main purpose for her to start up this brand is to let the world to have access to high quality product that are made originally from Japan itself. They pick their formula and ingredients carefully by having to go through lots test on their product. They are certified by using organic ingredients and uses product from some of the best factories from Japan. Their product comes with the Ecocert icons which means organic certified, while unlike some products out there who claims to be natural but their ingredients contains a lot of chemicals. is a startup that was graduated from MaGIC’s ASEAN accelerator programme Cohort 3.

On August 1, has a private event for their official launch to introduce their Japanese Beauty Philosophy. In this event, the differences of Japan made products was highlighted. The event was held at QuadArt, it is an art gallery that comes with a rustic oriental setting. pampered their guests with a wide range of products to try and test on themselves, not only that, they even provide complimentary manicure service session by using their Ueba Esou Gofun nail polish. was honored to be able to invite media, brand partners as well as representatives from Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO).

Few of the main companies that is working with includes Ueba Esou, HerbEAU and Ecott Cosme. All these products can be purchase on It was hand picked by the owner for their natural, high quality organic ingredients as well as their high manufacturing standards. It is a place where you can find Japanese drugstore brands at a more affordable price range with the latest and best selling brands in Japan’s cosmetic innovation.

There was a special guest which came all the way from Japan, Mika Tsuneyoshi. She is the representative of HerbEAU, a high quality organic skincare brand with cutting edge technology all the way from Nagasaki, Japan. She was invited to a panel session along with the founder of Kaylee Lim. Ms Tsuneyoshi shared her knowledge on the concept of organic clean beauty with all the invited guests, whereas Ms Kaylee gave an insight of her business and the Japanese beauty market platform.

  • Mika Tsuneyoshi

Do you know there are actually differences in both Japanese and Korean skincare products? Japanese skincare products focuses more on simple, natural and prefer in using organic ingredients to have a minimalistic approach. On the other hand, Korean skincare products focus on producing trendy product lines at a fast pace and include multi-step skincare routines by using a wide arsenal of products. Japanese believes that by using lesser steps in the daily routine with just a simple but powerful ingredients product will do.

Another special guest was Dr Bejit Ideas, PHD in BioChesmistry. He is also the Medical Director of MI Innovation Lab, Tokyo. We get to learn about his research on centenarian (which is more than 100 year old) skin of Japanese women. The ingredients that were use for the process of fermentation and extraction of anti-aging skincare is Biwa fruit. Biwa all in one gel from HerbEAU is in partnership with SSC Skin Clinic. It is the largest skin clinic that can be found in Nagasaki, Japan. They have an average of 300 patients a day as the product they uses are formulated to cater to the skin of their patients.

Why choose They are the only platform that have access to some of the Japanese product from those companies that I mentioned above. Do you know there are a lot of Japanese product that you could not get your hands on them outside of Japan itself? Japanese business are very particular to who their product goes and sell to, it is because they want to ensure the same quality can be maintain before selling them and partnerships with sellers. It’s not a day or two to earn their trust, it could be a week, a month or even a year. So why not grab this opportunity to try out the Japanese products that can be purchase through

In the official website, presented a well-made video that was produced in-house and everything that was shot. The video presentation featured the brand Ueba Esou at their headquarters located in Kyoto, Japan. With the visual aids provided, the brand’s philosophy and history was shown elaborately. A testing session was also prepared for the guests where they can tryout exclusive products for themselves which comes along a lucky draw and marked the end of the private launching.

Brand Details

Ueba Esou is the oldest paint company in Japan (from Kyoto). They use traditional ingredients and modern methods to make Gofun Nail Polish – a water based, natural nail polish that is free from odours and is water permeable. ‘Gofun’ is made from crushed scallop shells.

HerbEAU’s star product is an all-in-one Gel which is using a world first patented ingredient made from organic BIWA(Loquat). A product that is meant to replace toner, moisturiser or even serum. It is made from Biwa fruit in Nagasaki and has many healing properties. It was formulated by dermatologist & pharmacists from SSC (Shinohara Skincare Clinic) & French Biologist Dr Bejit Ideas(PHD in BioChemistry, Chemistry Nobel Prize 2003 nominee).

Ecott Cosme Organic has a wide range of products created with raw ingredients from 47 prefectures of Japan. Products are created with ingredients such as wasabi harvested from the Miyage prefecture to rose petals from Shimane. But the cleansing and foam products are the most unique – it gently cleanses and removes makeup in one step  – perfect for saving time. It is also safe to use this cleanser on lash extensions.


*Some of the picture are taken by their official photographer Cayden. All right reserved to their respectful owner.

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  1. Japanese brands have always been a hassle to procure for those of us who do not have the chance to visit Japan. I also don’t like to bother my friends who are on holiday in Japan. Thanks for this alternative. Time to explore Japanese products!


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