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Congratulations to SoulBeauty on their 6th branch opening at MidValley. The main objective of SoulBeauty is towards the creation of beauty in each and every customer they serve. By providing a bridge that allows many whom desires true natural beauty more accessible, in giving opportunities to honorable customers that they are able to find their own external beauty as well as revealing pure natural look. A face that the customers represent as a youthful and beautiful asset which would increase each customers self confidence and let go of any worries they used to have before towards their beauty.
If some of you may be still be wondering what does SoulBeauty actually mean or maybe you are still a little lost about what services they are providing then here’s the short description about them. As the name is SoulBeauty, they hope that with every customers served, will be able to achieve their fullest potential in beauty along with boosting their self confidence at the same time. Besides, SoulBeauty also brought in the most advanced technology and beauty products all originated from Korea itself. With this, customers are able to obtain Korean-level beauty without even having to trouble to fly all the out to South Korea or even have think about what’s the risk of undergoing plastic surgery in the persuade of perfect beauty.
Like I have mentioned above, SoulBeauty’s main objective is to assist customers in building the “perfect beauty in their own form” with the aid of the advanced technology and beauty products. In terms of environment, SoulBeauty has an environment of its own that allows customers to enjoy in a comfortable atmosphere with different themes of rooms among the other professional beauty consultants that are ready to advice and help to the fullest. SoulBeauty ensures that by doing this, customers may have a more wonderful and relaxing experience of achieving beauty. All SoulBeauty wants from the customers is to bring the most chilling and intimate experience of becoming a step closer to beauty while having being treated as a queen.

On the other hand, the development and expansion of SoulBeauty has been pretty rapid as there is currently 6 branches across different regions. On March 2014, the very first SoulBeauty headquarters had a grand opening in Puchong area and in a short time, they were praised and trusted by many customers ever since. While the second branch is located at Sunway Giza Mall. During 2015, SoulBeauty did a lot of exclusive brand promotions and started promoting their brand and services through GSC cinema. Having the advantage of a huge fund, they continued promoting in Malaysia’s few well-known radio stations and magazines to improve publicity.


Soon after Stella Chung became one of their brand ambassador. On October and December 2015, they lived up to the expectations at Ampang and Penang city opening. In 2016, another branch opening at Seremban was also given with alot of attention as it was rated as the most luxurious beauty salon and became the only beauty sponsor for the “TVB Star Award Malaysia”, proving to people not to underestimate SoulBeauty‘s potential. Recently, on July 12, 2017, SoulBeauty had another grand opening for their sixth branch which will be at MidValley. They did not just stop there and go on with the event, the opening brought many amazing benefits to the public with a contest too! Any participant who was lucky enough on that day had the chance to win cash prizes and mystery gifts. Participants that had registered with SoulBeauty as a member are eligible to get a special value for mystery gift worth RM688 and also SoulBeauty Queen water skin care at RM9 only! In addition, they also invited a special guest.


  • As shown above, Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia, Stella Chung and Nick Chung as one of the guests for the contest.

For more questions, please visit Soul Beauty’s official page on Facebook.


Address: 5-1 1st Floor, The Boulevard, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact: 03-8074 7211

Operating hour: Mon – Fri (11am-8pm)

Sat – Sun (10am-7pm)

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