Althea 2 Birthday 🎉 | Beauty

Hello beautiful ladies and handsome men, yes, I am talking about YOU! Ready for a shopping spree for you or your girlfriend and vice versa? I know a perfect site for you to shop till you drop.

I would like to wish Althea Happy Birthday!  Althea is turning 2 this year, are you excited? I know I am! Every year during their birthday they will pamper and shower all of us with their love by having tons of activity for us to participate in. As for me, it is my first time celebrating for Althea, all thanks to Tammy. 💕

I have received a RM150 voucher to spend on any products on Althea. Do you want to know what I spent on? 😏 I will tell you in a bit. So during their 2nd birthday, any purchase of their products, you will receive goods along with their birthday box. It is super adorable, it looks exactly like a birthday cake. 🎂 Annnndddd wait there’s more? YES!! Althea is very generous and they love to reward their shoppers free gifts. There will be free gifts as well as a birthday kit for you to decorate your birthday box. Here’s a little sneak peak:

Taadaaa ✨ In the picture above, I only included a few of my products. As I mentioned earlier, the birthday cake box is as shown in the picture along with the deco kit for decoration. I have personally printed out the ginger bread house for additional decoration. It suits the concept well as the theme is desserts and candy based, so I thought the gingerbread house fits in naturally. If you’re curious about what I got myself with the voucher, stay tune for my following posts as I will review those items individually.

So what is Althea having for their birthday activities?

  • Althea Birthday Sale 🎉

During their birthday period, there will be an ongoing sale at Could you imagine, the products that they are selling are already at a cheaper price compared to others. But NOW, it will be even cheaper! So what are you waiting for? Shop now before the sale is over.

  • Birthday Giveaway 🎁

It’s giveaway time! Althea is giving out free product everyday. The giveaway will be as long as 20 days. Make sure to get your free product and add them into your chart. Remember that it is a first come first serve basis, the faster you make your payment, the faster you can secure your free product. There are limited pieces only each day.

  • Althea Birthday Goodies 🛍

Whenever you purchase any item from Althea this month, you will receive their limited edition birthday cake box. Not only that, there will be a DIY birthday kit for you to decorate your box. But if you’re wondering why do you need to decorate your box? You can check out below for more details. Lastly, sample packs will be given inside each boxes.

  • Fly Me To Korea for TWO PAX ✈️

*Drum roll…………..* a free trip to KOREA for 2! 😍 Do you want to know how to win yourself a trip to Korea? Then here is where the birthday cake box plays a part. You just have to decorate the box in your own creativity which you think it’s unique and special. A design that you think is enough for you to win yourself a trip to Korea. 😏

  • 20 Days Of Beauty 💄

Shoutout to all Instagrammers!! More prizes to be won! You just have to follow and follow up for their everyday giveaway on Instagram. Remember it’s only applicable on working days.

  • Shopper’s Lucky Draw 🛒

Love to shop? Shop now every week, everyday! Because Althea will be giving away Althea credits every week to one shopper from each country. How much credits are they giving to the lucky one you ask? It based on each country’s currency where in Malaysia it it RM1000 and other countries, SGD300, PH10,000, IDR3,000,000, TH8,000 and USD200. So shop now and keep your fingers crossed, as you might be that one lucky shopper!

  • Althea FB Giveaway 🌸

Now for all Facebook users! Remember to like Althea Facebook page and follow up with their posts at Every Monday there will be a contest for Facebook users. Feel free to join the contest every Monday! 💕

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALTHEA! I did a short video of the Althea Birthday box along with my creation. You can check it out here




20 thoughts on “Althea 2 Birthday 🎉 | Beauty

  1. Wow, the box cake so pretty and creative. They actually gave a lot to their consumer, so many giveaway and prizes. That’s why people keep buying from them. They appreciate the buyer.

    Happy birthday Althea! Nice post and pictures 🙂


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