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Having sensitive skin can be a painful burden. While some may have trouble finding a beauty product that is suitable for their skin conditions. Look no further, Curél is here for the rescue! Introducing Curél, Japan no.1 brand for sensitive Asian skin. Curél product contains Ceramide Care for various sensitive skin conditions. Before we go any further, first you have to understand how do sensitive skin forms and what causes it. Basically, in every skin there is a vital ingredient that moisturizes and protects the skin called Ceramide. A sensitive skin can be caused due to the lack of Ceramide and allows external irritation to enter and whilst letting more moisture out from the skin. Hence, the formation of a dry sensitive skin.


Kao Malaysia has recently launched Curél in Malaysia. Curél was launched in Japan on 1999, it was the first brand who came up with a skincare solution for sensitive skin. It is formulated by Kao extensive dermatological science research. It can helps to target the actual causes of sensitive skin by hydrating and moisture retaining ceramide care. It also provide highly effective solution to improve your skin condition. Do you know by using ceremide function it can helps boost the barrier function against external stimulation. Curél provides wide range of product which suitable for babies to elderly, product which can be use from face, body and scalp. Their product are gentle yet effective on sensitive skin. Not to mention its been recommended by more than 4,000 dermatologists in Japan.

Our human skin are mildly acidic, its unsuitable to use alkaline based skincare product as it can caused stress to our skin as well as washes off ceramide along with the dirt and sebum during cleansing. Curél has won 2 cosme awards in Japan for their intensive moisture face cream and moisture lip care cream.

Here are the 3 product that are targeted for different concern:

  • Intensive Moisture Face Care Series
  • Suitable for sensitive dry skin who is experiencing dryness and peeling

  • Sebum Care Series
  • Suitable for sensitive oily skin who face sebum, blackheads and enlarged pores

  • Intensive Moisture Face Care Series
  • Suitable for sensitive dry skin who is experiencing dryness and peeling

As for me, I have chosen Intensive Moisture Face Care Series. I got myself a Curél Trial Kit II. It consist of Makeup Cleansing Gel (30g), Foaming Wash (90ml), Moisture Lotion II (30ml) and Moisture Face Milk (30ml). The trial kit is suitable for first time user who would like to try out the product and convenient to bring along during vacation as it is small and easy to bring along. So here is a step by step instruction on how to use the trial kit II that I got.

1. Curél Makeup Cleansing Gel


The Makeup Cleansing Gel helps to removes your daily makeup including your long lasting foundation. It can remove all the way from deep within the pores while protecting ceremide. The soft gel texture could spreads easily onto your skin without needing excessive rubbing from users. Besides that, it could helps to protect and soothe the skin from dryness.


  • Apply an appropriate amount onto dry skin with dry hands. Gently Massage 4 – 5 times using circular movements.Rinse off thoroughly. Towel dry gently.

2. Curél Foaming Wash


You can remove sweat and dirt by using Curél Foaming Wash. In the process of cleansing, it can protect ceramide and even contains cleansing ingredients that could minimize stress on skin. The foam can cleanses your face gently without rubbing. You will have a moist and comfortable feeling after cleansing.


  • Apply an appropriate amount (2 full pumps) directly onto wet skin. Gently massage and rinse off thoroughly.

3. Curél Moisture Lotion II


Curél Moisture Lotion II contains Eucalyptus extract which can penetrates deep into the stratum corneum leaving your skin smooth, fully moisture and resistant to external irritation. Furthermore, it can help improve your skin’s natural barrier function and protect your skin from dryness while leaving you with a moisturized face.


  • After cleansing, apply gently over the entire face.

4. Curél Moisture Face Milk


Curél Moisture Face Milk contains ceramide function ingredient and Eucalyptus extract which can penetrate deep into your skin so that skin would stay soft and deeply moisturized. It is easily abosorb into the skin leaving in moisture and feeling lightweighted skin.


  • Apply gently over the entire face, especially on the dry and rough areas. Apply after using Curél Moisture Lotion II on skin.

Here is an example of me using the products:

  1. Make up on ( foundation, powder, eyebrow, blusher… )
  2. Using Makeup Cleansing Gel 
  3. After using Makeup Cleansing Gel
  4. Using Foaming Wash
  5. After using Foaming Wash, Moisture Lotion II and Moisture Face Milk, leaving my skin moisture and soft.

My opinion:

After using Curél products for a week, I felt that my skin isn’t as dry as before. Normally my face have rough and dry area especially somewhere near my nose area. To my surprise, this product has really enhance and brightens up my face. Not to mention, I can feel that my face has become more moisture than it use to. I would recommend this to my reader, as you know our Asian weather where its always hot. I think this product could really help you in your daily life.

If your interested in getting one for yourself or your family memebers, I would attach a few links for you to purchase Curél products below. Thinking of trying out the products first, you can purchase your trial kit from Lazada as from 3-9 July as they will be having 10% off on trial kit as long as free shipping. Thank you for reading, have a great day.

Available on :

Lazada –

11 Street –

Lmall –

For more detail:

Facebook –

Instagram – CurelMY

Curel Official site :

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6 thoughts on “Curél by Kao | Beauty

  1. I am facing really serious trouble with my skin for the past two months! Sometimes, I think it does look better and the next minute, it is ugly. May give this a try. Hope it is easy to purchase.


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