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Water is the most important element for the survival of human life. Its existence is not only to satisfy our thirst, but to keep us healthy by consuming alkaline water. Many people these days has been experiencing countless health problem such as headache, constipation and even skin allergy. Health scientist has recently discovered that the main causes of these problems are caused by high consumption of acidic physique. Natural water is beneficial for health as it contains alkaline minerals and trace elements. Do you know by drinking an adequate amount of natural alkaline water every day could help provide alkaline minerals that replenishes our body needs. In addition, it could help us reduce health problem that can be caused by acidic physique. Now, you might be thinking where can you find such precious water or even if you can find it, it must be costly. In fact, you’re wrong. Diamond provides Coral Alkaline Water in a reasonable price and contains all the benefits I have mentioned above.

Some might even consider Diamond Coral Alkaline Water as their personal doctor. You might think it’s a little too exaggerating to say that, but its a simple yet strong solution to provide you and your family a healthier lifestyle. Coral calcium is also known as “Diamonds of Ocean“, it contains more than 70 beneficial mineral such as magnesium ions and natural calcium which can improve acidic physique and bring many health benefits. Coral calcium can be obtained from coral reef which is why its one of the best raw material for natural alkaline water production.

Diamond believes that the water they produce must be as natural as possible. They selected a few special natural materials which include diatomite, maifan stone and natural coral calcium. NCA Alkaline Water Technology were apply into 3 main processes: purification, mineralization, magnetization and its 18 treatments to produce Coral Alkaline Water with a pH of 7.5-8.5. Furthermore, the Coral Alkaline Water is in 1% of all the other water purifier machines that has passed nearly 200 safety and performance testing while successfully obtained the world most authoritative NSF/ANSI 42 & 53 certifications from USA. It can even purify and remove polluted water by 100 times, heavy metals such as lead, iron and aluminium can be remove whereas the system would preserves minerals that are beneficial to our human bodies.

As for health enhancement, you might know that many people could take supplement to keep themselves healthy, but if you consider long term view, it can be quite costly. These is where Diamond comes in, its alkaline water can be simple and cost efficient. Diamond Coral Alkaline Water comes with a natural sweet pleasant taste. Kids who dislike drinking water would eventually drink them after tasting them.


  • Improve constipation and bowel problems
  • Reduce headache
  • Improve high cholesterol problem
  • Reduce heat accumulation and ulcers


  • Use water as natural facial cleansing or mist
  • Making simple skin care mask
  • Prevent skin allergy
  • Reduce baby eczema problem
  • Reduce hair loss


  • Children willing to drink more water due to its tinge of sweetness with no bloating effect
  • Making baby formula to preserve the nutrition
  • Make tea to has a more enhanced flavour


  • Soak fruits and vegetables in water to help preserve its freshness
  • Helps remove up to 99% pesticides from fruits and vegetables
  • Prevent fruits from fruit oxidation 
  • Remove seafood smell

Do you know that Diamond provide 60 DAYS FREE TRIAL?

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You can join the 60 Day free trial of Coral Alkaline Water program. It allows you and your family to experience the benefits of Coral Alkaline Water. Its FREE OF CHARGE, you can make your purchase only after you are fully satisfy with it. So what are you waiting for? HURRY UP AND GET YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY!



Diamond Coral WaterBar is a new technology to make your life easier by providing you with a 3 seconds instant warm water dispenser. It can make your life simple, worry free and convenient.

Do you know that repetitive reheating can affect our body health? Many health specialists found out that our old traditional water dispenser that has the function of repetitive heating could accumulate harmful chemicals such as manganese and nitrite. As we are not used to cleaning the inside of a water dispenser, the harmful chemicals would slowly accumulate as time passes by. If you look at it in a long term effect, it might put your family health at risk. Here is an research article about it.


Diamond Coral WaterBar has utilized a new 3 seconds instant heat technology by replacing the traditional heat components in the dispenser. It can heat up your water in just 3 seconds because the boiling rate has increase up to 100 times. By doing so, you will not be required to reboil your water can be worry free about those harmful chemicals. Not only can it heat up your water in just 3 seconds, but it can also save up to 50% of your electricity. The classy look of Diamond Coral WaterBar was design by a famous European designer and it does not occupied a big space. It’s suitable in placing anywhere in your house including kitchen, study room, bedroom or even your living room.

There’s an additional plus point for the WaterBar because it consist of 3 different water temperatures. There is hot, room temperature and warm water. (You must be thinking, oh I thought it would be cold water, something different and unique right?) The traditional water dispenser can only provide hot water and none of it has the function for warm water and did not meet the demand from parents, kids or elderly. Diamond Coral WaterBar can provide 50C water instantly. Just a click of a button is all you need. This could be handy for parents when they have to prepare warm water for their baby milk formula. What’s more? It will be safer for elderly with just a click of button instead in mixing cold and hot water just to get the perfect temperature of warm water.


  • I have already gotten my Diamond Coral WaterBar, what about you? They even gave this complimentary spray for you. You just have to fill it with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water and you can use it to spray on your face as a facial mist. You don’t have to come out with extra cost for a hydrating face mist. So hurry up and get yours now!

Free Trial

You can experience Diamond Coral WaterBar and enjoy the 3 seconds instant heat technology. You just have to register here. Their specialist would deliver up to your door step and you can enjoy up to 7 days of FREE experience with your new WaterBar.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/DiamondRefined/

Website: http://diamondcoral.com/my/

*All pictures are take from Diamond website or google.

10 thoughts on “Diamond Coral | Lifestyle 

  1. I used to fall sick a lot and my friend recommended me alkaline water. Right now, don’t have the budget yet but definitely planning to get! I need better quality water.


  2. Air bersih sangat penting sekarang tau. Setiap rumah wajib ada penapis air! Supaya seisi rumah dapat minum air yang bersih setiap hari!


  3. everything in life seems so problematic when we read about it from veges, fish, poultry, meat and all.. sighh… even our water and water is such a basic need… and it only makes sense going for the best water you can afford


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