Diamond and Arissto Music Party | Event

A lovely afternoon music party that was filled with music, performances, coffee and many more. Special thanks to Diamond and Arissto for having me over. Some of you may have known Diamond as it’s been in the market ever since 1995 as one of the Leading Brand in International Water Filtration System. As for Arissto, it is the sister brand of Diamond. Arissto was founded 3 years ago, it specializes in providing 5 star premium quality Italian coffee.

Upon arrival, I was warmly greeted by their friendly staff. There was a photo booth provided for guests to snap pictures along with mask that were provided as props.

  • I got myself a silver mask because it looked stunning

  • Masks that were provided as props for the photo booth

After taking a few pictures at the photo booth, I saw something interesting and it’s not only me because there are a group of people who surrounded a table. OHH! It was a Do-It-Yourself decoration activity. We were each given a cup of hot milk and a bottle of chocolate sauce to decorate our drink. The staff that was incharge gave us ideas and guide us through the whole process. This was when most of our inner creativity was unleashed.

  • Can you guess what am I planning to draw? 🤔

After using the chocolate sauce to draw your desire pattern, we were given a toothpick to further beautify our personal designs and give it a final touch.

  • So here’s my so called ‘masterpiece’.

We entered a hall and the aroma of coffee hits in, there were many ARISSTO machines that were displayed on the left side of the hall. Whereas, the right side are filled with DIAMOND CORAL water bar.

DIAMOND CORAL, came out with a water bar machine that’s simple and easy to use. Their new technology has made the impossible possible by processing room temperature water to warm water in a flashing 3 seconds. Family can also cut up slices of fruits such as oranges or lemons and place it in the water bar. By doing this, it will give the water a more refreshing and healthier feel along with a pinch of zing to it. You can drink the fruity flavoured water after just 30 minutes.

  • Slices of cucumbers and even tea bags

ARISSTO, a coffee that is made out of 100% natural ingredients. Suitable for many places, especially in an office and at home. Simple and easy usage, just insert your coffee capsule and with a click of a button. Your coffee will be ready in less than a minute.

We were able choose and taste all six of their different flavoured coffee. Here are the available flavour selections:


  • 6 different types of coffee flavours

After that, the performance started with instrumental music to vocal and a mixture of songs selection from different languages. A group of talented teenagers blown us away with an energetic dance performance.

Prizes was given out from time to time by a Q&A session. Testimonials and tips were presented by their own loyal customers.  Opps! One more important detail, great news to coffee lovers! Arissto has brought in LUNA coffee which is all the way from ITALY! Those who got to attend the party would be one of the first to enjoy Luna coffee in Malaysia. As for people who don’t fancy caffeine, Arissto also backed up a non-caffeine drink which call Choco. Overall, it was a fun and interactive afternoon, the main purpose of this event is to let their loyal customers enjoy themself during this event.

For more information:


ARISSTO – http://arissto.com/my/

DIAMOND CORAL – http://www.diamondwater.my/ 

4 thoughts on “Diamond and Arissto Music Party | Event

  1. Lol. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, to be honest. 😦 But I’m liking the Aristo machine, looks so small and portable. Haha. I think my parents would love that one. ♡


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