Etude House Play 101 Stick | Beauty

Recently, I bought myself a Play 101 Stick Contour Duo from Etude House through Hermo. They are currently having a promotion and you can get yours as low as RM48. There were 2 to choose from,

  • #1 Highlighter + Shading

It’s soft and has a creamy texture. Instead of buying 2 different colours of contour stick, isn’t 2 in 1 better? Highlighter can be use at the T-Zone, top of lips and brow bone. Whereas for your hair line, side of nose and jaw line can use Shading to make your face looks clearer and sharper.

  •  #2 Light Base + Dark Shading

Light base can be use as a clear and bright base and the dark shading can make your face have a clear and sharp contouring. You can add Light Base at the underline of your eye as well as lip line for a natural look. Dark Shading can be use to apply as the face outline such as hairline, nose and jaw line.

Here is how to apply it:

  • I’m using #1 Highlighter + Shading

The result may vary depends on each individual. The result was not what I expected because it’s very light, but you can apply a few times to make it more obvious. Here is a picture of before and after using the contour stick.

  • There isn’t much difference, the most obvious result is the nose area.

Recommend to apply a few times for a better result. I tried using a brush and a silicon sponge, you can have a better result by using a silicon sponge. This item can be purchase from Etude House Shop/Hermo.


* Result may vary depending on multiple factors. Above statement are based on my own opinion, different people might have different opinion on this product.

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